Things you should know about shipping – Top 10

Hi, Wes from Printful here! One of the most important things that you
need to set up in your store is shipping – and sometimes figuring out how everything works
can be a little difficult. So to make it a bit easier, let’s look at
the basics – here are 10 things you should know about the Printful shipping system. Number one – There are two ways how you can
set up shipping on your store with Printful: live rates and flat rates. Live rates are real-time rates, and they’re
calculated based on the weight and destination of the order. Flat rates are fixed shipping prices that
you can set up in your store if your integration doesn’t support or you don’t want to use
live rates. Number two – Live rates are available for
select integrations: Shopify Advanced plan users, users of other Shopify plans who request
live rates added to their stores for $20 per month, WooCommerce users, Ecwid Venture, Business,
and Unlimited plan users, custom stores set up through our API, manual orders. Number three – Live rates are divided into
5 speed-based categories: overnight, express, standard, economy, and no rush shipping. You can find out the delivery time intervals
for each method in the FAQ (link in the description). Number four – At the checkout, buyers will
see a selection of shipping options for each order. For example, overnight shipping is available
only for orders going to an address in the US. Similarly, no rush shipping might appear as
an option only for international orders. Number five -Overnight, express, and standard
shipping, as well as economy shipping for domestic orders will always have tracking. For international shipments, economy and no
rush shipping is without tracking. Number six – You can disable the options you
don’t want to offer. So, for example, if you want to offer only
express shipping, simply uncheck the other options in your store settings. Number seven – Buyers can access the best
shipping prices. In some cases, different carriers can get
the same order to the same address in the same amount of days, but one of them can do
it much cheaper than the other one. We’ll make sure to use the most reliable
and affordable carrier for each order – and lower shipping prices mean higher conversion
rates. Number eight – Some shipping methods can bump
up your order in the fulfillment queue. All US orders shipping with the overnight
delivery method are automatically marked as priority in our system. And for international shipments, orders with
the express delivery method are marked as priority. Number nine – If your store uses flat rates,
you can find the rates for each product category in our Shipping page, the link is in the description
below. Number ten – Orders with flat rate selected
will ship with the least expensive method available. The cool thing is that if the actual shipping
price is lower than the flat rate, you’ll be charged that instead, but in these cases
we’ll never charge you more than the flat rate. So that’s it – these are the top 10 things
you should know about Printful’s shipping. For more detailed instructions on how to set
up shipping for your store, make sure to check out our shipping set-up tutorial videos. We have one for each integration where we
go through the process step by step. See you on the soon! Hey, Wes from Printful here! Hope you found that video very helpful. All the links that we mentioned can be found
in the description below. And in the comments section feel free to leave
any feedback or suggestions on other videos that you would like to see. Our channel is full of tutorials so don’t
forget to subscribe and check those out.

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