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hello my name Spencer Aronfeld a Miami
cruise ship injury attorney and I’m join this afternoon by my
clients this is Dez array2 and my young client we’ll tell the
family was enjoying a cruise it started in Florida it was traveling to the
Bahamas when young Leo was put into one of the
child care programs aboard a Royal Caribbean cruise ship unfortunately he sustained a very
serious injury where he fell I during the midst UVI activity that
they were conducting on the ship and had a serious brain injury that
required emergency life-saving surgery that was performed in the Bahamas miss to I appreciate you coming here
today today yeah I appreciate your help year in could you tell us and people out
there who will be watching this video what happened to your son yeah he was on
the cruise ship and that he was attending a Kids program is 0 gathering different a just people’s phases to cross member list like hitting
the ball on them to NZ’s group of children is trying to run from one side to the
other side and then decline avoid this bull year
but unfortunately my my some heey was tengo the ways a lot
cooler and he fell down all with his had like not the bath of deep dark so it is very a very very very very loud
sound and and after you have to job after bolt and went to the hospital during than
midnight my some had and had the surgery R&A open he’s had and yet it to us terrible so it days it the it say he’ll he a few him yeah but fortunately arm we we did its in a shot time and they saved his life in a must
been very frightening for you and your family to
have experience this so it is terrible is his a disaster well I very much appreciate you and leo is good to see who own you
how much know you hell killer I appreciate you sharing a I’m
sure this is an important message for everyone that’s out there cruise ships whether it’s Royal
Caribbean are its carnival cruise ships are Norwegian all
cruise ships 0 a responsibility to passengers
particularly to the youngest and smallest passengers to provide a
reasonably safe opportunity for them to enjoy their
ships when they are not reason we save and as a result passengers injured they have to be held
accountable and we hope that you will be careful when you are on board a cruise ship and
also I think one important lessons here was to get him off the ship in get him to a
hospital on before the ship leaves port if you’re injured import on it’s probably important I would hope
you grow up Ueda agree with this the he they go to a
hospital while they’re still import before the ship leaves which could have
been a tragic had soup situation here for your child scary key point in the bombing was a assign that he hates it sustained a head injury
a brain injury and that ultimately ended up saving his
life why thank you so much for sharing this I know this is an easy for you or your
family hopefully if there’s somebody out there who sees
this video if your child’s been injured on a cruise ship always taken to a hospital import don’t
take a chance at being left out at sea for hours are days without the opportunity
to have the appropriate medical care ok you will thank you so much we wish
you and we wish you the very best that we appreciate you sharing the story with
us she K thank you xie xie ni

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