THIS IS TERRIBLE! TRAGEDY STRIKES PIRATE SHIP I bought an abandoned storage unit and got robbed

what you know about the Jimmy Choos oh
my 31 please 1395 please give car by best by unscratched knick knacks keys
batteries go jewelry something guys I’m gonna save this to the very end so we
can see what’s the side of it poetry stay the course cuz it’s on my
bass terrorism is my main objective ladies and gentlemen boys and girls this
is exciting 600 pound auction we bought 40 of them
it was an auction done by storage wars auctioneers company dan dotson American
auctioneers did very well paid very little 30 to 50 I think we could
probably paid for just in this one box if you missed this one box you’re gonna
have to if not these three boxes probably paid for it right here if you
missed that you have to check it out anyway there’ll be a full description
six on a pallet auction we’re gonna get right to it
see if we can find anything more exciting Franco start up maybe she likes
to sell those on Poshmark via speaker those are not very expensive so right
here we are going through shoes shoes are kind of boring but there are some
Spencer ones I give this stuff to my Poshmark lady one of the things she did
she found some TX slippers is she got $100 for me the first day that she even
picked them out of boxes like this Franco Sordo flex where’s the big bloody
shoes my feet Oh what is that better heater look at this I wonder if she
wants one of those oh no no no no we’re not taking her with us on vacation I
hope no no watch her I don’t know I haven’t keep them we gonna ask her that
he’s watching her we’re on vacation how much you charge the dog sit what kind of heaters this one huh what do you think this is less what said
heater just better than the one I was gonna bring home with you to be honest I
hope just just a little thing and then it heats up in the kitchen must trap the
heat in there and make it don’t bring it out
there’s nothing I bet you said we need a room I almost fell know what you know
about the Jimmy Choos oh my 31 Please Please 1395 now the
moment you’ve been waiting for though is that what’s in there oh they’re not 1395
dollar pair of shoes not with them no right these shoes right here were not of
any real significant value also to you by the seat of – the boxes were empty
but this is stuff that I was having set aside for my Poshmark lady that was in
the back of the trailer and actually God still nice that is nice I should have
known that was a coach bag that is a nice coach ladies and gentlemen this is
your typical type of box that you go through I loved bathroom boxes I think
the first thing people do with man and women when they go home them on the
brush our teeth everything is they often take off watches jewelry etc cetera and
in common places kept so I love to find that stuff in here the neverending needle-in-a-haystack is
searching through these boxes of nonsense trying to come up with
something good to show you guys make money on and make it interesting to do
this this is almost like the set hahaha that is money right there that is a $50
pan licorice at number 23 hold it reserved come on who is it only but what
is that I can’t you’re at the flea market somebody says you want to buy a
large panel Mike woody you don’t owe me five bucks is all right okay
I like these pirates they don’t like that all right not bad we got actually
got probably 75 100 bucks and we called it a wrap for the day and continue the
unboxing later but this is what my trader looked like before it got broken
it if you haven’t seen that you can see my storage it made some room we’ve got
stuff everywhere you gotta check out this full playlist
it has been fun all right one of the deciding factors in me getting this
house when I saw those it had this cute little clubhouse
it says bear crossing here but we are not anywhere near a bear crossing
believe it or not but we are having a problem with the mice keep coming in our
Clubhouse and we need to figure out how to keep them I just swept this cuz we’re
making a unicorn Chloe you’re gonna be painting this thing this is a little
preliminary for the clubhouse now it’s brown regular wood color we’re gonna
paint it white pink blue white pink blue we’re gonna deck it out and we’re gonna
make it very unicornia so for now we’re just getting the specs here right now we
are working on max capacity for a club ladies and gentlemen boys and girls
pirates of all ages um little stuffed up it is a Saturday morning and we are here
we’re gonna do what we do best I left all the kids in bed and the little woman
and I’m here looking for more Hebe items we have been heavily I shouldn’t say
heavily but we have been learning eBay and we are posting things daily now so
you don’t forget to check out storage option pirate eBay see what we got going
on all the great trade your clients finally going up and 2020 it’s gonna be
a good year anyway let’s see if we can find some
enough to make some money found rocker nuts
heep-ha an abandoned storage unit and sold at the flea market beautiful title
let’s see what they’re doing these guys they should stop the killing
stop the cameras good creeping up on this right here
oh my gosh I didn’t just standing right next to me what do you got Joe John in
there I don’t know what that means Harold is here unloading his stuff a lot
of people being concerned that you were not going to come pay me for my stuff
because the history we’ve had because the history we’ve had over the years as
you been you be having a hard time paying up your debts and stuff Harold how much have we sold so far in
my liquidation of my shelf yes I like to advertise the real thing you’ve been
keeping the other half you only giving me half thank you so how much have you
given me you give me six twenty you give me six twenty so that makes twelve forty
he’s sold that’s that we know what that was used in a car bombing in the Middle
East I’m not as parties from the rock I know we’ve done 1200 thank you
it doesn’t but you don’t need to worry about that I’m going to pay the taxes
how you doing other hiding on the picture frames no I’m sorry
oh those we decide cactuses cactuses grow cacti very cool
we have ten more we should start up Harold needs a van go find him yes he has because I track him down I
know where he lives and he knows Uncle Michael will come hey you haven’t sold
the photos yet all right we’re gonna go see what we can
find I’ll look at these tires who remembers these from the motorcycle unit
that couldn’t be sold all these storage fine nothing out here to sell blue man
nothing out here worth buying we got a base Rock Windows 7 let’s go
over here and say goodbye to Locker Nazis over here making money there he is
filming filming Jack filming yeah I’m in I’m addicted to filming he’s making any
money over here yeah you guys should play bingo and the winner gets an item
yeah got my life no no no Saturday morning is this where you got your pot
your Jack Sparrow hat cuz that hat you have is an actual Jack Sparrow hat the
one you wore on the life yeah it is something that’s for sure look Jack
Sparrow people don’t realize this but that’s what made me become the pirate
Jack Sparrow was like my little hero because I liked his I liked his
mentality that he never gets upset like if you watched a movie no matter how
stuck in the eye of the river it is always just calm and that was my uh my
inspiration not even much to look at I don’t know how to make a good flea
market y’all have any ideas out there not much I would to leave in mind
hearing our ideas what I should film when I come to the flea market I have to
make it very boring us I’m actually buying something but like literally I
just spent two hours here I didn’t buy one single item so
my sister won the luck of the draw I got to talk about my good friend zone that’s
always fun it’s a sign right there alright we are here now at the storage
unit and we are gonna try to gather some stuff up for Alameda and get our eBay
stuff from the vaults back to the house we got to get yeah what started off to
be a small little order told myself we’re just gonna come out and do a
little half-day and stuff now I’m loading everything we’re taking high-end
music equipment we got the back seat full potential flea market that’s going
in the house for eBay we’re gonna reload the house for more market it’s gonna be
a good day now this trunk right here carries almost a thousand and that box
right there carries almost a thousand dollars in it we’ll see how it goes when
was the church pew well you need that come from Oakland Michael yeah we got
furniture from the pause we got stuff all the place there’s the music piece
that Alex didn’t want to gamble on this is nice I don’t know where that’s Mount
Diablo it’s hard to see there’s an actual physical rainbow and the Sun is
beautiful I like the scenery here it’s pretty um prettier it’s kind of pretty
there like if this was a cool golf course I’d probably golf here cuz I like
golf but it’s also kind of cool to have all this open land and it’s just like
beautiful countryside almost endless view of beauty ladies and gentlemen
it’s the next morning giggles it on my face look at that about to meet
insurance and gesture right now whatever you call them claims person for Irish
ship look at it think that you can see right and there’s no window all the
stuff trying to steal drill bit broken only thing that prevented them from
actually not stealing my truck was their drill bit broke I don’t know this
vehicles even gonna be my estimating software for normal cars we go back 20
years heavy-duty trucks supposed to go back 15 years so I may have actually but
selves in 2005 right so I think this would maybe be right outside I see what’s going on on I don’t I don’t
I don’t know what the value that if you know what I thought that’s why I have
full coverage on it right yeah gotcha wha also I’m taking the pictures
the bathro and the value will take a little bit longer probably about 45
minutes I’ll go from there all right any questions for me no not really no it
happened in the middle that night I actually caught one of the guys in my
truck not in the truck like I guess somebody did this one guy knew
totalization truck out of my trailer because they tried to
kill the other guy try to steal it I didn’t work so they came back the next
morning and the guy he hired the guy rocked him in my trailer and I actually
didn’t value my well it was kind of weird yeah yeah I
had to call it a stuff yeah sorry with the wirings me
I mean it looks like it’s just the steering column that’s what I have on the estimate as
well as these covers now there’s always a chance for their being additionals but
that’s something that like I said you have to get it to the shop in order to
know I’m not trying to I’m just concerned
about my trucking back so it was yeah oh boy it’s time to get the tow truck here
adjuster came now it’s time to get towed to the shop and see what could be done
about this dilemma what do you got to do down there the tendon of each okay always take this
one sweet you ain’t going a couple of blocks
away because the paper so I Marty and I put it there but
nothing whoever’s going to put it back on the ten years they need to put a fool
me then when they put it back to do that what we put the source because I always
have to do wow I was put us in the flower the flower is put in neutral and
put in the fair those my truck right there you know to
get repaired and no it was see what the tables are right there in that black
tote that was gone and we put all the tables in the back of the Dodge in there
claimed it up a little bit and I got a feeling all this because this was stolen
I’m guessing one or two pickup loads unsure it’s time to get unboxing and
continue back on off the hard plan first stuff like I said don’t ever try to
steal pirate man a pirate ship that’s the worst thing you could do try to
steal a pirate ship took my treasure we’ve got to reload make some more
unboxings get ready for tomorrow’s flea market nice as we’re going through this
stuff kind of clean up cuz we got a unboxing at our table clear this is all
the mess from the other videos we found a gift car buy Best Buy unscratched
merchandise your card credit I’m gonna see if there’s anything on you this
could be money right here now go through here I think it was part of the box it
was from the other unit interesting little calligraphy classes or some form that’s what I usually don’t have huge
representation towards extreme value very common for writing to the practice nice little scroll move another scroll typically wound for
sound strings going round and round look at that ooh it’s a 49er no gold miner
nice little red stamp I don’t I don’t see these hard figure this is five or
ten bucks in my world we got a big one we got Oh can’t can’t show that you
could see kinda I can’t really show the symbol there it’s not the German version
of it it’s the Japanese good luck when I believe but those are pretty nice let’s
say we got two of those another one with that symbol I don’t want to show because
it’s not good for visual representation on some platform let’s get something
else why they call this twin I don’t know yeah they’re packed in this box
here nope yep nope No Wow what is this it’s curtains yeah
hooray for curtains thank you for wasting our time
pirate looking at cookies yeah the old personal paperwork Fox who doesn’t love
a good personal paperwork boss all right what do we got here fine faith and
everything you do believe in yourself chase your dreams and follow your heart
trust me you can accomplish anything even the wildest dreams everything you
waste your time you could steal make it happen what do we got weird nice it’s a
Holy Bible we will give it away tomorrow at the flea market another one we give
away all literature pertaining to religion to the appropriate factions
look at this get one if you dare wear short shorts you O son of a biscuit peanut you’re in here buddy
long live peanut travel writing Junie and birth
I’ll have a feeling this was gonna be a good box it was wrong Hartman that’s probably pretty good
put that me return come on thousand dollars you know all the receipts you
should never have I’m the same way I keep them all what is this that’s what I
was more curious about coach hmm all your hard work and dedication in
opening the first gap and gap kids in Japan that’s kind of cool
shout out to you for opening the first gap in Japan once with time it was oh please baby Jebus uncle Michaels
messaging me look at this Uncle Michael Uncle Michael try to tell me don’t shush
him shush you Uncle Michael watch Shh I see
the assaulter we’re gonna do this all together guys we’re shushing Uncle
Michael look see their knickknacks Keys batteries go jewelry something I want to
leave this to the end we’re gonna leave us Dean sorry guys but I haven’t done
that in a while so keep the who time keeps on tickin
tickin tickin I this is stupid so I learned something I
learned something in this unit I did not know that this was expensive right so I
saw the suitcase we unzipped you saw my silly thumbnail crap and then I found
the book on the Rimowa and I looked it up these things range from like 700 to
$2,200 a suitcase and I’m like okay now I got to wait to see how I treated it in
the front of the trailer got the option doing the option because they were
letting us stay big browsing center center so that’s what we
did jt4 uh tracks that was this so more
boxes of shoes how can so many people have so many shoes they weren’t pricey
would have sped through them but I like the show as much as I can guys I’m gonna save this to the very end
so we can see what’s the side of it failure I know that was a joke guys I
really am just trying to see if it’s empty it’s flat empty I was being a wise
guy when you get into here crazy in America oh I should read that what is
all this in here some cakes jay-z shout the ho leading to shoulder
Christmas certificate of recognition or an Air Force Base Alan J Feaster for
Black History Week talent show awarded at Norton Air Force Base nice
Air Force talent contest professional entertainment seminar certificate of
completion professional entertainment seminar this
that is nice this is kind of cool ice wish that Bob fellows okay I don’t know I’m gonna keep it aside
just in case you thought I was kidding it is empty but $15 nice thinking I’ve
heard those schools American camper all right almost jewelry looking jewelry
things look at that now vice grips an iron department of air force award this
certificate of participation for the 1981 air force talent contest those two
by Keesler Air look at that that is nice chatter those people who served our
country each and every one of them poetry
stay the course cuz it’s on my base terrorism is my main objective years I
don’t have time for Americans poverty when it rains you see I every draw a
picture you and me if so many fall at once you can’t catch them all but I
catches most of them just having a ball oh this is not good sis this is weird
stuff Oh beautiful woman now I know for sure cuz our lives together is fighting
finally oh yes interesting and he signed each one now I have to do some this is
hey help men who has the desire to give a woman their heart than the other I had
severe it is depicted in this letter babe I’m still looking forward to seeing
you alright this is some juicy stuff juicy the sweeper hello mister sweeper I see
you’re truly sweeping okay this is kind of full right here one uh bob marley bob
marley one love maybe this will have some good things in
here a future I wonder what they use this for interesting Gucci that vintage
Gucci right there it’s kind of nice and styling that is real Gucci to and says
Gucci right there not China that’s vintage Gucci that’s before Gucci was
actually something huh have to look this up I like it
like stuff like that and then we get disappointed with this watch Charles
Raymond no our door is Hilton door hmm I got it for that these have found one
really cool Gucci though I’m happy about that then we got this right on three two one
what is that no nothing good maybe there’s something good yeah you know don’t chocolate layers
let’s see let’s see now I can’t do it I was gonna do that no mail hope is what I
think it was so this will become a new addition you guys are gonna start seeing
flea market vlogs and maybe unboxings with a different style angle system
hopefully will be an improvement

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  1. Loved the new editing. Never happy to see someone have their property damaged and stolen however love that one can keep it all in perspective. Just a bump in the road. You have health, love, peace and unstoppable forward motion.

  2. 🦄🦄🦄Pirate, the Tieks shoes, if in decent condition, may bring you a good amount through your clothing gal. Leopard print are $235.00 new and very sought after on second hand sites🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄

  3. Owl dash camera so this will not happen again, check them out, alerts me anytime something happens, sends pictures to web

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