THE SOUTH CHINA SEA: US Navy wants more carriers, dozens of warships

Evaluate new force structure of the US Navy
said, “potential enemies” have developed advanced capabilities to be able to “sabotage” or “undermine”
the US military advantage in battle sea conventional paintings. So the US Navy wants to be equipped
with aircraft carriers and warships to deal with the increasing challenges globally. US Navy suggested adding water quantity large
ships, attack submarines, amphibious warfare ships and a Ford class aircraft carrier. The US Navy operates 11 carriers, more than
all the navies in the world combined, but 2016 saw increasing threats to US forces worldwide. Probably the first time, destroyer guided
missile equipped with the US Navy to intercept missiles fired when the Houthis rebels in
Yemen to target them with anti-ship cruise missiles. Iran also showed an increase in
hostility with the US Navy ships in the Persian Gulf. In the Pacific, China continued aggressive
actions in the South China Sea, most recently in its navy ships seized an unmanned submersibles
of the US Navy in international waters near the Philippines. Meanwhile, Russian naval power projection
in the conflict in Syria, by modulating expression Admiral Kuznetsov aircraft carrier to the
Mediterranean. America currently has 272 ships and assessed
on that country’s navy has 355 ships need, that is to add 83 more ships. But evaluation is only for reference because
I wanted an additional vessel, the budget for the US Navy needs to be approved by the
legislature, and it is unclear whether the incoming administration of President-elect
Donald Trum with supporters number 355 households naval ship or not in the context of the current

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