Top 10 Fantasmic Bloopers, Secrets & Malfunctions | Disney Fail -Fantasmic

100 thoughts on “Top 10 Fantasmic Bloopers, Secrets & Malfunctions | Disney Fail -Fantasmic

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  2. Seen comments about Eric tripping while carrying ariel off the boat so why dont they just carry ariel into the boat's cabin?

  3. The difference with the finale is that in DisneyLand they're all starting actors filled with energy looking for their big hollywood break, whereas in DisneyWorld… they're… in Florida…

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  5. Last year, someone from Disneyland came and talked at my school, which was awesome, but he mentioned that Fantastic has so many different plans for when things go wrong that it's almost impossible to see the exact same show twice, and there's way more than just a plan B for one particular thing

  6. Worked security at Disneyland in Anaheim from 2011-2014, got to see Fantasmic from so many crazy places and angles (including backstage and Club 33, which ironically doesn't have a great view because of trees in the way) but I also got to see one of the early performances back in June of 1992, it will always be my favorite Disney show.

  7. HELL YES, I LOVE FANTASMIC!!! I've seen the original and the new version over here at Disneyland! I gotta say though, I really miss the original version. The new show is still just as mind-blowing, but it's not the same without the Peter Pan scene!

  8. I did see fantasmic when i was 5-6 years old in Disney world, Florida it was amazing and they still had the boat and nothing bad happened

  9. It looks like that was just Ariel fin . But I dont think she was still on the boat maybe she undressed and then dipped out leaving her fin

  10. Living in the south east all of my life and having visited California also I can tell you the difference in the animated dance moves between the two Disneys ….humidity… It is stifling in Florida… And it is energy zapping

  11. I went to the disneyland one and it is always amazing and i like it way more than walt disney world

  12. i saw it when it was disneys 60th anniversary and it was at disneyland. Also i absolutlely love your vids keep it up i love disney and i love your vids

  13. It’s too humid in Florida, so the performers have no energy. Man, poor Ariel, men ditch her like that. Disneyland was built for Fantasmic. Other parks have to use what they got.

  14. I finally got to see Ariel get covered with the blanket with my own eyes! I was so excited and my friends were confused so I showed them this video and got my own video of Ariel getting covered up!

  15. #5 6:26 I was there that night it happened I was selling popcorn I would have jumped right in if he fell in the water

  16. I think the secret to Disneyland in California alternate Fantasmic ending being better than Florida is because we have LOTS of AMAZING talented people who come here to make it in the entertainment business and acting and roles like these are very very competitive so it's not surprising they do an A plus job because they are some of the best of the best out here. Just sayin. It's show business as they say. That's my two cents about that.

  17. I have seen the Original version at Disneyland. I have not seen the Orlando version so I can't comment on that one. As the Disneyland version I have seen the original version and the updated version. I liked the original version better. The dancing monkey seen and the Captain Hook/Peter Pan ship seen that are now changed were two of my favorites. Although the updated version had some cool new aged effects, it lacks the nostalgic affect.

  18. good job goofy for not letting dopey fall in the water. omg image if he did how different of a story that would be

  19. I really hope they don't "update" the Disney World show. The new one in Cali is WAAAAAY too technical and overwhelming.

  20. I haven't seen fantasmic but I wanted to share this story at the show Rivers of light we are one in animal kingdom when all the animals on floats come out it kept on shutting down and it never got to finish but we got to see what the park looks like after closing

  21. El que está ahorita en el 2019 está genial!!!! Vale la pena hacer fila con una hora y media de anticipación para tener un buen lugar. Esta espectacular !!!!!

  22. I'm actually shocked that the Columbia malfunctions of Disneyland didn't make it into the list. That poor boat is always going down and has a little speedboat with it 😂

  23. I have seen Fantasmic twice only in Disney World since I live in Florida. But I would love to see the one in California since it looks so much more alive and energetic than the one in Orlando.

  24. I saw the one at Disney world and I remember how amazed I was that the water caught fire, I literally turned to my mom and said “mom it’s water how is it on fire.”

  25. When I saw Disneyland’s Fantasmic recently, Sorcerer Mickey’s lift at the top wasn’t working so he had to do the choreography at the bottom.

  26. I live in Southern California and have been to Disneyland many times but have NEVER seen Fantasmic. Why would I? The lines for the rides shrink dramatically during the show. It's the best time to go on rides!

  27. Evil queen: turn my hair into white
    (After turning)
    Queen: ahahahahaha
    Me: ah, mam, i don't know if your ingredients are messed up, you still younger, but your hair is white!!!!
    Queen: SHUT UP, you mumbling fool, and…..yeah that happens all times

  28. sorry but disney world's fantasmic is SOOOOO much better than disneylands and the crowd is so much louder in disney world too

  29. When I watched fantastic for the first time this month (September) we literally got the best view, in the middle and in the front and that barely happens to us when we watch a performance or show. And it was our first time at Disneyland

  30. I was at Disneyland for a February performance of Fantasmic a few years ago, making it one of the first shows of the year. Even before Mickey could shoot pyrotechnics, they had to cancel the show; there was no recovering from the technical difficulty. So to this day, I haven't actually seen the show.

  31. Omg last year in March at Disneyland they used a projecter on a screen an I got so sad SO THEN WE CHARGED TO PIRATES OF THE CARRIBIAN WHEN THERE WAS NO LINE

  32. Fantasmic!

    It really is Fantasmic, My favourite show Disney performs. The Dragon, All the characters. I’m really interested in technology so this really fascinated me when I went to Disney World.

    Fantasmic job Disney! 😉

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