The Ship that escaped capture disguised as a tropical island

Guys, a big thank you to World of Warships for sponsoring this episode. We’ve been playing it all day, and we’re hooked. The game is free-to-play and referred to as the “thinking man’s action game” because it’s the perfect balance of action and strategy. You can command a massive naval fleet featuring some of history’s most iconic war vessels. In this game, you can unlock new ships and dominate the oceans with 30 million players worldwide. Experience combat in weather effects that make each engagement unique and change the tactics of battle At Simple History, we draw the artwork of the vehicles we talk about or feature, and World of Warships takes this to an extreme level of detail, as each in-game ship is faithfully recreated using 3D scans of the real-life historical ship. World of Warships is constantly updating the game so there’s something new to experience, with a steady cadence of new missions, game updates, and events. You may even be able to play a ship that you see in a Simple History episode, as there are over 200 ships available to play across 11 different nations. Use our exclusive code below and get a free premium USS Langley aircraft carrier, which allows for a completely different form of fast-paced World of Warships gameplay. Click the link below to play World of Warships and collect an exclusive bonus starter pack. New players can register with the code PLAYLANGLEY2019 to receive 300 doubloons, one million credits, the USS Langley premium aircraft carrier, three days of premium time, and more. The ship that escaped capture disguised as a tropical island – World War II HNLMS Abraham Crijnssen was a Dutch minesweeper built in the 1930s. There were many Allied ships present in Java, but the HNLMS Abraham Crijnssen would be one of the few– and last– to escape from the overwhelming Japanese forces in 1942, because of one ingenious idea. The minesweeper, belonging to the Royal Netherlands Navy, was stationed at Surabaya in the Netherlands East Indies along with several other ships when the Japanese forces were sweeping through the Pacific and crushing the Allies. By February 1942, the situation was growing critical as the Japanese were approaching closer and closer after defeating a combined American British Dutch Australian fleet at the Battle of the Java Sea and the medal of soon as straight the next day The sea was now swarming with Japanese warships and the skies were covered with Japanese aircraft. Considering there were destroyed allied cruisers and destroyers everywhere, there was zero chance of surviving an attack for a small minesweeper. All of the remaining allied vessels were ordered to withdraw to Australia, those remaining being HNLMS Abraham Crijnssen and three other ships. HNLMS Abraham Crijnssen was an easy target, slow-moving and very lightly armed with a 3-inch gun and two Oerlikon 20 mm cannons. The other escaping minesweepers, HNLMS pierre de bitte and HNLMS Ilan du Bois, were scuttled to prevent them from getting into enemy hands, and HNLMS Yan van Amstel was destroyed by a Japanese destroyer in the Madura Strait with many lives lost. The only way to make it out alive was to come up with a creative idea. The idea? To turn the ship into a tropical island. The captain ordered the crew to get to work. They cut down trees and branches to camouflage the ship to look like a jungle canopy, and painted the hull to look like rocks. All 184 feet of the ship had to be covered to convey the deception. Because the enemy was nearby, the Dutch crew couldn’t risk them spotting a moving island. So they only moved under the cover of night, moving from island to island anchoring close during the daylight to blend in so the Japanese wouldn’t notice them. For eight days, the HNLMS Abraham Crijnssen and her crew sneaked past the Japanese ships and aircraft and reached Fremantle, Western Australia, on March 20th, 1942; the only minesweeper of the four to make it out, and the last vessel to successfully escape from Java. The HNLMS Abraham Crijnssen’s service did not end there however, once the minesweeper arrives in Australian waters It was commissioned into the Royal Australian Navy as an anti-submarine convoy escort vessel It’s Dutch crew were joined by British survivors of HMS Jupiter and Australian personnel This led to a small feud as the Dutch and British both Insisted that a portrait of their monarch should hang from the officers mess hall as was tradition Eventually, it was decided that Queen Wilhelmina of the Netherlands would stay up instead of King George the sixth of the United Kingdom Once again, thank you to our sponsor World of Warships for sponsoring this episode. Click the link below to play World of Warships and collect an exclusive bonus starter pack. New players can register with the code PLAYLANGLEY2019 to receive 300 doubloons, one million credits, the USS Langley premium aircraft carrier, three days of premium time, and more.

100 thoughts on “The Ship that escaped capture disguised as a tropical island

  1. The ultimate stealth mission? Difficulty level: Expert.

    Big thanks to Wargaming for sponsoring Simple History. Play World of Warships for free: New players will receive 1 Million Credits, the USS Langley Premium Aircraft Carrier, 3 days premium time, and more by using my code PLAYLANGLEY2019.

  2. All you try playing war Thunder it has real tank the reload the crew repairing is the same what it would be in World War II

  3. So, this is basically the real life equivalent of someone sneaking into a theatre using a bush as a disguise like in the cartoons, right?

  4. the Japanese where so drunk half the time that if they even saw a moving island they would just chuck there drink over bored

  5. Sneek: 100
    Illusion: 100
    Invisible potion Status effect: Stay invisible for 30 seconds.
    Island: Starts speaking Dutch
    Japanese: "Those islands are up to something."

  6. Today 22-08-2019 the last surviving crewmember, Dhr. F. Bouwmeester, has passed away ending the living legacy of the Hr. Ms. Abraham Crijnssen. The memory of the ship and her crew will be kept in honor by the Dutch Navy for all time!

  7. Dear simple history, your fact about war gaming is untrue, They often Remove AA guns on certain ships or remove certain guns

  8. Is it weird that the fact that the USS Langley is not a premium carrier, it's simply the beginning of the US carrier branch.

  9. ive been to fremantle WA for you non Australians that's western Australia ive only been there 3 times in my life when i whent to Perth

  10. 5 minute video with a 2 minute commercial for a game I'll never play, but past that this is my new favorite thing to watch

  11. Day1
    Hms abrahnam crinson: move at hight(camofuged)
    Hms abraham crinson: stoped at day
    Japanise navy soldier: captain, i think that island is moving
    Japanise commander: realy? Its an island, island cant move?
    Hms abraham crinson:move again (night)
    Hms abraham crinson:moves away(stil night)
    Japanise comander :(morning) what?! Where is that island?
    Same navy soldier: told ya, its moving
    Indonesian revolution soldier: where is our island?

  12. Hms abraham: you cant see me because im an island
    Indonesian revolution soldier: you cant see me because im covered by jungle
    Japanise ship: you can see me because i dont have camo and i didint have cover

  13. Damn. Those extra long ship names and how you repeatedly recite them throughout the whole 5 minute video without giving them nicknames or codes got so annoying so fast.

  14. Just imagine the balls needed for this, you can be found and killed at any time yet they were chilling not too far away, probably sometimes in eyesight.

  15. I haven't liked World of Warships since they changed the CV(Aircraft Carrier) combat system. It totally ruined it for me.

  16. I am fast losing respect for this channel because of the advert shilling. 1 minute 30 of adverts? Have some fucking self respect man

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