look at this thing what is going on
Sharer’s welcome back to the vlog welcome back to another crazy adventure um for
those of you who are just tuning in last vlog was crazy we found this a banded
ship we started exploring it and little did we know that somebody was spying on
us and we got rocked by a ton and I mean a ton of waves this jet skier was spying
on us they must have been sitting over there in just like swampy water there’s
nothing over there grace why would they be sitting there there was a fish that
jumped right there but yeah other than that there’s nothing back here this is a
banded ship graveyard over 200 ships are just sunk in here absolutely crazy
someone was spying on us and they just took off I don’t know where they went I
mean the river is completely completely empty that’s our boat right there we
have to park it out there because the waters really shallow but what we’re
gonna do is we’re gonna try to explore this ship some more and try to see if we
can weasel our way into the ship we don’t really know what to expect we
followed this treasure map that we found in a hidden abandoned safe and it led us
to this this is called Mallos Bay it’s in the Potomac River and it’s a
graveyard of over 200 ships this is like the main one that sunk and we’re just
exploring it we don’t really know what we’re gonna find all we know is that the
map led us here and let’s just say yeah this is scary I
mean check this thing out grace come on we gotta go to the front keep coming be
careful be careful metal is very sharp yeah so we couldn’t bring the boat as
you can see the boats over there it’s anchored in we had to bring these paddle
boards but we didn’t realize that these paddle boards well we did realize but we
didn’t think that the ship would be made of metal and like super sharp but these
paddle boards are boards so there’s just filled with air sharp metal plus air
doesn’t really uh doesn’t really match too well so we gotta be what what what
what happened grace you don’t touch the metal be careful we do not want to pop
these things I’m like way too close to this ship if something falls off that’s
gonna be bad wow this is so scary grace I do not like this at all the water is
like murky and gross what are we gonna find here
we gotta somehow make it to the upper level we brought all these tools snorkel
masks all this stuff I’ll tell you one thing I’m not snorkeling here this is
like nasty I would be scared to go on the water and it’s super super super
shallow there’s 200 not even joking you can look this up a line 200 ghost ships
sunk underneath here so there’s metal their ships the water is disgusting
I’m not snorkeling in this water grace did you bring your circle mask no yes
you did on the boat well you should go get in snorkel I don’t know it’s kind of
like creepy out here but look at that there’s a gate in this boat oh my
goodness grace this is oh so crazy so crazy let’s go explore I won’t I know
grace I’m gonna go down here I’m going to the front of the ship oh wait don’t
leave me back here yes it’s getting crazy
oh there’s like more paint on it up here grace grace there’s a nasty big nest up
here I think it’s a bird’s nest oh I think that bird that we saw last call
that was like trying to attack me I think it must live up there grace we
might not want to get too close actually maybe should probably keep your voices
down probably should keep yeah that is
definitely some type of trace there’s a I think there’s birds in there shows if
you look closely at that you can see the birds sleeping grace there’s a massive
birds nestled in here did you hear that Grace okay okay so sharers this is the
front of the ghost ship check this thing out Wow
grace this ship is absolutely huge and there’s nasty metal stuff on the other
side wow wow wow wow woah there’s numbers let’s see if you
can see it there’s numbers eight seven six five three two grace there’s
definitely animals there there’s movement there is movement I’m kind of
getting scared grace where are you I’m back here I’m staying safe back here
okay what’s even scarier is that no Steve I think that’s a spine of an
animal definitely look at the consistency maybe you’re right maybe
it’s some massive animal that attacked the ship that caused it to sink and then
the animal died this is oh my goodness this is crazy
this is huge I think we need to rack up on some more supplies yeah I’m getting
like all the safety equipment let’s head back to the boats let’s grab some more
gear maybe we can see we brought a drone we can fly it up there see really what’s
inside that ship something brought us here so there’s something in this ship
graveyard that the person who made that map wanted to find out if it’s treasure
if it’s jewels if it’s money is it is it another safe I don’t know but whoever
had that map definitely marked this spot out come on get out of here
yeah okay right down those numbers eight seven six five three and two chairs come
with those numbers down below in the comments we don’t forget okay
let’s see what kind of supplies do we have checking back on the treasure map
came Mallos days right there that’s where we are that’s the ship that we
found snorkle mask? no sir flashlight on this boat flashlights yes flashlights ok
grace I got a flashlight these water shoes on because it’s really sharp out
there I’m paddling back now that I got my shoes on I think I can get like a
better look at everything because I can step on things and hurt my feet but it’s
where are you start towing me start telling me I found something in the
water I found something it’s like a cabinet
next to the banded ship grace we got us I don’t know how I’m gonna get out it’s
like sinking me quick quick quick help me just grab my hand
pull me out of here get back to the boat when you get back to the boat grace it’s
so heavy it’s so heavy it’s so heavy tie me up tie me up quick link up link up
let me grab your leash and put your leash on here and start paddling out
okay I’m so heavy I can’t lose this it’s mostly what we’re
sent here for I’m not even joking what is that what is that no grace I just
that thing that I’ve been kissed it’s so nasty there’s that weird animals – are
you sure you try and pull a big is it it’s huge
grace it’s like a cabinet look at this thing you just gotta tow me back to the
boat I can I’ll try to hold it as much as I can okay turn around grab you over
here give me that camera I will hold it but you’ve just got a pal Sharers we
gotta get this thing back come on guys it’s really dark grace I don’t know you
just kind of somehow pool here we go I hope this tow thing works grace just
keep going focus on getting us back grace go this way go this way go through
here yes is it gonna be shallow through there I don’t even know oh my gosh okay
just you got to go fast fast fast I can’t help at all that’s the problem I’m
literally holding this thing oh my gosh grace maybe oh I’m afraid it’s gonna
break I’m holding on just barely maybe um maybe bring your kayak thing over
here your paddleboard maybe we can lift it
together or something this is Casey Oh Tommy I can’t lose this grace it’s
literally sinking it’s sinking grace come on pull me pull me grab me grab me
grab me wrap your or around there something here just pull me closer let
me close this looks like a safe I see a lock I see chains I think it’s a
treasure chest I know this is all we can see Sharer’s if we lose this what’s to
come back and get another day I don’t know what we’re gonna do just hop on
this thing and let’s just get out of here it’s getting so dark out
my thing is hooked is it yeah grace it can’t be hooked I’m getting drugged this
snake is too heavy got here
wait there’s people there’s people oh my gosh that might be the jet shoe that was
there earlier okay we got to get back to both go go go go he’s handle quick quick
quick quick quick quick quick oh my gosh oh my gosh oh my gosh quick grab everything let’s go let’s go let’s
go let’s go okay start the boat turn the boat come on boat please don’t please
don’t please start come on okay we got fire on the boat we’re good we’re good
let’s go we’re just gonna head for the lights have for those lights up there
head for those lights up ahead we can do it you, stay awesome and share the love, peace!


  1. Those numbers are not serial numbers they are so you can tell how deep the water is so they know the boat will not get stuck on the ground but only aircraft carriers and big war ships have them

  2. Yes i sall papa jake was followed and you are papa jake escaped if they get you escape ok go to papa jake he told us go to papa jake RUN TO HIM!!!!

  3. Message from Dylan, The SS Accomac was a 291-foot steam passenger ferry built in 1928 and later acquired by the U.S. Navy for service in WW2. After returning to civilian use the vessel was converted to diesel. In 1964 the ship caught fire during repairs and was abandoned at Mallows Bay, Maryland.

  4. I know of this historic place. The boat formed when its the first worl war maryland built by europe the place become a historial toursit ships.. and they turned it into a ghost ship. The ship had a ghost fleet and its scary. I cannot believe that. And is Huge. Im scared to watch the video.. im gonna tell my kids before go to bed.. i think thats not a good idea beacause they might dreamed that………. Good news i love your videos…

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  6. You guys I think that might be the titanic ship that actually sent to them I don't know it could come up

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