Trump Performs Coin Flip at Army-Navy Football Game

-Let’s get to the news. Senate Minority Leader
Chuck Schumer, this afternoon, held a press conference about
President Trump’s likely impeachment trial
and quoted the 1950s TV show “Dragnet”
to explain one of his points. “Dragnet”?!
Oh my God, dude. Are you afraid the glasses weren’t making you
look old enough? Why don’t you just put
a Band-Aid on your face
and be done with it? President Trump performed
the coin flip before this weekend’s
Army-Navy football game. It’s the first recorded
instance of Trump intentionally letting go
of money. [ As Trump ]
I’m going to need that back. [ Normal voice ]
The House Judiciary Committee, this morning,
published its full report on the impeachment inquiry,
which describes President Trump as the founding fathers’
worst nightmare, though, from what I know about
the founding fathers, they wouldn’t have been too
crazy about the last guy either. Just saying, things
were different at the founding. Senator Elizabeth Warren
is reportedly trying to boost her poll numbers by shortening
her stump speech to 10 minutes. And Biden is trying to boost his
by not talking at all. President Trump,
yesterday, attacked House Speaker Nancy Pelosi,
tweeting, “Nancy’s teeth were
falling out of her mouth, and she didn’t have
time to think.” And, hey, man, you may not like
what he said, but he can say whatever
he wants, because this is… -The United Shates. [ Cheers and applause ] Congress is reportedly
close to passing a bill that would raise
the national smoking age to 21. Said France,
“You’re raising it 15 years?!” [ Applause ] ABC, today, announced the
30 women who will be competing on the upcoming season of
“The Bachelor,” in case you wondered just how
many ways there are to spell the name Ashley. And, finally, rapper Diddy held
his 50th birthday party over the weekend,
and it took a few tries to get the cake right.

100 thoughts on “Trump Performs Coin Flip at Army-Navy Football Game

  1. I would pay good money to see ole Trumpy say, "She sells seashells down by the seashore…" really fast. "She shells sheashells….". Haha! Would you die, or what? LMAO!

  2. Wow, was afraid you forgot how to joke without a Trump reference. I'm so tired of hearing about him at this point :/ Good to see that there's still other things to joke about x3

  3. Don’t let him do the coin toss. Next speech will be what an expert he is at football. Or that he personally minted that coin. Can you visualize stuffing his fat orange a$$ in a football uniform and him puffing as he tries to run one yard? Might hurt a bunion!

  4. I’m sure that this Grifter President pocketed that quarter at this Army/Navy game seeing how he and his grifter Daughter & Sons love to steal money from American War Veterans…

  5. I clicked on this only to pause it and write the following before exiting the video:
    I don't care about him flipping a coin. Done writing, now exiting without watching the rest of the video.

  6. Ash lee
    and of course lets not forget,
    Ashley but the S is fucking the A-hole, and the E is a diamond ring.

  7. we got alot of important news today seth, what story do you want to go with? oh..trump flipped a coin. ok.. you sure? no no your right seth. someone else will cover the important things…

  8. in regards to the founding fathers not being crazy about the last president: let's not forget that the founding fathers did not look anything like they do in hamilton.

  9. oh seff, tell me you didn't do the cockhair to head transplant, at least you could have found someone closer to your natural hair color 😇

  10. Seth was never funny.
    Seth will never be funny.
    Pandering to the lowest common denominator is the very definition of low hanging fruit.

  11. We seriously need to put term limits on members of Congress. You basically have your grandparents making decisions for generations they barely understand. When they were growing up Jim Crow was in full swing. Gas was less than .50 cent a gallon. And 8 tracks were a thing. How can they relate to a 18 or 21 year old? We've got to get term limits!

  12. Mr Meyers definitely since I started watching your show for almost two years now to be honest with you

    You just great 👍 keep it up you made me smile almost everyday may god continue to bless you with your heart desires

  13. Here’s something you won’t hear about unless you research yourself. 2 other countries who flagged suspicious money laundering activity and investigated it both confirming under the Obama/Biden administrationAmerican tax dollars being stolen? Predating trump. Go to 30:00 and watch the findings. This is just 1 of many if you start investigating for yourself. Widen your view within the media and peel back the onion. You can check the latvia open database and find these articles along with much more damaging information, don’t trust mainstream media on any side, take all sides and see who is moving lips and who has facts, documents ect. Also look back at history. So many people are in a total 180 flip from what they were saying during the Clinton impeachment.

  14. This is laughably pathetic , scumocrats got to make fun of the man about a coin flip even , it shows what loser lives scumocrats have 🙄

  15. Debbie Lesko you should watch videos of your fake leader lying n all the credible witnesses that face this country bravely to tell the truth .lesko you're just like your leader You're demented for people that defending this fake leader n his crime are traitors n love hate burn in hell all you idiots .

  16. "My dentures are PERFECT, just like my daughter, what a WOMAN, KFC.. so delicious.. finger licking good! WETNAPS GOOD! IMMIGRANTS BAD! JOBS!"
    – Donald Trump

  17. Tom Steyer Wants to Declare a State of Emergency His 1st Day in Office –He's been advertising that he will On His First Day in Office DECLARE A STATE OF EMERGENCY! I say "The Democrats have been using so much Lies & Propaganda via the Media that President Trump should not wait for Tom Steyer to get elected to declare one, instead our good President should declare that a "Propaganda Treason" Emergency is destroying America." Along with declaring a state of emergency our President should Declare a State of War on the Democrat Party, but not necessarily a war with armies and violence. Instead use the declaration of war to set aside politically challenged federal judges and then arrest many Democrats members of Congress, hold them in prisons and try them in some kind of court that cannot be rigged by their con artist lawyers. If we are in state of war then we can set aside the 'flaws' in the constitution that have allowed this kind of treason to seethe on our shores. I believe that most Americans are aware that the Democrats are and have been involved in deliberate Propaganda tactics; we proved that Russian Collusion was a lie. We know that there were not any Russians with Baseball bats standing at the voting booths to threaten us to vote for Trump. We know that alleged Election Interference via Social Media equals in truth only some Russian guys posting their opinions and support for Trump because he has a Russian-American wife. Nothing wrong with that, as we the people believe everybody should have a "right" to post their opinions online. It's how we debate without having to arm ourselves with weapons. The internet allows people from all sides to comment, as it should be. It's Democrats that are openly pandering Socialist Slavery for America that must be stopped at all costs! Vote Trump?Pence in 2020 to prevent the Communists inside the Democrat Party from USING AMERICANS AS EXPERIMENTAL PEOPLE IN A SOCIALISM/COMMUNISM EXPERIMENT. We are not a nation of Guinea Pigs to be used for a Socialism Experiment. Socialism equals Slavery!
    So we Peacefully declare a state of war between the Democrat Party and USA and peacefully arrest and imprison the Democrat Congress and some of their Media Trolls and hold them to be prosecuted by a Senate or Military Court!

  18. People…. People of these ugly tweets…. he's OUR President no matter what… OURs, mine & YOURs So ACT LIKE IT. YOU not Him are embarrassing the USA. Why DON'T U STOP Listening 2 all the trolls…. on TV trying 2 GET U ON THEIR SIDE. The FACTS Are there. USE Ur Brain 2 LOOK Thgs Up for Urself. Main Facts thy Won't talk about… thy DON'T talk OF & U don't LOOK @ FIGURES. Know UR Truths…. TRUTHs ! Are U THAT Lazy on somthg that wud take only alittle Time? No Be Proud & FIND OUT 4 URSELF. THINGS SO important 2 Out Contry about our Economy (Since he's been in Office), Job rates are So high, Yes Unemployment, $$ For Borders – that Ur borders (ur So against tht then let's make a Deal We'll Go w' U on that if U yep (you) & all those of tht none border protection Take 3 families- 3 Families (not people Families & HOUSE THEM FEEF THEM DRIVE THEM WHERE ALL THE NEED 2 GO HELP LEARNnnnn Spanish (yes u learn) 2 speak THEIR Language So U can understand them & all the kids at UR dinner table ea. Nite after U work all day 2 pay So there are lights on & CABLE all day while U & Urs are @ work & Cas thy need entertainment. I am Not being mean I seen them in tents at borders too BUT @ what time It's Now Cas thy are To LOOK many. There Has 2 be Rules & if U Take on & Wud be Responsible for 3 Full families maybe Then (thts the deal) U WUD See So Take & pay for DR. Visit all that is expected if u adopt. Do thy Now how 2 USE Ur washer? I mean, U big TALKERS cutting down OUR President 3 Family's Laundry Are U Seeing this in ur Head (some have 3 plus children per couple) Challenge Urself. Think this Out. But if u want 2 Believe all Ur Told I ask U look thgs Up 1st. And Come on U want 2 make Fun of Trump looks. LOOK HARD AT UR NANCY. She Sounds like she's 90 when she talks. DO U KNOW SHE'S HAD 2 (TWO) "Face Procedures" 2 !! And she STILL Looks like Her Face is melting Off. It's Sliding DOWNWARD. And Ways She So "Oilly" looking all the time. The Thg tht Freaks Me Put the MOST tho Is her Eyes. Her EYE'S Look like she's died ! Black & "Inset" So let's be HONEST here. AND Last… We have NO IDEA All tht goes On w' a U.States President. Think for 1 min. All the thgs He knows. All the "SECRETS" Presidents are Told. Things WE plain ole' Citizen will never know. All the Responsiblity He Has We CAN'T even imagine. All from Trump 2 Adams – all of them & their Team has 2 keep him Up on All news. We See a few thgs on the news or read in papers… Some shootings or a Plane Crash. The good & bad… I have Often wondered How these elected people Handle It ALL. Most of us wud have a NERVOUS BREAKDOWN trying 2 keep Up. Meeting w' other leaders In the Air flying 70% of the time. OUR PRESIDENT DESERVES RESPECT. IT'S OUR COUNTRY. ALL OF US. I NEVER cared for Clinton or Obama BUT I DIDN'T TRASH THEM 24/7. LOOK at Comey or the My older Final Report… GONE… NOTHING. THAT DIDN'T WORK OUT DEM. WAY. Thy Won't Stop Its 1 the after another. Cud U TRUELY Do Ur Job w' a worker beside U doing thgs & saying things 2 U non-stop… just Be FAIR & think it Out that's all I ASK. Check the FACTS the thgs most are sayings IS FOR U PEOPLE THT HEAR THEIR BULL. MOST ARE LIESssss ! Lies ! But when u just Repeat & Believe What thy Shove down our throats. That's exactly what the Liberals are Doing & UR 2 LAZY 2 LOOK INTO IT. TO FIND THE TRUTH. As For Russian Interference- RUSSIA CARES ABOUT RUSSIA. THY ARE BAD SAME AS KIM OF NORTH KOREA! Do U Think Trump really "Likes" them ? He says & Does stuff 2 LOOK like he likes them…. are U Nuts? Do U Really think he's their "Friend" ? Then U DON'T Understand Politics. As For the "Ck out Hunter BIDEN" big Thing going On. Get 2 know Joe's Son. He's a bad person. He got a Positions of employment He Had NO business BEING IN. His "daddy" (like so many others that get Special Jobs becas of who thy are & who thy know – U prob know of someone tht got special treatment tht U have Seen Urself) It happens all the time & Is NOT FAIR but some 1 in power can make it happen. Hunter HAD NO BUSINESS None holding that Job. LOOK at his REAL background then Why ? He was NOT QUALIFIED NOT… O, and Do U know He Took his own Brothers Wife & Was with her awhile. Good Guy. Just a little tit 4 tot There But True. Big family MESS when Hunters brother Saw He Lost a Wife to His BROTHER! Can U imagine!!! Thanksgiving FAMILY get 2gether ?? Fact…. LOOK it Up & other stuff he's done. At least Ivana has College Degrees In the Position She Hold on her Father Inner Circle. She's an Ace. Smartest Girl in the Room I ssure U – CHECK ALL THIS OUT & The now Ukraine Scandle. Know Ur FACTS I ASK U. B4 YOU BELIEVE all U HEAR & READ…. that's All I Ask Of U fellow Americans. FACTS.. KNOW TRUTHS tht is Unless UR 2 LAZY… & Just write about things U have RESEARCHED. Know & understand HOW IT WORKS. That's all I ASK of U my follow Citizens (LEGAL ones only please) or U can Go On letting Some 1 else Put THINGS in UR HEAD & U go On & THINK ""O, IS THAT WHAT HAPPENED ??? O, my ! PLEASE RESEARCH for yourself. SO again Unless you just don't want to BOTHER finding Factsssss and you'll just believe what others say. What thy want YOU to "Think" go on throu Life & LISTEN 2 others for ur Knowledge…. then BELIEVE THAT…. Sad. It's just SAD my friends 2 be a minion When U can easily find the FACTS… The T R U T H just please try 2 SEE Both Side Am Sure U have Seen some things around ur own Life & U KNEW THERE WAS ANOTHER THING GOING ON. Remember that Situation. YA'LL KNOW there's 2 Sides 2 Everythg. Cas U know… U saw it b4… So Look Here Tooooooo. Thank U for at least Thinking about it next time… I mean well that's All.

  19. Shame. The antithesis of what the cadets and midshipman are and are striving to become is brought out to toss the coin. He’ll do the same with their lives. He’s the anti example. Don’t grow up to be like rumpy.

  20. 😂😂😂😂😂 OMG!!! Minute 1, what a roast!!! This one should've been in the segment "jokes Seth Can't tell" ….

  21. See, I always played basketball, so I've n ever been part of an official coin toss, but is it normal to chuck the coin several feet away, like your playing horseshoes? Or was that just another thing that Trump did, that was awkward and stupid?

  22. The GOP is all about aggressive projection before it sticks to them. The "Dems are going to lose house seats" is a projection of their 23 Senate seats up for grabs in 2020. Happy Holidays snowflakes! (Yeah, we figured out who the snowflakes really are)

  23. more jokes Seth can't tell? (Obama) LOL. my boss come in today and tell me that Trump is impeached and all I could think about was how he whent "The United Shlates" and that I'm glad I didn't bet money that "Ain't nothin gon happen"-Keenan SNL

  24. Trump fixated on Speakers teeth. He knows a dangerous woman when he sees one. Now she has used those teeth to impeach Trump.

  25. raising minimum age on smoking deadly cigarettes for our youth but cant get a joint that would save our government billions in prescription costs.. these stupid mutha ******s need to go..

  26. The founding fathers would not have approved of President Obama getting big money from the banks who caused the 2008 recession doing speeches and not putting any of them in jail.

  27. Flipping that coin is probably the most exercise he has gotten in years.
    Is his attention span long enough to wait for the coin to fall back down?
    It was the referees coin, and Trump kept it (see Charlie Chaplin skits).

  28. On the france smoking jab: france puts large – and often graphic – warnings all over every box.
    Some teens smoke anyways, but those numbers are lower than ours (last i checked)

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