“The Ship” Returned – Good Shows May Never Die [Angel’s Last Mission: Love E7 Highlights/ENG]

The lavender? I am Gi Bora. I sent her to the ballet theater after she was suddenly fired by you. A few days ago, she saw something. I’m not sure if the former security manager caused the accident on purpose, but I am sure he has been working as their spy. (As a misunderstanding is cleared up,
she is looking for Dan) He is here because this is where we first met? (((This is a hormone thing
which makes everything seems slow.))) (((Typical K-Drama. But hey, the guy’s handsome!))) Doubling your wage, and 100 percent rate bonus. What do you think? You have nowhere to go. Come back. You’ll freeze to death if you sleep here. I have to walk without the stick until next week. I have to walk no matter what happens. So I need you. Because of the press conference? I don’t need to be paid double,
and I don’t need a 100-percent bonus. But I have a condition. (((Anyway, the two are practicing.))) (((Well, I can give her a lesson for free.
I mean, without any condition.))) (((Only problem here is that I’m not Myungsoo.))) Just look at me. (((She’s already doing it.
Why do handsome people always say such thing?))) Imagine that it’s just
you and me in this world. (I’m sure she is laughing
inside her brain.) He shouldn’t fall in love with me! (((… I’m sure it’s the other way around.))) (((… I think she is a pro.))) (((… I’m sure she is.))) Chu? Chu chu? Chu-chu! Chu-chu!
(((I’m sure one of them was thinking
more than that.))) I have a wish. Already? Hello. What brings you here? We’ll make a wish on the floating lantern.
What about you? I came here to say hello to my friend.
My friend was put here 15 years ago. It’s my friend’s anniversary. – You said you’d help me. / – Yes Tell me whenever you need my help.
I’ll do my best. I’d be grateful if you can. I promise to reward you. No. I don’t need you to compensate for my help. Just make sure Yeonseo gets her spot back. When that happens, it will be only natural
for you two to spend time together. Put me down. Hang in there. We’re almost there. I want you to understand this one thing. The life you’re giving up on could be… a dream that someone else
desperately wanted. (((S
Ms. Lee Yeonseo is suffering
from a very severe mental condition. I heard that she just arrived. (((This is how you walk
when you have nothing to hide.))) (((This is how you walk
when you have nothing to hide.
-somewhere in K-drama bible))) (((A winner walks like this.
You should try it at your works or classes.))) I am Ballerina Lee Yeonseo. I do not think I need to say a lot. I will speak to you through my dancing performance. Are you doing this to **** me up? I want a change. You want to own the company again? It’s not “again.” I want it “returned.” It belonged to me. I can do this. Instead, give me that. The handkerchief. One that you wore me. I think think that as you. Thank you, Kim Dan. It happend because of you. Thank you.
Sincerely. Come to the outdoor stage!
Hurry! (((Oh man, what is he doing?))) (((WHY DID HE TEXT THE OTHER GUY,
IF HE WAS GONNA MOVE ON TO HER?))) I know what your wish is. How do you know? Close your eyes. I was gonna do this on your cheek. WHY DID YOU TURN? (((Is this what he learned from GOD?))) (((IS THIS WHAT HE LEARNED FROM GOD?))) No, please. (((HE TEXTED HIM SO HE CAN SEE THIS?
OMG, DAN!!))) (((It looks like giant
chicken wings.)))

31 thoughts on ““The Ship” Returned – Good Shows May Never Die [Angel’s Last Mission: Love E7 Highlights/ENG]

  1. Now my moving-on progress is ruined! THANK YOU SO MUCH KBS FOR THE TORTURE. If anything, just make these two marry irl now that will make it up for me 😭


  3. So I already gave up trying to move on from them but WHY DO THIS KBS?! WHY DO THIS? WHHHHYYY??? We’ve been hurting for almost 3 months already! Now we need Season 2 of ALML! We demend Season 2! This is your fault. 😭😭😭

  4. KBS rub salt into the wound 😂😂 I can’t get over this drama yet. Its too hard to move on you know kbs 😆😆 whoever subbed this is a genius. This is the best drama so far.

  5. Can't move on from danyeon yet😭😭😭😭..give us SEASON 2,SPECIAL EPISODE OF ALML, VARIETY SHOW OR ANYTHING ABOUT DANYEON PLEASE!!!!!.. we miss them so much😭😭😭😭

  6. Wow.. this KBS's video makes me thinking about them again.. actually i really can't move on from this drama..still rerun it now😭😭😭 i really love them so much…a handsome Angel with very talented ballerina their love story' making wanna see them more.. beautiful couple 😍😍😍.. thanks KBS…please invite them in anykind of your reality show please..i wanna see their togetherness again😍😍😭😭😭💕💕💕💕

  7. Yes miss them so much please make season 2 will be happy and appreciate best kdrama 2019 and best couples Dan❤yeonseo 💑👍🏿❤❤❤

  8. I kinda not miss them.. because I watch their clips everyday.. 😄😅😍😁 but please make a special or second season.. 🙏🙏🙏 Thank you for this video.. ❤️

  9. KBS thank you for always giving us hope that the DANYEON was the strongest ship of the whole year 💪🏻🥺🥰 MYUNG SOO 💘 HYE SUN

  10. KBS, this is make me rethink about them… The answer of my curiosity is BLU-RAY. And season 2 for absolutely sure but that's impossible rite

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