They LS Swapped a BOAT and brought it to LS Fest East 2019?!

It does 60, yeah it does 60 and we’ve got
it tamed down just a little bit. I’m James Sanders, I’m from Sullivan, Indiana,
Performance Marine. It’s got a 5.3 out of a 2005 Silverado. We set it up with a fuel injection, I cut
the wiring harness down, took all the stuff out that I didn’t need, wired the relays,
tied it into the boat, adjusted the tune, set it up to where it runs a little bit cooler
than a car does because it’s got lake water running through it. I had to turn the RPM back just a little bit
because we’re running the alpha drive but at 5000 RPMs it runs 60 miles per hour and
it gets there real fast. It ain’t cool if you don’t fire it up on the
ramp and everybody turns and looks you know. You know I was here a couple of years ago
and we were walking around and of course, I’m big into boats, I own a boat shop, we
noticed that there wasn’t any, we didn’t see any boats and we did this conversion, I was
like hey man, we need to take this thing up there, anything LS, let’s bring a boat. And they told us that we are the first ones
to bring an LS-powered boat to the show. It runs great, I’m going to build me one.

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