The Ship Breakers of Bangladesh: VICE INTL

Hey It’s Will Cooper, I’m here at the Vice offices in Brooklyn. My colleagues over in Bangladesh recently discovered that the world’s biggest cargo carriers end up in the city of Chittagong. Where 200,000 people salvage them by hand. So we sent our guys out to find out what it is like in the city where ships go to die. This is the ship breakers of Bangladesh. The global economy remains reliant on the shipping industry with massive cargo carriers responsible for transporting 90% of international trade In their final days these hulking leviathans are brought to shore and salvaged in a process known as shipbreaking Environmental and labor regulations have rid the developed world of this practice Leaving countries like Bangladesh to corner the market It continues to be one of the most dangerous jobs in the world Most of the shipbreaking workers are coming from the northern part of the country which is the poorest part of the country where they have no work and no business to do So, all those poor workers come here to find a job Most of the workers are 15 to 30 but they involve young workers a lot So, among the total work force 25% of them are below 18. Chittagong’s 80 active shipyards employ roughly 200,000 workers Most of whom have been recruited from rural parts of the country by wealthy families who run every facet of the booming industry. Over 80% of Bangladesh’s steel come from ship salvaging which is melted in a rebar for construction As the country’s urbanization accelerates, it has grown dependent on the supply of salvaged steel for development. In 2013, shipyard accidents killed nearly 2 workers a month in Chittagong daily exposure to hazardous materials like asbestos, lead, and PCBs, cause even more fatalities According to the international labor organization, workers face every occupational health and safety hazard The workers who are working there, they are working without any kind of safety measurement they are not provided any kind of personal equipment there is no precautionary measurement for them they are working without any kind of safety measurement and there is no treatment or medical facilities for them those workers are working there for 12 to 16 hours a day Keep a shot on that, at least you can say Most of the ships are owned by European shipping companies and they are not cleaning the ships, before bringing the ships in our country The poor workers are not worried about the hazardous materials that are inside the ships materials like asbestos, PCBs black oil, brown oil, they are all throwing on the ocean they are all throwing on the surrounding environment. The shipbreaking in a country like Bangladesh will never stop because it’s a good place for the people who don’t care about the environment who don’t care about the human rights because its standard is very low, and nobody, you know, talks about this.

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  1. Can someone tell me where I can get a pair of steel toe shoes like that. Probably half the workers are falling on their face after working there.😃😉👀

  2. this kid most likely lost his job because he talked to news outlet. they have a very strict policy not to let news outlets in on whats going on over there in fear of stricter regulations for their business.

  3. So…. why don't you use your money to provide yourself the equipment and protection needed? Seems like you guys have a problem within if you keep doing the work

  4. human rights…. if people want to work for these wages and in these conditions, why should be stop them.

  5. Who is realistically going to pay to have the ships taken apart in a safe way these people will take the job because they need to feed there families

  6. it was only 4 years ago that this video was released and i can almost guarantee that some of the kids in this video have died

  7. to play devils advocate it would be cool to know what people see as alternatives to this and how those alternatives would affect global trade in terms of cost and other factors

  8. everyone is throwing there unicef money everywhere pretending they are helping … if you really want to help buy as much stuff as possible from these poor countries to improve their tax base and speed up industrialization this shit still sucks though and building school is real help

  9. Poisoning their beaches. This will be their story thousands of years from now, after they are a developed country and possibly a super power. They'll blam the US. As we raped them. Took advantage of their cheap labor (which we did). The UN should step in.

  10. Most of the VICE stuff is garbage
    Drugs. Trans. Anti trump
    Do more documentaries like this will will serve people a lot better
    IF the countries benefit from shipping want to fix this they could
    This dumping is destroying the planet
    Destroying lives. Not easy to fix but could be. And shud be. This is a shame

  11. It's sad these people work for so cheap an live like shit so wealthy people can waste shit and live miserable. Pathetic. I'm middle class and take nothing for granted. I'm fortunate. This is just sad

  12. I'm used too hard labor and bad work environment but this is so unbelievably unexceptionable. These are people trying to dig their way out of a 3rd world type life and the rich trying to milk some cheap Penny's at the expense of health and lives of the less fortunate. Theirs a special place in hell for these people

  13. Not cleaning the ship? Abatement companies used to fill the holds of these ships destined for these beaches with asbestos and mold ridden building material.

  14. These people ever herd of planting crops?!? Wtf live off the land and sea. Fuck those ships… take them to a deep trench in the ocean and sink the shit.

  15. Sadly VICE supports misogyny. By filming this you support keeping women's out of the work force and enslaved in the kitchen. Shame on you VICE.

  16. If you were stupid enough to vote for Donald Trump, this is the future that the GOP has in store for you. On the bright side, those poor wretches are ensuring that their oligarch overlords are "delivering maximum shareholder value."

  17. This shows that 3rd world countrys polute the oceans more that America so banning straws won’t fix it

  18. I feel bad for these childrens. The parents breed like fucking cockroaches and expects the kids to find a job and feed the family.

  19. If you can’t feed a baby, then don’t have a baby. The disaster of over population. If labor wasn’t so cheap and plentiful…

  20. Guess I kind of feel like a dick about complaining that my private office in a NYC office building is smaller than the guy I don’t like down the hall…and that the 2nd hardest part is waiting on a slow elevator.

  21. They have been forced to work in a terrible condition. Still, the international community has mostly been silent about it.

  22. What a loser mom. Hangs out at home and sends her kids to work. She should be out there risking her life, not the other way around. Third world assholes.

  23. Lack of safety system..what a poor bad.. No personal protective equipment no safety measurement according their task.. What da fuk like this

  24. Others getting riche by killing those poor people
    Life without help each other really sucks,
    I wish if I can help them , I don’t even have any idea how to help 😥

  25. There’s' no hope in this country.even those people working in ship breaking yards,they don’t know about safety rights of them.

  26. Last job that actually exists and remains in bangladesh as u know so called muslims beside killing bombings jihad isis terrorist groups and stuff

  27. The man you saw was died in next year in RT documentary's video.
    And he could not record the incident of the ship breaking industry and he took a poor's job

  28. Theses children are men, real men. It’s sad they have to be men at such a young age. My heart goes out to them and it makes me appreciate what I have even more.

  29. These People have so much stacked against them, that the ship buyer are the least malicious group they deal with. Whole Nations and Empires send their old ships here without a care for the positions within it. The Exploitation of our current Global System

  30. So they say to the starving people, take these boats down by hand and we will "pay" you. It will keep you busy for years and barely fed and you won't rebel.

  31. metric ton of scrap steel costs 135 dollars. how come wages are 3 dollars per 12 hours? someone is making some serious buck without a sweat.

  32. India's 15 year olds are out making a hard living breaking ships while American 15 year olds are robbing liquor stores

  33. Anyone complaining about their job in America and most of Europe should watch this or the hourlong documentary “shipbreakers” about the ones in India who have it even worse. That should suffice to stop any further complaining and instill some gratitude hopefully. Fuckin Kardashian’s and six nines ruining the minds of simple minded Americans. This 3 year old suburban white girl the other day I saw I though aww she’s so cute then she started reciting cardi b lyrics and I wanted to throw her down the trash chute in the apartment…I didn’t really want to do that to her but maybe slap her parents for letting that nonsense into a little child’s brain. When I have children if I ever hear them reciting some of these ridiculous lyrics I will ship them off to Japan to learn some respect for their little brains.

  34. Europeans done all bad works with the 3rd world…..
    They don't want to pollute their country so they send all their trash to the 3rd world………..
    Shame on you people……..😠😠

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