The Landing, Canoe and Kayak Launch at Trailmark St Augustine; For Buyers Only Realty

hey gang welcome back to the for buyers
only realty to YouTube channel and Dwight’s Famous Windshield Tours today we’re at
back out of trailmark in St Augustine and they’ve got the landing which is a the canoe and
kayak launch opens I wanted to give you guys a good look see at that it’s some
pretty cool little prehistoric looking back there by the river so let’s go take
a peek I’ll show you a little bit as we walk
towards the the area where you go down to the six Mile Creek that leads out to
the st. Johns River this is a nice parking area and how you get to this
area is actually on the back of trail The Landing at Trailmark St Augustine is situated among ancient trees. For Buyers Only Realty at Trailmark St Augustine mark of the back side if you wolf trail
mark where Mastercraft is back building really beautiful homes on a state size
Lots alright so this is the landing at trailmark okay so let’s go take a
little walk over here they have a nice parking area they also have a sidewalk
that comes from the community as well so if you wanted to walk or bicycle down or
tote your kayak or canoe when one of those little cool wheelie carts that I
know they have these days that’d be cool so very nice area they’ve got it last
time I was here they were just kind of digging up the area a little bit so now
they’ve got it all taken care of so great little parking area they’ve kept a
lot of the the trees are awesome this is all just a prehistoric forest Sharon I
do appreciate you tuning in row its honored and blessed to help folks new
construction communities and learn more about what we can offer here in st.
Johns County so there’s the for buyers for buyers only Realty mobile setting over
there the one that’s always doing the Dwight’s famous windshield tours you see how
beautiful and pristine this forest is and that’s all part of trail marking why
they’re doing how they’re doing things out here again this is the landing at
six Mile Creek and that heads out onto the heads out to st. Johns River so let
me get more on the trail and I’ll be right back alright we’re walking down
the trail towards where the kayak launches but I wanted to stop here for a
second this is one of the ponds here and the green space behind it and check out
the beautiful homes that have awesome views sitting on that Lake they’re gonna
look at the water and the preserve that’s so awesome Mastercraft builds
some fantastic homes and Sharon and I are letting them build ours so but this
is more about the kayak launch as we walk down the path
check out the prehistoric look they have done a great job here at trail mark and
leaving things completely natural nice wooden walkway nice boardwalk out to the
to Six Mile Creek now six four Mile Creek looks a little shallow
it probably fluctuates with title coming off the river which is only a few miles
down to our right okay it’s very cool eyerly yes totally
prehistoric this is awesome Trailmark st Augustine homes for sale alright see the see the area where they
could sit and stand and hang out put your kayak or canoe in the water Dave there’s some trees down in the
water right now I would assume they’re gonna kind of
move those a little bit but if not you can still get past them again I like the
prehistoric look so very cool look at this look at this this is in trail mark
this is the kayak launch area in trail mark pretty crazy right I love this nice large deck and by my geography on
my iPhone the waters down a little bit right here but six Mile Creek goes that
way to the st. Johns River so if you like nature don’t mind paddling around a
log or two this is a place for you this is very cool
amazing Caesars put your kayak in bring it down here float it next to it
step right in okay all right gang this is the kayak launch of trail mark
Sharon I do appreciate you guys tuning in
we’re honored and blessed and let me turn around and give you one more I love
the the old cypress and stumps out there cypress knees
this is definitely an ancient forest all right guys we appreciate you give us a
call if we can help answer any questions or if you need us you want us to help
you find that perfect builder home have a fantastic day we do appreciate you

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