Torqeedo Killer? ePropulsion Spirit 1.0 FLIBS 2019

– Hey guys, welcome to
another amazing episode of Talking About Motors on kayak with Alex and um, Chris, – It’s uh Chris. – Chris, Chris, now I walked up to Chris and I asked him “Is this Torqeedo?” He said, “No, we’re better.” – We are better. – Oh yeah. – You want me to show you why? – Yeah, show me why. – All right, so this is our Spirit 1.0, its a 1 K-W electric lithium ion powered motor. It’s a three horsepower equivalent. The reason we’re better than Torqeedo is we have here is a 43 pound motor. Battery pops one on and
off of one connection. It’s about a 20 pound battery, if you drop this in the
water it’s gonna float right on the surface. Completely waterproof, so if you drop this or the motor in, you can
hook everything back up and you’re ready to go,
there’s gonna be no damage. – [Alex] So, How fast can you go on this? It’s three horsepower you said? – It’s three horsepower, so I mean depending on the vessel,
all our numbers are really based off of – [Alex] Yeah – 12 foot aluminum light fishing boat. – [Alex] Right. – You’re gonna look at you know, five to six
knots on a boat like that. On a fishing kayak we haven’t tested the
numbers yet on speed but, – [Alex] Is that all safe
to seven miles an hour? – You’re prolly looking at seven. – [Alex] So, how much is this
and how much does it weight? – So this is about 43 pounds, our retail cost is $19.99, Which is about six to
seven hundred dollars less expensive than Torqeedo’s
highest output travel series. – [Alex] Right – And with that, you get
the floating battery, a longer run time, a shorter charge time, and a two year warranty. – [Alex] Awesome, so can you
show me what else you got here? – Yeah, so our motor’s emerging cooled, so it mounted at the bottom,
so its a DC brush less motor, so you’re not gonna hear
anything when it’s runnin’ except the water splashin’. – [Alex] And it’s brush less, not like one of those trolley motors. Nice. Awesome, So what older that, that one is the same? This one. – Same, but we have a long shaft on here, just to show this is
specifically for sail boats. – Sail boats, awesome. – Um, it’s one we had left over so we go from long shaft, all the way down to an extra short shaft,
which will be great for the kayaks and small fishing boats. – [Alex] So, basically all
this three motors are the same just different shaft size. – Yes, yes But, what’s really cool about these is we can give you a tiller version, or a Bluetooth solar
powered throttle control. – Does this flat? – So, this does not float but it’s completely waterproof, and you can put it anywhere on your boat. With no wires. And we’re beta testing Bluetooth electric steering, all wireless. – That’s crazy, Wow. Oh, oh yeah you’re doin’ it. Do that again, do that again. Blue tooth control wireless steering, look at that is crazy. Wow. All right, so when is this up? – So, the steering,
we’re in beta testing now I don’t have a time
frame but it’ll be 2020 – [Alex] But can you
steer this off an app? – No, not yet. – Make it happen. – Uh, let’s say, let’s say no. (laughing) – [Alex] Look you can
with the trolling motors, with the iPad, you can steer with the app. – Yes, we’re not there yet on that one. – All right, but this is crazy, it is. So it’s 800 dollars less expensive, and pretty much you get
the same power, right? – Yeah, so that’s 700
less expensive, actually it’s same power, longer run time, shorter charge time. – [Alex] Can you get us, – So all of our motors will do
a full hour at full throttle. Continuous hour. – Full hour, full throttle, that’s crazy. Can you get a spare batteries? If you want. – Yes, spare batteries
are going for $8.99. – [Alex that’s cheaper. – Yes. – [Alex] Like the compactor
battery here is cheaper. – Yup. – Yeah, that’s good. You wanna be asking this
question, so I’m gonna ask him. They want me to test drive one of these
things, so when can we do that? – Uh, let’s figure it out. – Yeah, – We’ll getcha one, – Let’s do it. – I got a couple flowing
around the country all on consignment with
these kayaks and stuff. – I’m near Miami, and have all kind of plastic boats – So I have dealers in uh, I have a dealer in Fort Lauderdale, I have a national, my
sales rep in the South East is based out of Georgia. He’s down here right now, so we can work something out. – That’s cool, I mean yeah, for sure. Thanks Chris. – Of course, thank you for
your time, I appreciate it.

21 thoughts on “Torqeedo Killer? ePropulsion Spirit 1.0 FLIBS 2019

  1. I've been thinking about switching to electric on my outrigger kayak. I'm gonna have to check this out much more. Thanks.

  2. Bluetooth wireless connected, Bluetooth disconnects as your full power into the marina and you hit someone's multimillion dollar yacht… No thanks lol

  3. More competition is good. Hope more companies can join in and drop these insane prices. Maybe one of the big names will swoop in soon.

  4. Cheaper sure. I didn't hear anything that made it better than torqeedo. And they're clearly not made for kayaks. I look forward to seeing you field test it and hopefully find a functional rigging option for a kayak.

  5. This could be a game changer with the price! Be careful if you Demo Aliex! Not even Marvel Mystery Oil can help you with this one! LOL

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