The Mighty Jingles commander for your ship! | World of Warships

Commanders, thank you all for participation
in the Ring contest last year. It was a long quest
for the winners of the Ring to become an in-game Commanders. After weeks of recording and photosessions, we are ready to present
new Commanders-winners of the Ring to you. The battle between participants
was fair and square. The winner of the global competition! The Mighty Jingles! Rear Admiral Jingles,
the true overlord of the salt mines and noob gamer extraordinaire. You knew from the beginning
that this guy ticks all the right boxes— he is very old, very naval
and he even has his own hat! Warships with The Mighty Jingles
as Commander are +5% cooler, and +10% wiser! The winner from the CIS side—
Richard Channel. Really nice guy
who fought very bravely to take a well-deserved place
among WoWS Commanders. He was an avid Сommander
of destroyers and cruisers, but he turned his side
to battleships, lately. All of Commanders will each have
their own unique voiceover. Battle ends in five minutes. All allied ships have been destroyed.
You’re the last hope. Get them on your ship, they’re worth it!

100 thoughts on “The Mighty Jingles commander for your ship! | World of Warships

  1. Go to the , find the dedicated news, click the button to get Commander The Mighty Jingles and Commander ComRichard in the game! Assign them to your ships—they truly deserve it!

  2. Why is Jingles not in his preferred Nazi Uniform?

    Heres a guy who went to an event attended by British WW2 vets and decided it was a good idea to dress up as a Nazi. Not a smart man.

    WG is disgracing the RN by including him in this game.

  3. So now if you have the commander Jingles. You too can get your bote stuck on a jetty, not once, not twice. But three times. 😁😂😆😄😅

  4. Great, something else to boost their ego even more. When can I expect any coupons after being with WoW loyal since closed beta?…

  5. The only British ship I have, is the Warspite.

    But for Jingles, I will grind out the British DD line.

    Though I did start the Russian DD line a while back, don't think I have a T5 yet though… humm…

  6. If you are looking for a game where snowflakes rein, people hiding and not fighting, but speaking your mind to those mentioned gets you chat banned…this is the MOTHER FUCKING GAME FOR YOU . Spend an assload, and any issue you have technically or because of being sick of the way the game has progressed, it is one of 2 things, #1 your setup, always your fault, #2 you offended some little fuckwhit living in mommies basement you didn't like being called a snowflake….Thats it Americans, spend your hard earned money on what used to be a good game….but is progressing into pure shit.

  7. Now if we can get the Kamchatka, whose commander identifies everything as Japanese Torpedo Boats, with the special passive that activates if it fires on a friendly Aurora in the first minute of a match.

  8. Come on WG only a 3 pointer!? Jingle should be a free 19 point captain for all the work he did over the year for WoWs, or least a 10 pointer man!!!

  9. 1:25 is it just me, or does that not sound ANYTHING like Jingles? The way he says "5" is an Australian accent. Seriously like WTF WG?????

  10. Wargaming: how the hell are we supposed to further increase the sales
    Also Wargaming: Let's add YouTubers as Ship Commanders/Captians

  11. Who is this second no-name wows youtuber than none of us have heard of? So many other commanders deserve their own over this bum

  12. Ah Captain Birdseye White mafia cousin….How the hell has this Pusser/ Writer "Charlton" become the Captain of a war canoe. The only ship Jingles should be captain of is the Kamchatka.

  13. With Jingles as commander you should have a voice over for every citadel you hit he says “now THAT’S a paddlin’.”

  14. I came here to say something about Jingles being 'very old and very 'anal'' but then I decided not to, because I don't want to go back to the 'salt mines'. 🙂

  15. They should have used clips from Jingles' videos instead. Like "That's a paddlin'!" when you hit a citadel and maybe one of his cackles when you destroy a ship 🙂

  16. Yes… but as they don't have any actually improved talents, they really shouldn't have the cross bar over their image like some of the other unique/special captains. That was a mistake on WG part.

  17. So that is what Earl Grey has been upto. I wondered where he gone. I used to be a patreon of his twitch streaming channel until he decided to quit due to family issues then he just seem to have disappeared. Met him at Tankfest 2017, a good bloke. I think he had the eye for WG employee Kandly though because he was always hanging around her lol, you devil Mr Grey. Well is nice to see him back to his good self because there was a time when he was in a very dark place.

  18. from what i've gathered….it doesn't even sound like Jingles in any way, shape, form, or fashion. it is just a voice saying stupid shit. they screwed this one up too. WG sucks so bad. 🙁

  19. 1st time he said "we sunk an Allied Destroyer" I totally panicked. Well done Mighty Jingles and WG. Very much enjoying this.

  20. They seriously need to fix battleship gun when you fire two broadsidesadd a battleship at short range and not one f**** round hits the enemy ship there's a problem

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