Trans Pacific in Tiny Sailboat Solo. Dangerous? –SUBTITLED–

Trans Pacific Solo There is nothing around me but the sea. A few days after starting the trance-pacific navigation, the first part of the round-the-world voyage, I am exhausted and lying in bed. Sailboats run with winds on the sails while inclining. The waves hit the side of the boat and make it inclined as much as the mast nearly touches the water. In the tiny cabin of AOMI having the floor
of just 1.7×0.7m, everything including dishes, magazines, knives, onions and harmonicas, fly and hit on my head. I have a terrible headache, dizziness, and nausea. it is so bad that I even feel the shape of my stomach. I can’t even get out of bed all day and time is just passing by. My hand-made wind-vane is steering AOMI at the stern powerfully without complaining. However, I am too cowardly and just staying in bed. Before leaving japan, everyone said that I
was very resistant to seasickness, though. Probably because of the automatic muscle reaction to cope with the severe motion by the waves, You will be exhausted quickly even in bed. Furthermore I have had no meal for days since the beginning of the storm. I have reached the limit of my strength. I can’t even raise my hand to see my wristwatch. I will be weakened and die if i don’t eat
anything while my body can move. I have finally bought a sailboat, a second-
hand sailboat. It’s a tiny white boat, and too small for the round-the-world navigation. On the blue water, I put two sails up and go out to the open sea alone. I don’t know how long the voyage continues, how far I can go, when to come back, and whether to get back alive or not. The destination of the trans-pacific navigation is San Francisco, USA. The distance is more than 8,000 km and is as long as one-fifth of the equator’s length. To avoid the collision with ships while I am sleeping, I chose the 38゚line instead of the great circle course which is crowded with ships. if you sail further south you will see fewer storms but have to run more distance. From the small window of AOMI I see the water in a stormy sea. It’s as if I’m in the mountains and looking up at the numerous summits through the window in a hat. Steep slopes, valleys, cliffs, and peaks are
everywhere. They appear and disappear one after another, changing their shapes every second. I have never imagined that the waves would be such high, and that the sea was a completely different place from the land. Do I have enough physical strength and mental power to endure that? Can I really sail across the vast Pacific by myself? Can I get back to land alive? Have I gifted from heaven? In the severely shaking cabin, I get into bed and cover my head with bedding. The species called humans will get out of the Earth and travel the infinite sea called space. Many children and their parents born or living in space-ships or remote planets, will think of the far-away mother planet Earth. I want them to understand that the sea covers 70% of the planet Earth, and how amazing, beautiful, and inspiring it is.

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