The Moana Canoe Building Challenge! | Disney Princess

– The race is just about to start. We have Team Wave versus Team Pua. Get your fans ready. Three, two, one, go! (cheering) (playful music) Hey everyone, I’m Nathalia, along with the Dream Big Princess Club. – [All] Hi! – We are at our Moana summer party. In just a few moments
we are about to start our canoe racing challenge
with three teams of two. Here are the rules. Each team will work together
to make a canoe like Moana’s, and then we’ll race them. Jasmine is going to help us out by setting five minutes on the clock. The first team to finish
will automatically make it into the final round. There’s two things you must remember. Don’t forget to add designs on your canoe, and also add the finishing
touch which is the symbol of the Heart of Te Fiti on her flag. Okay, does any of the
teams have any questions? – [All] No, we’re ready! – Okay, ready, Jasmine
start the five minutes. – Okay, your five minutes starts, now. (suspenseful music) (busy murmuring) – Teamwork makes the dream work. Oh, I see a different way over here. How’s it going over here? – Pretty good! – It’s good, it’s good! – We are trying our best
’cause we want to make it straight to the finals. – One minute has gone by. – [All] Oh no! – We right now are drying our glue, so then we can add on a top layer. – That’s a strategy that is fantastic. – Okay, this is not working. There’s always another strategy. – It seems like you guys
are going pretty fast. – Thank you. – We’ve put too much. – [Nathalia] I think the
team doing the best so far is Sage and Neia. – [Girl In background] We have
to make the stick shorter! – Caitlin and Audrey’s
team is now finishing up. All they have to do is their design. – All right girls, one minute left. – [Group] Oh no! – [All] Five, four, three, two, one, you’re done! (cheering) – Okay, that was clear, Caitlin
and Audrey finished first. Congratulations! (cheering) You all worked very hard and, oh I love your
canoe, it’s very stylish. – What would you say you
would call this canoe? – We were designing it on Pua because Pua is like, the best
thing in the whole movie. – I think orange would
probably be his favorite color. – Yes! – Caitlin and Audrey what
do you call your canoe? – [Caitlin and Audrey]
We call it The Wayfinder. – [Nathalia] Why did you
call it The Wayfinder? – Well, it’s because it’s very sturdy. – I see it’s very secure
towards the bottom, which you created, and I love the designs, which you drew, so great teamwork. Good luck to you both. – Sage and Neia, what
do you call your canoe? – The Waves. – The Waves, I like
that, very interesting. What made you call it The Waves? – Well, since it’s kind of bigger, it seems like it would
go good over the waves. – I loved how you guys kind
of failed in the first try. – Okay this is not working. – But then you brought it
back up and it looks great. Good luck to all teams,
and you all did great and I all loved each of your canoes. – So now it’s time for the
biggest moment in your life, the biggest ever. To race your canoes. (cheering) – Okay, the race is just about to start. We have Team Waves versus Team Pua. Place your canoes in the water. Get your fans ready. Three, two, one, go! (cheering) Team Pua wins! (cheering) – Now that Team Pua has won, they’re going against Team Wayfinder. You may place your canoes into the water. Get your fans ready. On your mark, get set, go! (cheering) Team Wayfinder has won
the racing challenge. (cheering) That’s it for today. Let’s continue the party! – [All] Bye! (cheerful music)

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