Top 5 most popular ships in Star Conflict

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Today we’ll talk about the 5 most popular ships of the game, that can be purchased simply by having a low-tier spacecraft and just a handful of credits to spare. Only the official data was used for this Top 5 list, so, you are going to be looking at 5 ships that ventured out into space combat most often. In a way, this list was made using your help guys; enjoy! NUMBER FIVE: The Empire’s Cerberus long-range frigate of rank eight. Most Imperial craft usually have a very tough hull and powerful weaponry. Cerberus is no exception. Three hull mod slots ensure superior toughness and high resistance to damage. While even the base, unmodified crit chance coupled with an Infrared Scanner allow the ship to dish out tremendous punishment. You dislike risks? Well, then get yourself the Horizon Module. It will slightly decrease your damage output, but will allow you to use your weapons from a longer and safer range. All Imperial frigates have a common flaw though: low speed and maneuverability, as well as inferior shields. Naturally, it all applies to the Cerberus as well. So, if the enemy comes too close – you are done for. Your last ditch hope is to use minefields or allied support, as well as Reverse Thruster, but it must be used VERY carefully. ECM interceptors are just waiting for you to use such a module, to disable it promptly, just as you prepare to use it. Secondly, by activating the module, you remove extra damage resistance to all types of damage. Keep that in mind. But wait, there’s another flaw – a weak radar. Thankfully, though, this can be solved with implants and CPU modifiers, such as Enhanced Scanner, but in return, you will have to sacrifice your critical chance rate. Don’t want that to happen? Then you must rely on the radars of your allies. NUMBER FOUR. Alligator Mk 2 engineering frigate of the Federation. This is one FAST ride: as it can easily rival most gunships of Jericho and the Empire, mind you. Want to lose your pursuers fast? No problem! Need to lure your foes under fire of your allied? Done! All you need to do, is get used to quick thinking. Alligators needs some time to accelerate to its max speed, but its hull cannot take a major beating, though. Sadly, this cannot be amended: the rank is simply too low and there are very few mods available. But you can improve what’s already good in the craft. You have two engine mod slots, that will benefit greatly from a Catalyst Injector and an Auxiliary Generator. NUMBER THREE. Jericho’s Ira Deus frigate of rank nine. Ira Deus is in many ways akin to the Cerberus, but has better shields, rather than a tough hull, whereas the disintegrator is replaced with a guided torpedo, that can be fired from behind cover to great effect. But don’t rely on it too much, ok? You need to finish off a fleeing enemy? You can do that. But for regular combat, those torpedoes have a very low rate of fire. You will be better off firing your main weapons. Oh and more thing: Ira Deus is quite a nimble frigate, which should come in handy when fighting at long to mid ranges. High speed, maneuverability, great defence bonuses, plus the ability to install an alternate special module. These are but SOME of the benefits of a particular spacecraft, that ended up second on our list. Hyena tackler-fighter of the Federation of rank nine. This ship consumes 25% less energy, which allows you to spare a mod slot by not installing a Voltage Regulator, but use something better instead , such as an Emergency Barrier . Or something like an Iridium Heatsink and Pulse Discharger to deal more damage in battle. But before we will unveil our number one, we would like to call out a few honorable mentions, that could have made it to the list, but didn’t. Templar Ace is a decent frigate of Jericho with bonuses for kinetic weaponry. Fox-M tackler-fighter of the Federation of rank six. This craft has an outstanding balance of energy regeneration and consumption for its rank. Up next is the Katana command fighter, that comes with good guns and decent shields. Ok, it’s time for NUMBER ONE: meet the Anaconda engineering frigate, made by the Federation. Anaconda resembles the Alligator a bit. But this craft can carry an Eclipse Launcher, that comes in handy for any Engineer. Now, just add two Horizon Modules and help your allies from a safe range. Simply beatuiful! You prefer fighting in the thick of it? Well, you can do that too! Anaconda does that too, since it is a rather fast frigate. Anaconda is quick enough to escape most opposition, or at least find cover in time. But wait, there’s more: a hull mod slot! You can install some Crystal Plates in there and Voila, it’s time to engage the enemy! This is it for this episode,

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