Trent Adventure – Canoe Hire on the River and Canal

At Trent Adventure we offer a canoe hire
service that’s available for most abilities, and it’s a great way of
getting people out to explore the Trent Valley and see all it has to offer. We’re
really lucky to have quite a varied length of river that we paddle on, we can
do anything from a short taster paddle which is about three and a half miles
so only maybe an hour and a half, has some fantastic caves to go and explore
on route – all the way up to a full length fifteen and a half mile full-day paddle
that ends up at a pub with a minibus return. We also offer canal paddles which
can be a great option, perhaps if the river is too high, and certainly if we deem
it necessary for youngsters as a safer option. We often get asked how it works, so the
basic premise is everybody comes to Trent Adventure’s Riverside base whether
it be for a canal paddle or a river paddle, and you will all go through a
safety briefing, have a chat about your equipment, and we’ll go through your planned route. Perhaps your paddle will start at the
base and go downstream with a minibus collection, and some other paddles you
start with a minibus journey and then you paddle back down to base. We can cater for anybody from a group of two people minimum all the way up to
families and different corporate sized groups we can cater for as well. A high percentage of people that come to
see us at Trent Adventure haven’t paddled either ever or not for a long
period of time so we can refresh, give plenty of guidance and hopefully make
everybody who goes on one of our paddles feel very comfortable about it before
they go. One thing that we’re really lucky here to have at Trent Adventure is,
with the six different river paddles that we have, we have a great variety of
things to be seen from the river, it’s always a great angle you can see things
in a completely different perspective and it really, I believe, shows off the
Trent Valley to it’s full.

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