The Stagecoach Floats! How to go boating in Red Dead Redemption (the easy way)

putting wheels on the stagecoach in Red
Dead Redemption was a great afterthought it’s been real useful to me though it
was clearly designed to be a boat and so since I’ve had a lot of practice I’m
going to tell you how to sell it proper my name is Subovon
my hat is famous the only place in multiplayer where you can get yourself a
stagecoach is a gaptooth breach and you got to clear out the hideout to drive it
away so if you got a large policy clear it out a few times and get yourself some
spare boats drive them down to thieves Landing Dixon’s crossing is one of the
easiest places on the map to put in the water it’s high rate of survival makes
it the ideal place for a bunch of soft water ducklings like yourself to with
their bills complaining about the distance you have to drive as a buy as
useless as trying to smell good after sleeping with a skunk I won’t consider
it once you get to Thieves landing you need to get the posse on top of the
stagecoach the most elegant way to do that is to back it up to the gunsmith
store your guys can run around the back they’ll climb onto the roof and they
don’t even have to jump on they can step down onto the roof of the stagecoach
like it was a fancy cruise boat you can’t drive like a maniac when you got
the posse on top of the stagecoach so you’re gonna have to be careful and get
yourself nice and easy to the front of bridge over a Dickson’s crossing you
want to be aiming for these piers that’s where we’re going in it’s pretty easy
it’s pretty much up to the driver everybody on top just has to be careful
stay on try not to move and crouch it’s a good idea to take out the horses I
can’t tell you how many times I’ve gotten stuck on them and gone nowhere
it’s a nasty piece of business I’m sorry about that
just head on into the water you’ll see your character glitch
they’ll make to get off and then he’ll glitch back on that’s the weird part of
it if you don’t touch your controller you’re going to be fine you’ll stay on
the rate of survival for the driver if he doesn’t touch his controller is 100
percent so just let it happen lead the horses into the water or that
one horse you got left let the glitch happen then you can
crouch and you’re clever you can get on top of the stagecoach oh I tend to fall
off so I don’t always I just crouch in the front seat and what do you want just
clumsy it can take a minute sometimes or more to get going you might feel like
you’re stuck but you’ll be moving very slow like clockwork hands real slow like
once you get going you get going and something different will happen just
about every time I wish I could tell you you could go over the falls but you’re
going to get stuck at old backus’s place down here get stuck on the rocks right
here just in view of Bota bridge that’s the brakes up here in Great Plains is a
great place to launch it’s a guaranteed good time even if it’s not a guaranteed
long cruise you might get stuck at the beginning or at the first Rapids if you
go in and around here depending on your speed of entry number of horses you got
number of people you got on the roof you could possibly sell all the wig black
water you’ll meet with an invisible wall over there but eventually you could
possibly go that far as you can see sometimes it’s just kind of slow going
but once you do get going in this particular place you get going
there are several Rapids and like I said something different is going to happen
every time sometimes you’ll hit the rock you won’t make it past it
sometimes you’ll hit it you’ll be just fine see what I mean well it’s an adventure every time that’s
why I like being a captain got some good speed right there and then I got stuck
on the grass right there like I said something different is gonna happen
every time here the glitch does something really weird but I kind of
like the effect one of those 3d visual types of things you see in movie
theaters anyway you’re guaranteed to have a good time no matter what happens
oh this is the time when I thought my character was gonna fall off and I tried
to walk around it hey my first guy learned how to swim this game this is my
favorite glitch in Red Dead Redemption the stagecoach floats now I’m gonna show
you how to sail it from you

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  1. Nooo…. You guys got it all wrong! In rdr, the players ARE able to swim!! This guy proved it in the middle of the video when he swam for a bit… The reason why you instantly die is because you get sniped to the head by some invisible people who feel insulted once they see you in the water,.. I know it's weird but that's just how it is… When this guy survived a bit in the water, the shooters where just having a bad day and they missed there firsts few shots, but they eventually got him…. You guys believe me right? I would never lie… This is a random comment on YouTube so it must be true.

  2. I know this video is so old, but what I do is in single player, steal the stage coach, do the glitch, and if you get stuck, then use the spawn coach glitch. If you do it right, it can push you off into the water or get you off that rock lol.

  3. damm you ever thought of voice acting that voice is perfect for a western genre or becoming a narrator for one

  4. I remember when this video came out, holy shit. 2011 doesn't seem that long ago! This is still by far My favorite tutorial!

  5. Your voice is great.
    I wish RockstarGames saw this video and make it an easter eggs in RDR 2. Just like the "Scooter Brothers" in GTA V.

  6. Thanks! Gonna give this a try. Been wishing for boats out on the range for some time. I'm hoping they have boats and make the water swimmable in RDR2. Love your presentation in character.

  7. I remember watching this waaaay back, studying it intently so me and my mates could do it without a hitch. I also remember messaging you to join my posse, adding you as a friend in PS3. Do you remember me? My username was CaRVe_a_sMiLE. Anyway it’s good to see you’re still active even after all these years, Cap’n. Here’s hoping we’ll see each other again in RDR2.

  8. I've been playing this game on and off for years and only found this video today! Excellent work. Much obliged!

  9. I'm like 7 years too late to the party, but you can also use that technique to get to west elizabeth early in the game to catch yourself a faster horse. Somewhere around Montana Ford worked best for me, get your wagon in the water and jump to the other side once you're close enough.

  10. ah yes, the times I tried this back then with a few friends, wonderful
    Please tell me you will do this in Red Dead Redemption 2 too

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