Trump denies asking Navy to move USS John McCain

100 thoughts on “Trump denies asking Navy to move USS John McCain

  1. McCain did a dishonorable thing when he voted against repealing Obamacare, something he had been fighting for, because he hated Trump. The president could care less about his name on the ship. I think people overblow issues just to get news.

  2. Then stay away from TRUMP'S view, ignore him and let your father rest in peace. And Mr DOTARD does not know how to address a deceased person. His name is DECEASE JOHN MC CAIN, DUH!!

  3. A man who clames he loves America. He wanted the hightes office and power. His portrait. On the wall with men like Eisenhower.
    Now, because the true Americans voted for someone they chose, he went with the other side?
    That's for the memory John

  4. I hope Trump is sincere that he knew nothing about it and would never request such a thing. If that was supposed to be some sailor's joke, OK. Otherwise, wow–pretty weird.

  5. The ship wasn't named for Songbird McCain… who was a disgrace and back stabber to President Trump…it was named for his father…
    I'm pretty sure Trump was far too busy to be concerned about such nonsense… lefts grabs at any lie and runs with it …

  6. Will donald sanction disciplinary action for those responsible? I do not think so. dear leader is very petty.

  7. John Mcshame pushed us into frivolous wars that cost thousands of lives and we're outraged over some stupid boat named after him not being present during a speech? Give ME A BREAK!!!!!!

  8. Rename that ship . Name it Brave Tumour. Never forget that brave malignant tumour . 😢He sacrificed his live to save the world from NO NAME .

  9. Trump just needed a safe space so he wouldn't get his little feeling hurt. Fox viewers can relate…

  10. So I always thought that Trumpturds were betas, only caring about themselves and incapable of sacrificing themselves for the pack. Now they also show that they need safe spaces, because these nitwits are so incapable of dealing with others. 🤣🤣🤣😘

  11. What??? Trump denies Meghan Mccain a bowel movement. Moments later she explodes and damages the USS Mccain. Then a bunch of sailors were not invited to Trumps barge party… Got it…Hmm

  12. John McCain jr. blew up a carrier ship with a wet start of his plane. Killed many seamen. Daddy Admiral John McCain Sr. Covered up the event and turned it into a Navy training video. So, daddy got a ship named after him and boy-o voted against healthcare. Poor Meggy will have to live with this truth, that is well documented despite all her nasty whining. Traitors don’t win, and history isn’t kind, especially when George Soros is the one who funds the McCain Institute, shameful.

  13. So the ships were cruised by both Men and Women?
    If ships are she's then how could she's cruise she's? It's a embedded technology🤗. And the ships gave in and sunk!
    Pride leads to fall. Greed leads to all kinds of evil. Freedom violation leads to tearing of Holiness. Humans always attracted to deception and illusion. Women more get into these acts. It's sad to know about got cruised but what company you are? Don't you know what is good and what is bad? It's common sense!

  14. Deplorables are getting more deplorable by the day. McCain did more for his country that most of the rats in this comment thread.

  15. Mcainne is a piece of garbage listen to the recordings of him in Vietnam putting down the us and helping the enemy the tapes dont lie he lied

  16. Thanks Meghan, but i don't think any military member, past or present should be the least bit intimidated by the bone spurs president.

  17. For President Donald Trump, who avoided military drafts five times, to call such disrespect for a former war hero "well meaning", signals that the president did not disapprove of the White House request to the Navy. You can have political disagreements, but for White House officials to think that the president would have wanted this, shows the decline of this institution.

  18. McCain AKA No Name disgraced his family name while betraying his country. It's too bad he isn't alive to face justice for his crimes.

  19. Fox stop supporting Trump. He is criminal, obstructed justice and he insulted a war hero. As true republicans we never and will never support such conduct.

  20. Now there a president, so mindful, thoughtful, classy and educated that knows what the most important issues are. Never button your coat mr. president, never! That's the key to making the US great again.

  21. Donald Trump is so pathetic and petty….I will never understand why some people still respect this insecure man-child.

  22. here is FOX again defecating out their mouth . wake up fox pull your head out of bum and bring something to america instead of bring your fake false twisted agenda driven confusion to your older watcher . some would say this is elderly abuse. if you think your facial and body theatrics with prepared scrips and agenda everyone can see except the elderly and the simple minded . nothing to be proud of.

  23. People are seeing what they want to believe out of every little thing, this isn’t real news, it’s just trash to fool people.

  24. Here's the deal.
    Trump's people ordered the US Navy to order active duty Sailors to wear Trump branded campaign material.

    The officers who gave those orders to those under their command will face a court-martial, dishonorable discharge, and possibly prison time. It's against military law as stated in The Uniform Code of Military Justice.

    I suppose that's why everyone is trying to pass this disaster as far down the chain of command they can.

  25. five-time draft-dodger doesn't want to see actual war-hero's name on ship.
    treasonous sycophants comply…

  26. This is akin to appeasing an unruly child. The man is an imbecile and an embarrassment
    Old bone spurs is enthusiastically shaking hands with servicemen, when he cowardly avoided the draft.

  27. McCain was not a republican are a war hero my brother was in Vietnam so was a lot of others so how come he’s name on a boat he lived how about dr Martin Luther’s name on one guess that would be good too trump will win again and a 3 time if it was possible Americans most of us are sick of the bs

  28. How low can you go? This president knows how low you can go! Don't worry, this Gambino president will go down sooner or later and spend time in prison. Then he can have his oranges everyday in the form of a jumpsuit! We may have to wait until he is not president that the end of next year but he will be prosecuted! No one is above the law! Not even the Attorney General much less the president!

  29. Boo hoo Megan McCain face it your father was a stool pigeon, and a political hack, u not inviting Trump to his funeral, Megan u have a lot of nerve pointing your white entitled finger at others, your father wasn't anything it a prisoner of war. The view sucks and should be removed from tv.

  30. John McCain was rammed repeatedly in the rectum by a ridiculous rainbow rhinoceros. When John McCain was in the Navy his nickname was PUNK. John McCain goes to Washington dc his nickname was McNASTY. Punk McNASTY was a nasty little punk.

  31. John McCain was no great American patriot. He was a war mongerer who supported American soldiers being sent to die in unnecessary wars. Sen McCain was financing ISIS rebel’s in Syria

  32. For a guy who bombed his own aircraft carrier, he should never have a naval vessel named after him. McStain will always be a loser among true Patriots and conservatives.

  33. Fox even lies because trump admits somebody Mr. Done it but he didn't requested parried but you said he admitted it but he didn't.

  34. TRUMPTARD FEVER BELIEVING LIKE FLAT EARTHERS & Making Americans GROAN Again, His cult of Delusional sheep will come up with numerous excuses instead of the realization that he's a
    Buffon surrounded by SuckAsses !

  35. Contrary to Fox propaganda, it's true. The Petty President couldn't handle the site of the USS John McCain. Maybe the boat, named after two Navy admirals, reminded Trump too much of his draft dodging past. What a pathetic man-child, and what a joke of a news media network.

  36. All I will say is that I served my country with honor So I think I am qualified to ask the people below have you ever been hung upside down by your feet ! And whipped and kicked for hours at a time (picture yourself hanging by your feet) I they wont let you down until you say your mothers a filthy horr ! You would scream it until they let you down ! So when you see a solders (pow) taped confession! You should be able to figure it out ! Looks like the state of Arizona had no promblem ! MCAIN WAS A AMERICAN FIGHTER PILOT SHOT DOWN AND CAPTURED , I know SGT BONE SPURS says he doesnt like losers like mcain who got captured! AND I guess you people dont either


  37. I wonder if God himself came down again, and began to judge Trump on all he has said and done. Would his supporters stay quiet or grab their laptops and criticize Jesus on twitter: " I like a god who doesn't get caught and nailed to a cross" .

  38. Making a big deal out of this as the ship is named after his Grandfather / Father, not the jurk. Worst pilot in the force and arrogant to boot. 5th from the bottom of his class really?

  39. McCain was not a hero. He was a POW who gave up secrets to the enemy and was giving free room and board for 7 years.

    He was a terrible senator,

    Good riddance.

  40. If this had happened when Obama was president the outrage from Fox News and every right winger would be deafening.

  41. There are two choices here:
    Either Trump is such a bitter little child that he ordered the ship hidden from view….OR…
    His staff understand that he’s a bitter little child and preemptively tried to hide the ship from his view to coddle him and cater to his petulance in the hope of avoiding his wrath.

    Which is better?

  42. While trying to watch the WWII D day special on Fox they dishonorably incessently scrolled stupid headline re McCain ship, under the otherwise good special on our troops being killed but winning the effort to regain a foothold on Europe! So disgusted with Fox!!

  43. “Acting White House Chief of Staff Mick Mulvaney defended the administration’s advance team for asking the Navy to obscure the USS John McCain during the president’s recent state visit to Japan, arguing the request was not “unreasonable.”
    Appearing on “Meet the Press” Sunday, Mulvaney said that “it was probably someone on the advance team” in the White House who was responsible…”

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