Top 10 Cruise Ship DISASTERS

Top 10 Cruise Ship Disasters 10. Carnival Triumph An eight night vacation to the Caribbean sounded
like a great idea to thousands of passengers on the Carnival Triumph in December of 2013.
The Carnival Triumph is the second of the five member Destiny-class of cruise ships.
The Italian built cruise liner had an estimated four day trip to the Caribbean but it soon
became an eight day nightmare. An engine fire left the ship floating off the Gulf of Mexico
without power, air conditioning, or a functional septic system. Passengers began to call the trip the “Poop
Cruise.” Human waste was piling up to the point where it lined the hallways outside
of passengers’ cabins. What makes matters worse is that the disaster seemed to be preventable
as management knew of the problems the ship was having. Documents show that the Triumph
set sail with only four of the six generators fully operational. Luckily for everyone involved
no one was seriously hurt, but the smell probably did its fair share of damage. 9. Carnival Splendor In a dramatic case of being stuck at sea,
passengers of the Carnival Splendor had crab meat and Spam dropped in by helicopters. It
all started with the cruise en route to the Mexican Riviera when an engine room fire cut
power to the 952-foot vessel that was carrying more than 4,000 people. The fire took place
when the cruise ship was just 200 miles south of San Diego. Once the engine cut off, the vessel started
drifting farther and farther offshore. The fire was put out, but the ship was left with
without air conditioning, hot water, mobile phone or internet service. Without power the
ship’s food went bad, which resulted in the coast guard delivering more than 50,000
pounds of food. No one was hurt in the disaster, and to the passenger’s delight they were
rewarded vouchers for future cruises. 8. Costa Concordia One of the more tragic cases of disaster on
our list goes to the Costa Concordia, where 32 people died and 64 were reported injured
of the 4,200 aboard. The Italian cruise ship’s fateful encounter with a reef off the coast
of Tuscany, Italy set in motion the tragic series of events. The ship, carrying 4,252
people, was on the first leg of a cruise around the Mediterranean Sea, when passengers say
they heard a loud impact which caused a temporary power blackout and the flooding of the engine
room. The captain ordered an evacuation which took
nearly six hours and meant that the Costa Concordia was one of the largest ships ever
to be abandoned. After an investigation was done, the captain was arrested on preliminary
charges of manslaughter in connection with causing a shipwreck, failing to assist 300
passengers, and failing to be the last to leave the wreck. Captain Schettino was eventually
found guilty of manslaughter and sentenced to 16 years in prison. 7. Seabourn Spirit Probably the most frightening case for passengers
on our list goes to the Seabourn Spirit’s victimization by Somali Pirates. In 2005,
while the vessel was traveling 100 miles off the coast of Somalia, pirates in speedboats
attacked the cruise ship. Passengers described how the pirates attacked the ship with machine
guns and rocket-propelled grenades before the captain changed course and got away. According to reports, the ship escaped by
shifting to high speed while also changing course and utilizing a sonic weapon, which
blasts earsplitting noise in a directed beam. As a result of their evasive maneuvers, no
one on the ship was injured and the ship was able to make it to Seychelles where the rocket
damage was repaired. 6. Celebrity Mercury One of the most unique cases of suffering
on a cruise ship occurred in 2010 when more than 400 passengers of the Celebrity Mercury
became violently ill. Later, the Centers for Disease Control deemed it a norovirus outbreak.
Passengers became extremely sick with many experiencing vomiting and other gastrointestinal
ills on the ship. What is so interesting about the Celebrity
Mercury is that the norovirus outbreak occurred on three straight voyages. The cruises became
known as the “diarrhea-cruises.” After the investigation by the CDC, they were unable
to identify a cause for the continued outbreaks. It seems best to say that the Celebrity Mercury
is not the best of choices when it comes to cruise liners. 5. Norwegian Dawn After a 70-foot wave smashed into the Norwegian
Dawn, it’s hard to believe the company’s statement that passenger safety “was in
no way compromised by this incident.” Apparently, many passengers disagreed with nearly 300
of the 2,000 passengers disembarking early in Charleston as the liner was getting repaired.
The encounter with Mother Nature saw 62 cabins flooded and many passengers screaming in hysterics,
according to firsthand accounts of the incident. Norwegian Dawn, the 965-foot white ocean liner,
had left New York in April of 2005, and was sailing back to New York from the Bahamas
when it was pounded by the sea over the weekend. According to reports, the wave reached seven
stories, as high as deck 10 on the ship. Luckily for all involved, the incident did not lead
to any loss of life. 4. S.S. Eastland One of the oldest and most tragic incidents
on our list is the S.S Eastland disaster, which took place in July of 1915. It was supposed
to be a day of fun and relaxation for the employees, families and friends of the Western
Electric, but events soon turned dire as the passenger ship rolled over into the river
while in port in downtown Chicago. Tragically, more than 840 of the 2,572 passengers
on the ship died in the accident. Many volunteers and emergency personnel acted bravely that
day, diving to recover bodies of loved ones and attempting to save the lives of others.
It is a testament to the spirit of togetherness in the face of tragedy that Americans have
shown in countless incidents. 3. RMS Titanic The most famous cruise disaster in history,
other than Speed 2, goes to the Titanic. It also happens to be one of the most harrowing
because of all the lives lost. More than 1,500 of the 2,200 passengers and crew lost their
lives in 1912 when the “unsinkable ship” struck an iceberg in the North Atlantic. At
the time, the RMS Titanic was the largest passenger liner in service; it took nearly
two hours to fully submerge into the ocean’s depths and would become one of the deadliest
peacetime maritime disasters in history. The Titanic sank with more than a 1,000 passengers
and crew on board. James Cameron re-created the tragic incident with his film Titanic,
which went on to gross 2 billion dollars. Stars of the film Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate
Winslet would go on to help pay nursing fees of the last survivor of the disaster. 2. Royal Caribbean A recent case of fear at sea comes to us from
one of the world’s newest and biggest cruise liners, the Royal Caribbean’s 68,666-ton
Anthem of the Seas. Fierce winds and weather conditions forced the vessel back to its home
port. The captain even ordered that passengers be confined to their quarters until they were
safely back. Passengers still managed to share photos of
the damage to the ship, including: the overturning of furniture, smashing of glassware, and the
collapsing part of a ceiling in a public corridor. Some passengers were injured and others described
the incident as “truly terrifying.” Officials from Royal Caribbean say that the weather
reports did not forecast such high wind speeds. Thankfully, the Royal Caribbean managed to
dock without anyone being seriously injured. 1. Carnival Ecstasy A terrifying incident that could have been
taken from a horror film unfortunately occurred on the Carnival Ecstasy in December of 2015.
The cruise liner was on the final leg of its journey through the Caribbean when the horrifying
event occurred. A worker was killed after being crushed to death while carrying o1ut
a maintenance related task on the Ecstasy. Jose Opazo was working alongside a colleague
on the elevator when it crushed him to death. Passengers witnessed the aftermath and recounted
the elevator having blood running down it like the film The Shining. According to the
witness, Matt Davis, he and his wife and children were enjoying the festive holidays when they
saw, “the elevator with just blood coming down like a sheet, and not stopping.” A
horrifying thing to see indeed.

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  1. well as a sailor from Scandinavia 2 immediately springs too mind .
    M/S Scandinavian Star, 1990 . 158 of 482 died . no one where ever arrested but every body knows it was a insurance hoax. with some of the crew involved. very shady.
    MF Estonia, 1994 852 died and 137 survived . the Bov failed in the strong waves and the crew failed on many point. but worst was the horible way the ship was design . a lot of things chanced after estonia with things like a inner-Bov

  2. How about MV DONA PAZ? Dubbed as the deadliest peacetime maritime disaster. It collided with an oil ship and below was shark infested. only 40-50 people out of 4,500 passengers survived.

  3. Can you explain to me why the RMS Titanic is not #1?!? These people need to get there facts set straight! I mean really the ectsrasie? Really!? Ooh a man a SINGLE man got killed ahh! But 2,000 people die on the titanic and we all like "I mean it got the most kills, most fame, and the biggest ship deserter ever buuuut….. Nah we gonna put a ship disaster that probably no one has herd about in #1."
    (Sorry this was really bugging me.)

  4. Why is the Titanic in a video about cruise ships? A little bit of research would tell you that the Titanic was a mail ship. It was built to take mail and passengers from one place to another. They did not have air travel back then, so ships were used.

  5. Titanic was not a cruise liner BECAUSE cruise ships are starting in a harbor and come most back in this harbor.
    Titanic,Olympic, Lisitania etc. only transports people from great britain to america…

  6. no offense but I feel like any disaster that ends with loss of life should be placed well ahead of weather damage and illness on the list.

  7. Someone might have already said this, but does anyone else get bothered when Titanic gets added to lists like this ABOUT CRUISE SHIPS?! UGH. Not a cruise ship people. Make a separate video with Titanic and other ocean liner disasters. Cruise ships…. ocean liners… different things.

  8. I think there is one disaster that should have been mentioned on here at that is the sinking of the MV Dona Paz. On December 20 1987 the passenger-ferry collided with the oil tanker MT Vector while sailing to Manila from Leyte Island in the Philippines. The Dona Paz caught fire after the cargo on the MT Vector ignited and the fire spread to the ferry. A survivor tells of how the fire quickly engulfed the entire Dona Paz and that the sea around the ship was also alight. Panic set in as passengers scrambled to save themselves. In all 4,386 people perished in the disaster and only 24 survived. 2000 of the passengers were not listed on the Dona Paz's passenger manifest. To date, it is the deadliest peacetime maritime disaster in history.

  9. Khem,,.. WHERE IS M.S. W. Gustloff? she took ~10k people aboard Refugees from Konigsberg..and was sunk by soviet sub with about 6,6k dead!

  10. Maybe a little old-fashioned, but I would have probably included the Andrea Doria over some of the others.

  11. The ships that were on that list sucked these are the ships that should've been on that list that wornt rms Lusitania rms Mauritania RMS Titanic and HMHS brintanic

  12. This is dumb! I can't believe people think this video is great! These ain't tragic they are just little accidents!!!

  13. Titanic needs to be no1 it's the most famous disaster of a ship there is!! Like what the hell!! I demand another video of this haha

  14. Funny how so many people complain that Titanic isn’t number one. There have been way more tragic incidents than the Titanic disaster of 1912. But I honestly think HMHS Britannic had it worse, at least they weren’t chopped to bits by the propellers. Yeah titanic was tragic but it isn’t the worst case ever written. That’s like saying RMS Lusitania was more tragic than the Chernobyl disaster. :v

  15. What about MS Estonia and Scandinavian star? Would say that's way worse than a few noro outbreaks (We have them a few times a year on ships up here)

  16. You know the Titanic sank because of negligence. The hull of the ship should have withstood the ice berg(it was built to)! But days prior to the Titanic sailing there was a fire down in the bottom of the ship but they didn't mention this and gave it the go ahead because they couldn't afford to put off the ship sailing because so much money was invested into it. So the captain and whoever else was involved is 100% to blame for this tragedy.

  17. RMS Titanic is the most famous sinking 1500 died and the mv wilehm Gustloff killied nine thousand making it the greatest loss of life during a sinking

  18. The Titanic was NOT a "cruise ship."

    It is a passenger liner, moving people
    from one place, to another.

    A cruise ship, usually starts and ends,
    at the same place.

    (One is transportation, the other is


  19. Should have included the MV Wilhelm Gustloff, with 9400 killed in 1945. Possibly including the MV Sea Dimond which sank in the Santorini caldera. Although only two live were lost in the sinking it poses a huge ecological threat to this day.

  20. I love how the thumbnail of the video is the RMS Titanic, and the title of the video was top 10 cruise ship disasters. Titanic is an ocean liner, not a cruise ship.

  21. Really?? Titanic was #3, but #2 was a ship hit by high wind? Seriously? Maybe rethink the order of how they are listed.

  22. Having # 4 The Eastland and # 3 The Titanic on the list invalidated the title as neither are cruise ships. Eastland was an excursion boat lacking passenger cabins and Titanic was an Atlantic liner. Many ships listed in the comments are also liners. The difference between a cruiser and a liner is a liner follows a schedule between ports, usually between Europe and North America or international Pacific ports and has several classes of passenger. Cruisers are generally one class of passenger and the cruise generally will end at the port where it began. Not knowing the difference between a cruiser and a liner is ridiculous in an otherwise fine presentation.

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