The Most Powerful Ship in Star Wars – The Eclipse [Legends]

The Imperial Navy was renowned not only for
being one of the largest navies in galactic history, but also for its use of some of the
most powerful warships ever created. The most famous one being the Executor, which
was pretty much just a city of turbo lasers and gun batteries placed on top of a moving
platform. But there was one ship that was even more
powerful than the Executor, so powerful that it could literally destroy the Executor in
a single blow. It’s known as The Eclipse, and it was the
most powerful warship ever constructed in Galactic History. And not only that, but in total volume alone,
it was also the largest ship ever created making most ships compared to it look like
tiny specks. And just to give you a better idea of its
size, it was almost 11 times longer than a standard Imperial class Star Destroyer. The Eclipse’s fire power was what really made
it the deadliest warship ever constructed. It was armed with 550 heavy laser cannons,
500 turbolasers, 75 ion cannons, and it’s most important weapon, a death star like superlaser
which was mounted at the very front of this monster. This superlaser had two thirds the power of
the original death star’s superlaser. So although it couldn’t completely obliterate
planets, it was capable of penetrating planetary shields and
cracking the crusts of entire planets, effectively killing most life on the planet as a result. The superlaser was also capable of one shotting
any other warship or space station. So if the Executor were to roll up in front
of the Eclipse, all the Eclipse would really need to do is aim its superlaser and one shot
the Executor out of existence. On top of its deadly arsenal, The Eclipse
had some of the most advanced shield systems ever implemented onto a ship, making it almost
impossible to destroy through conventional weapons. Actually these shields were so powerful, that
it allowed the ship to literally ram into enemy ships and destroy them without sustaining
any real damage to itself. Now if you were an Admiral and you saw this
monster appear on the enemy’s side of the battle, the most logical thing to do would
be to retreat and get out of there before its superlaser could destroy your entire fleet. But not even that would be possible, as the
eclipse was outfitted with 10 gravity well projectors, the same gravity well projectors
seen on Interdictor ships which block enemy ships from escaping into hyperspace. And because there were 10 of them, spread
across miles apart from each other, destroying all of them by sending starfighters or space
troops would be almost impossible, as they would be wiped out either by the ship’s’
cannons or by swarm of starfighters. Starfighters that would exit the The Eclipse’s
massive hangers, which were so massive that they could actually hold a small star destroyer,
like the victory class star destroyer. But instead they typically held 600 Tie Fighters
and 96 Tie bombers. The hangers also held essentially a small
army, containing 150,000 troops, 100 AT-AT walkers, 5 pre-made deployable garrison bases,
and even an entire legion of Imperial Royal Guards. The ship did however need a crew of about
700,000, with about 4,000 being gunners. Now where was this ship during the Battle
of Endor? Well it was under construction. The Eclipse was supposed to act as Emperor
Palpatine’s personal flagship, and it essentially took the Empire’s two greatest creations,
the death star and the Executor, and forged them together to form this ship. It started construction around the time of
the Battle of Yavin, and it took about 9 to 10 years until it became fully operational. It was kept hidden by eventually being taken
to the Empire’s secret fortress world of Byss within the deep core where it was taken
command by the reborn Emperor Palpatine, who came back to life by transferring his spirit
through the force into his backup clone bodies. The reborn Palpatine would then use The Eclipse
to rain havoc on the New Republic fleet, up until it was destroyed when it was consumed
by Palpatine’s Force Storm, which was disrupted and redirected towards the ship by Luke and
Leia during the Battle of Pinnacle Base. Another ship was created of very similar design,
named the Eclipse 2. But it too was later destroyed after R2 D2
took control of its computer banks and set it to collide into the Galaxy Gun, which was
another massive super weapon, resulting in both of them being destroyed as a result.

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  1. I've noticed many people pronounce the Executor like the "executive" rather than "execution", which is fair since it's not really made super clear in the lore. However it seems like pronouncing it in the way it is the video had more backing to it, as there is a quote by Vader stating: "This is my personal battle cruiser鈥nd I did not name it the Executor for nothing!", giving backing to the pronunciation being more to "execution" than "executive". But let me know if there are other in-lore evidence that supports either of them, as I'm genuinely curious. Thanks

  2. I am so sick of these "underdog beating the big, seemingly unstoppable bad guys" stories in the Star Wars universe. Palpatine not being careful with his own powerful force abilities makes sense on how the first Eclipse was destroyed. BUT How can a little astromech droid take control of a massive star ship just like that? Oh yeah thats right. THICC PLOT ARMOR

  3. who neeeds to spend tons of resources on a giant death ship when you can spend a atomic fraction to make a r2-d2 army

  4. Oh yeah and Tyber Zann did kind of land on board the Eclipse and steal a shit ton of credits then magically disappeared what was a bit weird…

  5. The rebels are fucking retarded tbh, the empire at least provides security throughout the galaxy. At least they have some law set in place and keep everyone employed. Meanwhile, the rebels want to destabilize and destroy it and have noooo fucking CLUE what to do afterwards, they just blatantly and blindly destroy shit. No wonder half the fucking galaxy hates them!! The empire looks ugly at first but they got the right idea

  6. I was never a fan of the Dark Empire comics. Imperial logistics became "font of unlimited materials, ships, crew. etc". Also Palpatine would force-zap a few minions and they became force-charged uber warriors. It just got silly.

  7. Here's how you beat the Eclipse- swarm it with three capitol ships parked right on top of its bridge and have them rake away the surface turbolasers whilst denying it the ability to turn and bring its superlaser to bear. Send a fourth and fifth capitol ship right under it to target each of its gravity well generators. And keep peppering it with a holy ton of fighters.

    Basically keep it constantly boxed in so that it cannot turn and you never have a ship lined up with its superweapon. Do that, and you turn it into a slugfest with a ship that will never have as many of its weapons focused on a single point as the ships going up against it. Eventually they will bring down the shields and target its engines. With engines down, it is dead in the water.

    The risk is that you will get hit by the Eclipse as it wriggles from side to side. But that risk will be lessened by the fact that the smaller Rebel capitol ships will be much more maneuverable. They can dance around it. And in the end, you will lose less tonnage, even with three or four medium-sized ships lost, than the Empire will from losing the Eclipse.

  8. I actually really hate how the "heroes" always have to win in the civil war arc what happend to the good ol story days of the old republic hmmm ??? Like god dammit dude it actually makes it so fucking uninteresting . Lets build a super weapon *destroyed by Skywalker or one of his friends …. agggg how original like the only ppl in star wars is Skywalker and his friends fuck this writing ……..

  9. Except buddy that one shot took an order from the cap or adm to gunnery crew then they fire by that time the spear would of peeled open her belly

  10. Could you imagine a fleet of these ships!? Along with Thrawn commanding them!? That's near unstoppable. Any of you have any ideas on what fleet could beat that?

  11. Pitty it is a slide show. Should have made a power point in stead of dropping this on You Tube. This is a video channel 馃か

  12. The empire needs to get their heads out of their asses and start to think on "how would be the most stupid way to destroy this super weapon?", and actually working to protect it against it. Because DAMN, all the empire's massive crafts and the finest engineers of the known galaxy always get their asses handed over to them by a rebel force that has a budget that in comparison is like a grain of sand to a full anakin's nightmare (a beach).

  13. Ah you mean that immobile ship that i got to destroy 1-3 level 5 space stations a shitton of star destroyers, even a super star destroyer, and also the rebel fleet at kuat? That thing was a beast. Talking about the end to empire at war forces of corruption campaign, which was really goddamn epic.

  14. I made a star destroyer that is a mix of the executed and eclipse and made it have a canon that could destroy a galaxy

  15. Might as well use this in the new star wars movie
    (If the first order still construct the Eclipse)

  16. Here a possibility for episode 9 that'll obviously not be implemented. In TLJ, the Supremacy is hyperspace rammed by the Raddus's into two halves. Despite the immense damage caused, it was suggested that the Supremacy was still somewhat functional. And now that Palpatine is confirmed to be in the new movie it might mean that the eclipse ship is canonized. What if Palpitatine seizes control of the first order, seeing them as utterly incompetent and then merges the Supremacy and the Eclipse together into a single mighty ship with absurd capabilities. The two halves of the Supremacy would be smoothened and managed until they are of equal mass and then they sandwich the Eclipse between the two halves.It now has interdiction capabilities and a devastating superlaser combined with the 'long' range super heavy turbolasers, immense manufacturing capabilities and firepower of the Supremacy. You get to choose the name of my theoretical ship. Like I said do not expect this from the new movie at all. I'm just giving you an interesting possiblity.

  17. If Einstein is correct and tlj military tactics are used. The eclipse can be destroyed with an orange travelling at light speed through it. E = mc2 and all that

  18. Admiral holdo: hold my beer*

    She just did the fuckin kamikaze and destroyed the entire first order fleet

  19. I remember that thumbnail picture from when I was a child. I spent so much time drawing that picture of luke over and over and over again until I got it perfect. I was such a starwars freak. Lol still am. Never cared much for star trek, but starwars oh boy.

  20. One more thing, after the Empire collapsed. Gallius Rax was given control of the Eclipse by Palpatine, to continue the remnants of the Empire and his so called contingency. Until Grand Admiral Rae Sloane did not murder Rax, and headed to the Eclipse in the unknown regions, in another yatch of Palpatine- The Imperialis

  21. Deus Ex Machina. If any superweapon pales next to the power of the Force, then look no further than buying a used Droid on a deserted planet. Or a mad scientist's laboratory that had four escaped droids.

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