“To All The Boys: P.S. I Still Love You” Cast Plays Ship Or Sink

hi i’m jordan fisher how you guys I’m Lana Condor and I’m no listen today we are here today with BuzzFeed playing a little game called sinkers ever zing and this is the love triangle edition get [Music] first on friends do you ship Rachel with Ross or Rachel with Joey that’s Ross take this one I like it’s facing this one I’m gonna go with Ross that’s it good yeah it’s definitely it’s definitely wrong oh we’re clicking it yeah we’re gonna click it it’s a quiz I’m sorry I love having the argument about Ross and Joey in Twilight do you ship Bella with Edward or Bella with Jacob so Jacob Jacob hardcore Jacob first sure Jacob died myself action well actually no I can’t change my thing actually I want to go with I’m gonna go with that word actually why is that well because because Jacob imprinted with five minutes to explain the art director Michael to me and we acted it out what imprinting yes oh we went there it kind of sums up this like whatever it is that you need but could even be an inanimate object with Michael or Jane with Raphael I love Jane the Virgin I’m gonna go with I know everybody figure out that everyone there’s a 0 / 0 % with Michael I mean come on you know this one I love just I’m a big fan of the Hunger Games so do you ship Katniss with Gale or Katniss with Peeta not everyone in the Capitol is a bad person I like that so a capital person let Hannah be a capital person and let me be somebody that loves the good I’m going with Gale I’m going with Peeta aroma Peeta and section city do you ship carry like mr. John Corben yes Oh Johnny daddy okay cups hot is here throw it up to big compost I don’t want six in the city oh it’s my favorite movie of all time I’ve never seen love actually do chef Juliet with Mark or Juliet with Peter I’ve never seen it here we go now they fell in love the right way he stepped up he said hey I got feelings for you and then homeboy mark like develop feelings over a period of time of his homie dating Keira Knightley and and then without trying to wreck a home I should be has feelings about this it’s my favorite movie oh okay on scandal do you ship Olivia with Fitz or Olivia with Jake listen she looks like she’s like their relationship is toxic though like Olivia and Fitz have you seen no I haven’t pushed up against a wall they’re both power-hungry so they’re obsessed with power yeah he’s like the most powerful man yeah talk to me about Jake Jake Jake is a protector man named Jake Gilmore Bruce do chef Rory with Jess or Rory with Logan oh is that Milo jess is Milo I don’t just like this picture of them kissing in Little Women do you ship Lauri with Jo or Lauri with Amy that’s Florence right yeah freaking she’s every actors favorite actor just like that honestly this summer bro the first 20 minutes of this summer you know I would yo like I can’t even bro me talking about mid samar and some Florence I was like get out we’re just like and tears that was me you know what’s tripping crazy you realize that every every time you felt the most unsettled it was beautiful and daytime yeah well that yeah yeah you said the same thing ah I love this one on the Vampire Diaries do your ship Elena with Stefan or Elena with Damon there’s one right answer she’s scared on left side is a fleam but I promise you would a fine fine no I’m gonna come dude you have to do it to your quiz the move in the notebook do you ship ally with no or Ally come on and finally in to all the boys PS I still looked working do you see ship Laura Jane with Peter or Laura Jean with John Ambrose I actually ship launching the Peter and I ship largely with John [Music] listen timing now you gotta answer this sure I know I know wait when did you take oh come on I pick Peter oh gee but also listen you guys this question keeps me up at night don’t I your disappointment is M&E no no no no no wait okay take-backsies John Ambrose no no I’m just saying I’m not surprised thank you so much for watching we are finishing up please make sure that you take the poll quiz on BuzzFeed and watch 12 boys PS I still love you only on Netflix February 12 sure by [Music]

100 thoughts on ““To All The Boys: P.S. I Still Love You” Cast Plays Ship Or Sink

  1. Wow cant wait two watch this movie in the middle of my dark ass living room while eating a bag of cheetos when my whole family falls asleep hehe

  2. Lana: “you guys I don’t watch friends”

    Me: “Just as I thought we could be friends”(Joey line)

    Just kidding I love you Lana

  3. Nobody asked but here are my choices
    1. Joey & Rachel for sure
    2. Bella & Edward
    3. Jane with Rafael PERIODT we love soulmates
    4. Katniss & Peeta
    5. Eh I can't judge never watched it
    6. Same ☝🏻
    7. Same ☝🏻☝🏻
    8. Rory & Jess
    9. Laurie & Jo
    11. Allie & Noah
    12. Lara Jean & Peter

  4. Noah's laugh at 5:08 is giving me life.😂😂 Lana's evil laugh at 5:40. 😈😈🤣🤣

    Also, Noah is a mood at 5:57. Haha! This trio is fun. 😁😁😂😂

  5. I love that Jordan has very serious opinions about all of this and is clearly a rom-com lover. ALSO (according to the % votes) YALL LOVE TOXIC RELATIONSHIPS HUH.

  6. I just finished reading the twilight series, so this was really funny to watch! ( I was litterally screaming "TEAM JACOB, TEAM JACOB, TEAM JACOB!!!")

  7. On the Elena and Damon vs. Elena and Stefan question I couldn't help but scream "TEAM STEFAN, TEAM STEFAN, TEAM STEFAN!!!"

  8. I love this trio they’re my favorites they way Noah & Jordan were talking about Florence was everything I never knew I needed. ❤️

  9. Noah about Scandal: “I ship Olivia with Olivia. Olivia is dope.”
    Me: YES 👏🏽 👏🏽
    Noah: “…their relationship is toxic.”

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