Top Water Fishing

[Music] Good morning folks we’re up here at Roosevelt
Lake it’s about the lake the lake is about 20-25 miles long right now it’s down probably
50% or 60% and we have a beautiful morning we’re starting out with topwater
lures this morning everybody likes throwing topwater lures this is the
order that I like to throw these baits I like to throw the Vixen first because
it’s the biggest and the loudest usually catches the biggest fish so you don’t
make this any more paycheck makes it but they bought them out but this is the old
vixen chartreuse on the top clear on the bottom I like throw the gun fish as I
start narrowing down it’s got a lot of a lot of bb’s in it it’s small profile
it’s a walking bait spits it’s got that cupped front on there and only two hooks this is I catch a lot of fish on this since I’ve had this lure for a long long
time but one of my favorite and I throw the Rico last it’s called the bleeding
shad that’s just my preference folks and I used the Rico last because as the Sun
comes up it seems to catch the most fish when the bites off [Splash] There’s One! There’s One! Right there! [Splash] nice! I finally got one to come up folks these are a nice fish they not… this one’s
not a gigantic one but it’s but it’s a nice fish he wanted it he eat the whole thing [splash] here we go look at that beautiful fish in the water the water so clear down here by the dam [splash] ok there was one right under him too. boy make sure that… that.. There’s a picture of him. Good ol Rico. little pound and a half fish oops got a little blood on him blood all over didn’t see that all
right there’s one down let’s try another one we found a little bit of shade
behind this mountain I caught that fish just dead sticking it dead sticking is throwing it out and
just letting it sit there not doing nothing and I’m just barely barely
pulling it when it when I do pull it so I throw this out by the shore and I’m
just gonna let those rings just disappear they don’t want this thing
moved very very very much so I’m just gonna pull it like that let it sit there just barely barely move it kind of just teases them that something’s just on the
top swimming got that fish right off of where all
those big rocks are right there that you’re looking at sometimes there’s a
couple fish at the same place so we’ll go ahead and throw right back over there
off that point right there and try that again boy top water is fun
if you can get them to hit it’s a blast catching fish I think that’s just about
everybody’s best way to catch a fish but the best fishing is right away in the
morning as soon as you get it you know get out here at five o’clock in the
morning so you got to be launching your boat about four thirty quarter to five that thing came about four or five feet
off the bank I’m sitting in 21 feet of water right now. so I’m gonna guess those
things aren’t right up on the shore I mean every once in a while you’ll get
one and I’m making cast up on the bank but where they’re hitting is a little
bit further out and that’s the way it’s been for the last month you know you they just just pull it out about eight
or nine feet then you just kind of let it sit there they can see that thing a
long distance 10-15 feet away they can hear it they can see it it gets that
close I’m just gonna reel it in and and fire out another one there we go this riprap here by the dam is perfect
nice big chunky rocks there’s some old dead trees still left here been in the
lake for a long time 30 40 50 years these old manzanita’s they’re just hard to
hard to disintegrate and kill another shade pocket right up there right in the
shade throw it out it’s painfully slow get a little pop it’s fun to watch him
come up and hit and just swirl and splash at it well I tell you folks when you’re up
here during the week got the lake to yourself there’s only one other boat on
the lake that I’ve seen so far haven’t even heard any boats it’s just beautiful
a beautiful beautiful lake got a real pretty sky with all the clouds coming in
gotta let some wind coming in tomorrow they got a high forecast of wind I’m just kind of keep moving down this
shoreline just to see there’s a lot of good area to cover down through here
it’s nice and steep just never know where you’re going to catch one there’s a fish! oh yeah
way away from the boat folks way away probably was 20 feet off the bank just
moving it real slow whoa come on up baby come on [splash] boy these
fish fight hard it’s just such blast catching these fish go ahead and jump
and get off guess he’s not gonna do it just be real careful un hooking these
things just a nice nice healthy bass again little Rico look how little that
is compared to that fish beautiful little bass boy they’re fun to catch
just caught him right just working real slow it’s already been a couple hours
since the Sun came up two hours but if you can learn how to catch them after
the Sun comes up then it’s just slow just real slow everybody quits throwing
top water now cuz they’re not biting you know real fast just that’s the way it is
with the bite on everything you do whether I’m worming or Carolina Riggin
or jiggin or something you’ve got to figure those bass out they they get in
these weird moods and you know when they want to feed it I don’t care
what you throw in their brush hog worm or whatever drop shot they’ll eat it but
when they don’t want to feed or they’re done feeding for the night then you got
to give them something that’s that’s unusual for them to
hit I got to see that one come up way out of deep water and hit this one thing
I can say folks is is boy I tell you when you do this and after the Sun comes
up for a couple hours you just got to be patient just throwing it out there and
just clicking your reel and doing something you know talking to your buddy
or something and not not paying attention you know it’s real slow just once you figure out how far away from
the shore those fish are biting then you can get dialed in you know and catch
more fish that one came the first one we caught up there came about five feet
from the bank this one came twenty feet from the bank so I’m just kind of going
real slow with the trolling motor and just keep it right in the target area
I’ll pull out a little bit further I’m sitting in twenty one twenty two feet of
water but that’s not where I’m catching the fish I don’t care if it’s a hundred
feet of water here go don’t be don’t let your non motor on the back
tell you oh I’m in 100 feet of water you’re not fishing in hundred feet of
water you’re fishing in five feet of water ten feet of water doesn’t matter
what your boat sitting in it can be a sheer drop-off
I mean we’re fishing down by the dam So we’re just moving along here this looks
like a nice little rounded corner here a lot of times this is what they like
these like they like these little rounded corners nice and slow and you do lose a
lot of fish on top water it’s kind of neat just to see him slap it and hit it
but the first two or three that I had to do that this morning real early before
David even had the camera those all got off one of them I caught but it was is a
it was a small one anyway real small WOW! well we got a good one here folks
nice little fat one coming up coming up coming up I’ve learned my… oop he’s gonna jump Whooooa!!! that was a nice jump oh boy he wanted that look at it look at that Rico
down his mouth [laughter] oh ya! here we go ok my gosh wait to see this Rico stuck in his
mouth I’m not gonna lift I’m just gonna lift this up without holy mackerel folks are good you don’t
think he wanted that bait this morning that is really deep down there he was
hungry he sucked that being way down there that’s a that’s a nice chunky fish
close to three pounds okay so I’m gonna just very delicately
just unhook that that just came right out no blood
that’s a nice fat fish top water two and a half hours after the Sun came up if
you have patience this is what you can catch so we’ll keep on going got a nice already fattening up after he spawned
got some blood on his tail still on this side look how rough his tail is so he
had spawned so let’s just let this little baby go well there you go baby
swim away you know sometimes where you think the fish are gonna be they’re not
and what do you think they’re not gonna be they are so you know just places like
that this looks so good with those rocks coming down and coming into
water and stuff like that I like these big boulders this big old chunk rock too
but you just never know where that fish is gonna be that thing could be anywhere
up there on that riprap you just got to keep moving folks just that’s what it’s
all about.. some of my biggest fish I’ve ever caught
have been back in this Cove back here there’s a strike
oh my gosh this has got some weight to it
holy mackerel he’s running way out way out in the lake to deep water that’s
usually what happens folks when you get a big fish like this she I don’t know
how big he is he’s pulling hard he’s down quite a ways away from the
boat heading out let’s reel him in slow could be going
down deep and don’t want to give him the bends it’s coming up coming up oh my gosh oh my gosh he’s so fat he can’t even come out of the water I am not gonna… jerk this in oh gosh holy mackerel that’s a good five pounds
folks look at that baby! Whooa! that’s a good fish top water that was on a Rico
all right let him go good-bye baby you know as I worked this
bait you know sometimes you have to stop it start it you know and dead-stick it
and stuff [splash] oh gosh think about dead sticking he just came up
and sucked that in he’s coming up this is on that vixen that’s a nice fish big ol vixen hanging out of his mouth come here little guy
she’s not so little this is pretty fat a pretty fat fish yeah boy you definitely don’t want to
get yeah these fish hooks in your in your hand that’s for sure, nasty
hooks sharp that’s vixen fish not a not a popper or a little one this was on a big
bait big long bait so let me show that to you these are just have a lot of lot
of rattles in them Ok we’ll let this little jewel go. goodbye baby it’s amazing this dam was finished in
1911 Theodore Roosevelt who the lake is named after President Theodore Roosevelt
dedicated this dam to Arizona he started working on this dam like in 1903 took
that many years 1904, 1905 somewhere back in there and to damn this up and
actually get this this done and you can see how they shored up lots of highway
and mountains with these rocks up here a lot of history well folks we’ve made it
all the way to the dam we fished the shoreline all the way from the houses
the SRP houses all over the dam we’ve caught top water fish some big ones
small ones and I think it’s about time to quit it’s 8:15 in the morning the Sun
is really really high I’ve noticed on my graph that the fish are going pretty
deep you know we’ve been using the three lures I told you the Ricoh the gun fish
and the Vixen so with this from when the end
the show here and go off on my adventures and doing something else but
thank you for watching our show our videos and with this we’ll say goodbye [music]

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