Top 10 Biggest Cruise Ships In The World 2017

Cruising in the high seas is a dream for most
of us. And when it comes to cruising, size does matter. Here are the world’s 10 largest cruise ships. Number 10. Norwegian Epic
Built by STX France Cruise, this 4100 passenger capacity ship was delivered in June 2010,
and has a gross tonnage of 155,873. Guests aboard this ship have access to luxurious
amenities such as private pool, saunas, gym and much more. Number 9. Liberty Of The Seas
Delivered in April 2007, Liberty of the Seas is 338.92m long vessel with 155,889 gross
tonnage. Featuring 1,817 staterooms, this 18-deck cruise
can house 4,960 passengers, who have access to an ice skating rink, a boxing ring, and
even a wedding chapel. Number 8. Norwegian Escape
Built in Germany, the Norwegian Escape has an overall length of 325m, and a gross tonnage
of 165,300. With a maximum capacity of 4266 guests, some
of the services included in this cruise include restaurants, bars and gaming zones. Number 7. Norwegian Joy
Currently under construction, the Norwegian Joy is expected to enter service in June this
year. The 333.46m long Norwegian Joy would feature
its own Ferrari race track, water slides, laser tag course and more. Number 6. Ovation Of The Seas
Launched in February 2016, the ovation of the seas started her maiden 52 night cruise
in May last year. This 348 m ship has a maximum beam of 48.9
m and draught of 8.5 m. Moreover, the ship has a maximum capacity
to house 2090 guests at a time, and can travel at a speed of 22 knots per hour. Number 5. Anthem Of The Seas
With a Gross tonnage of 168,666, length of 348 m and a maximum beam of 49m, the anthem
of the seas comes number 5 on our list. Some of the major facilities included in this
cruise ship include an indoor pool, an aqua park and even a rock climbing wall. Number 4. Quantum Of The Seas
At number 4 is this 168,666 GT cruise ship constructed by Meyer Werft, which made its
inaugural journey from New Jersey in November 2014. The 347 m long Quantum of seas has a maximum
bea of 48.47 m and draught of 8.8m. Number 3. Oasis Of The Seas
Built in 2009, the Oasis Of The Seas was the world’s most expensive cruise ship of its
time, costing an eye popping $1.4 billion to build. This humongous ship measures 1184 feet in
length, stands 18 decks tall and has a carrying capacity of 5400 passengers. Number 2. Allure Of The Seas
Built by the STX Europe shipyards in Turku, Finland, Allure Of The Seas has a gross tonnage
of 225,282 GT, height of 72 m and maximum beam of 60.5 m. Presented in 2010, this cruise has its own
Starbucks, fitness centers and yoga centers, to enrich the vacation experience. Number 1. Harmony Of The Seas
Royal Caribbean’s Harmony of the seas is currently the world’s largest cruise ship. This ship offers a seven night western Mediterranean
cruises from Barcelona to Civitavecchia. With a gross tonnage of 226,963 GT, Harmony
of the seas has a length of 362.12 m and a maximum beam of 66m. Tell us what you think of these gigantic ships
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100 thoughts on “Top 10 Biggest Cruise Ships In The World 2017

  1. Weird how you used a weird measurement system for one of the ships. "Feet"? Sounds like the stone age.

  2. Just went on Harmony of the Seas a couple weeks ago, and it's the best!! Didn't feel like we were on the ship unless if you looked out at sea.

  3. I want the biggest ship for my contrey qatar we well make a good bacnces and i think that well make more proft for both side if I have the number for the manager of biggest ship .

  4. This just shits on the fun tbh. Granted some of these activities are fine and lit but with all these shits I’d rather send my ass to a resort that in return is safer.

  5. Allure is bigger than harmony and harmony should be 3rd oasis should be 2nd allure 1st

  6. Me and my wife took a cruise on the anthem of the seas to Bermuda and it was one of the best experiences I’ve ever had! Food and shopping was spot on!

  7. Just got off the NCL Joy yesterday in Shanghai, and it has been an awesome experience, the ship itself is well equipment and well designed, staff are warm, well trained, professional. Will be back with my family soon.

  8. This is just whos biggest ship not titanic is not large ship titanic just boring swim and no basket ball and nothing its just a ship not cruise ship

  9. Good video, but you did get a few of the details wrong there buddy. I worked on some of the ships you got there (Quantum OTS, Liberty OTS, Oasis OTS and Allure OTS. First of all, Liberty is just one in the Freedom class, along with Freedom and Independence, and all 3 are almost identical in size and GRT. Also, Quantum, Anthem and Ovation, same thing. Now onto Oasis class. I was in the shipyard in Turku when they built Oasis and Allure. Oasis was the first, biggest in the world at the time. Allure is just 15cm longer, with an almost identical beam, but actually has less gross tonnage because they figured out how to save on materials. Harmony is a bit longer, a bit wider and has slightly more GRT, however, being the same class, they are almost identical. The details vary depending on what website you research it on and who you ask. So it would be best to get your info either from the shipyards where they were built or from the cruise line itself. Just saying… =)

  10. #6 Ovation of the Seas
    #5 Anthem of the Seas
    #4 Quantum of the Seas


    Also, all of the ships were Norwegian or Royal Caribbean

  11. 2:50 the ship may sink because of the tsunami !!!!!!!!!!TSUNAMI ALERT GO ONTO YOUR LIFEBOATS!!!!!!!!! lolololololol😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

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