Top 10 Sonic Fan Ships – Fanfic Edition

Hey guys! Welcome back to Top 10 Gaming, I’m Ron McKenzie-Lefurgey. So, we’ve talked about a whole lot of Sonic
couples, between our fan ship video and the Sonic couples videos. Many of these are fans saying they wish a
certain duo would get together. But today, we’re gonna be taking it a bit
further, and talk about fanfiction involving these ships. And I’ll read an excerpt from each of the
fanfics I choose. If you enjoy this video, let us know by throwing
us a thumbs up down below. And if you want more, check out part one! But before you do that, get ready, it’s
time for the Top 10 Sonic Fan Ships, Part 2! Before I start, I just want to say that I’ll
be pointing out the strangeness of some of this stuff, and it might look like I’m making
fun of the author. Just know that there’s no judgment here,
and any negativity is with the goal of humour. You guys keep doing you, and if “You”
are someone who likes writing Sonic fanfics, power to ya! Shine on, you crazy diamond. Now, on with the list! Number 10: Truth or Dare. I think the title of this story by FrostbittenDeath
speaks for itself. We all know what truth or dare leads to eventually. Here’s a taste of this Sonails shipping
fanfic: “Rouge shushed Amy and pointed her finger at Sonic and Tails. Amy turned her head where she pointed and
saw Tails kissing Sonic on the lips, actually performing the dare like she said. It looked like they were doing it without
any trouble. Rouge asked him to kiss Sonic on the lips,
and there they were making out with one another right there on the carpet.” The end sounds like a Seinfeld line. Right there on the carpet? RIGHT THERE ON THE CARPET! Making out! MAKIN OUT JERRY! Number 9: I now pronounce you Egg and Wife. This fanfic written by SSBBwizard96 sees the
Sonic gang heading off to Eggman’s wedding chapel. It features a bunch of pairings including
Sonamy, Shadouge, and an unexpected relationship between Tails and Knuckles. Here’s a short reading: ,,Knuckles approached
Tails with a soft kiss and then made his way down his neck. “I think sleep can wait!” Knuckles said as he began kissing Tails’ neck
and making his way down. “Oh yeah! Right there!” Tails egged his lover on. His dream was coming true.,, And if you want
more… you’ll have to read it for yourself. Number 8: Juicy Details. This story by Ezzekiel tells of yet another
attempt by Amy to get Sonic to notice her. However, when she seeks comfort in Tails,
she learns that big things sometimes come in small packages. God I hate myself for that one. Anyway, here’s a bit told from Amy’s perspective:
Tails smirked as he walked over to me. “Sorry to disappoint you, but my IQ isn’t
the only thing that’s large.” I laughed as Tails leaned in and intertwined
our lips for a second time. I soon felt Tails’ hand start to tug on my
dress.” And that’s all I can bring myself to say. Number 7: The Satin Princess. This story by UltrraShaddow sees Rouge as
a popular talent agent. However, she decides to relieve stress by
getting a massage from a certain grumpy hedgehog, and things get steamy. Here we go: She gasped a little as she felt
his soft tug. The towel dropped until it revealed her smooth
back. Her anxiety rose and began to skyrocket until
Rouge felt Shadow trace a gentle finger down her spine; he drew a slow, long curve. Rouge felt herself shudder. “Don’t worry,” his deep voice was like black
velvet, “I’m going to take care of you.” Smooth. Number 6: When Sonic is Away. This is a rather explicit one by MelodiousBloodshed. The description starts “Shadow bangs Knuckles
and an odd relationship forms” and that sets the tone pretty well. Also, apparently in this one the characters
are human. Which will be a relief to some, and a bummer
for others. Here’s a taste, from the perspective of
Tails: “I’m glad you’re home,” he murmured, lifting his eyes again. This time they were soft and almost shy, and
it took all the control he had not to snatch his friend up and run home to have his way
with him. How… sweet. Number 5: The Babysitter Affair. This story by Tru Mel Meiko Mei Ling tells
of a more mature Knuckles/Rouge relationship, where they’re married with children. However, Knuckles is accused of cheating,
and things get dicey. Here’s a quote: “Feeling himself grow
hotter with anticipation, he gently took hold of Rouge’s leg and slipped his hand up the
length of her thigh. A small chuckle escaped her from the way his
glove tickled her fur.” How much did it tickle? Find out yourself! Number 4: A Gift for Valentine. This story by Blockheadgreen1189 ships Shadow
with… Twilight Sparkles. That’s right, it’s a Sonic slash My Little
Pony crossover. What could be more normal? In case that’s not enough for ya, here’s
an excerpt: “You like it? Shadow asked again with a macho tone in his
voice. Twilight nodded at him simply, as she released
his neck and placed both her arms on the wall as if inviting him to her. Shadow’s smirk grew wider when she did it,
and then he moved closer to her and kissed her on the lips again.” Yeeeeeeep. Number 3: Sonic and Luigi’s Amazing Quest. That’s right. It’s time for Sonuigi. This story by Swagtron420, heh, follows Sonic
and Luigi, who are, of course, desperately in love, on their adventure. The very first line says it all: Sonic woke
up, the fresh morning sun gleaming across his super hot chest. He looked to his side to see Luigi still sleeping. Sonic stared at his lover with a smile, until
finally he awoke with a yawn. “Luigi!” an excited Sonic said, “Are you ready
for the farmer’s market today?” I love how domestic they are. Number 2: Because of you. This one… this one’s just weird. I’m sorry. But this story, written by Swift178, tells
of how Tails was distraught after Cosmo’s death, because they were in love. Sonic comes in to comfort him and the two
have sex. And then this happens: “Just spit it out already!” I said in the angriest voice I could muster. The dog jumped at my anger before looking
at his clipboard, sighing, and looking me in the eyes. “I’m afraid to say, you’re pregnant, Mr. Prower.” Yep, told you it was weird. Number 1: Sonic’s Ultimate Harem. This story by Lil’ Soniq is so long it’s
insane. As of now there are 321 chapters, all detailing
Sonic’s experiences with a different famous character, as he tells Mario of his sexual
exploits. He even goes on an adventure with Deadpool
and sleeps with Lady Death. It’s crazy. And the run-on sentences are real. Listen: “Sonic motorboats Death’s breasts
and rubs them making Death feel extremely good and the blue blur takes the liberty to
bite the nipple and tweaks the other nipple. This causes Death to let out a high pitch
scream, she wraps her hand around the hedgehog’s” Ooookay I think you get the picture. That’s it for today! Hope you guys enjoyed, if you did please smack
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to read through a million myself. And before you ask, yes my narration services
ARE for sale. Just kidding. Kinda. Until next time, I’m Ron McKenzie-Lefurgey
with Top 10 Gaming. Later gamers!

100 thoughts on “Top 10 Sonic Fan Ships – Fanfic Edition

  1. Ships i love (don't read if you don't like it):
    Silvonadow (silverX sonicXshadow)
    Sonash (sonicXrainbow dash)

  2. MaggixJinxie: My All Forever Favourites: Crayola, Faber Castell, Prisma Color, Staedtler, Maped, Pentel,. <3 8> ColourLiquids ( Soluble Paints ), ColourPastels ( Oil Pastels ), ColourCrayons ( Wax Crayons ), ColourPencils ( Pigment Graphites ), & TwelveColours; Black, Gray, White, Pink, Red, Brown, Orange, Apricot ( Peach ), Yellow, Green, Blue, Violet ( Purple ),.

  3. I like original ships better, oh and the thumbnail made me tell everyone about this.

    Sonic Girls : what is that thumbnail

    Sonic Boys : that’s not us…….

  4. ……………..

    What do I say to this?

    I feel sooooooooooo uncomfortable listening to ships about Shadow.


  5. Don't ever talk to me about the MegaSonic ship. Too many of my friends ship it.

    Why would a sixteen-year old animal/human kiss a ten-year old robot/child/war machine?

    Don't ask me.

  6. Oh sh*t no! Shadows voice almost sounds like Greely from Animal Jam

    Ahhhhhh these ships are getting out of hand even the MLP thing since when has shadow ever liked Twilight and the other way around

    Twilight has been a bookworm and never found love


  7. Sir make a part two, with this fanfic it is a masterpiece. The story goes Eggman took over the humans, the anti verse never exists. Eggman brutally attacks the Mobians, Tails is edgy, swears, and packs heat but he is still anti-kill. Fiona is such a good character in this fanfic not spoiling her personality which is way better than it is in the Archie comics.

  8. Crap like that wipes really good Sonic fanfiction off the map. I can't find a good Sonic fanfic writer to save my li–

    Oh wait, here are a few:
    Draenog Glass
    Takato Metallium
    Jun Yabriel

  9. Ffs if you don't like any of those ships why are you watching and commenting in the first way. This is FAN FIC and they can do whatever they want and I don't care about what people are saying.

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