Thoughts from the Canoe – Part 4: Allagash Begins

So, this is a really cool campsite on Chamberlain Lake I just stopped here for a quick pit stop This is Ledges Point campsite There’s this really cool rock behind me, that makes this little protected cove There’s some nice campsites, and a picnic table and a really nice fire ring up there This place took about an hour-ish to paddle to So, I definitely was ready to camp at 4pm yesterday, and not at 5 So, I’m glad I stopped when I did But if I make another trip, this is a cool spot This is still Chamberlain Lake I’m getting up into the northern end Getting close, I think, to Lock Dam and then it’s a few miles more onto the true northern end but I came from the south and I have not seen a single person all day! [Rumbling motor] And the float plane is taking off! That would be so much fun I’m doing that someday [inaudible] [I’m soaked because I fell in the water] [inaudible] [feeling homesick] This is the Crow’s Nest campsite on Chamberlain Lake on the Allagash Wilderness Waterway Got my hammock set-up in there already and some gear out All the campsites so far have had these great picnic tables with nice bars over them for hanging things Nice fire rings with a grate I have not made any fires yet I have been tempted on a couple occasions but always figure that I’m gonna be going to sleep soon so, I just have not and this has a little bit of a bog actually, I don’t know if ‘bog’ is the right word but a marshy, wet area, to get up here to the campsite So, they have this nice little boardwalk to get down to the beach [softly] Trying to do this gently… I actually already spent a little time There were some stones missing and some wet places down by the beach, so I already spent a little time doing a little maintenance, adding some rocks in so that it’d be a little bit easier to get my gear up here It is a little bit of a trek But at least it’s not a steep, steep hill I was happy to find that out Some rocks- I did not do all of those! A lot of those were there, I just added a couple and made a couple a little more solid And we’ve got the boat Who has been… Whoo! … amazing! And my little bit of beach! It’s a bit overcast Not chilly, but definitely not warm, either So, I don’t think any swimming today It is about 3:30 Camp’s pretty much set up I guess the next couple things would be, getting food going, pretty soon here then get my feet dried off and taken care of and route for tomorrow, and journaling. And then I think there is definitely some time for some wine and chocolate at the end So, that is my plan for this evening. At this beautiful campsite And still, the only person-ish I saw I saw a float plane I didn’t actually see any ‘technical’ people but, there were people there But that’s it… I’ve had this whole lake to myself, the whole day It’s been incredible [inaudible] [inaudible] [inaudible] [blah, blah, blah] This is the end of the portage trail The Tramway Portage Up and over that little berm, that railway, are the locomotives They’re literally, just over the hill And then, the trail just comes right here And we have the put-in on Eagle Lake! Little bit of a wind out there I can kinda see the current change out there but it doesn’t look windy or choppy there are also several… I’m planning on going to the next lake actually, through a little pond in between two, but the portage took a lot longer than I expected so I might stop early I might stop on this lake or the next one We’ll just kinda see how far I go and how I feel the trains were really cool I took some still snapshots of them The trail was wet from the rain There were nice gravel parts where you could just pull easy and there were muddy parts The wheels actually did better in the mud than I expected Also areas of roots And areas where there were little streams, They’d have boulders on either side of the stream, and there was a little gap for the wheels to jump And then… I broke… or lost… one of my little round, wheel tightener, holder on-er things… Painted bright yellow, so I don’t know if it disintegrated, or rolled away… But I searched a long time for it Could not find it I went up the trail a ways and searched through all the debris right where the wheel collapsed Couldn’t find it. But! I looked at it, and thought about it for awhile and figured out a way to take some rope and kind of tie it [giggle] in place Luckily, I was really close to the end. And it held! …for the time being I think that this is the last true wheelable portage I think there might be a couple really short ones around rapids or falls But I don’t think there’s anything that I really need the wheels for. And I did still have to go over some roots, and the rope held for that So, if I have to, in a pinch, I might still be ok with the wheels. So that made me really super excited Also, it was strange I saw, like, 20 people today! As I was getting closer to the trains, I kept hearing talking And I’m like, ‘is there a camp nearby? A campsite?’ And there’s this canoeing group, that were just taking a break and hanging out by, and on, the trains So we kinda chatted They’re doing the Allagash, too They said they had 8 or 9 days, So we may end up passing each other I have, maybe, 6ish days left on the Allagash so we’re going on kind-of the same speed so we might see each other again They were super nice They offered to help But I was good! So I said, “Thank you very much, but I’m good!” I don’t know if you can see, those are the trains, just right there I had to stop using the wheels right there And carry, because because wheels, fixed and brand-new and shiny, or not are not gonna go up that hill with those branches I don’t know if the camera does that justice, but that’s pretty steep. There’s another part of the tram line here, too It’s just all through the forest These railways are, which is really, really cool I did look for a cache, one down by the locomotives Couldn’t find it. I didn’t spend terribly long. Cause it is going on noon. I still have quite a few miles that I wanna paddle. But, if I’m getting tired, or it’s getting late, or gets windy, I have multiple options to stop early. I’m still 2 days ahead of schedule. If that drops to a day and half, I think I’m still in good shape! So, time to push off! Eagle Lake looks absolutely beautiful! It’s nice and sunny out, I had to strip off all my rain gear! And here, I thought today was gonna be cloudy all day long. I was wrong You just never know. You never know! So, that has been my morning! Apparently, the moose use this trail, too. I’ve seen a lot of moose tracks on the muddy parts of the trail but no actual moose Maybe another time. Alright! Eagle Lake, here I come!

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  1. Very cool! Loved the steam locomotives! I was checking out your gear, and was wondering why you chose the non-waterproof paddling boots? I often wondered if the waterproof ones would be worse if you stepped in water over the top, they would never dry out? Still find it hard to believe as beautiful as it is there, you can go all day and not see anyone else out there enjoying it. If it was February, I might understand 🙂 Did you notice the stowaway around 7:45– 8:00?

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