The Ky Woodsman- Canoe Outrigger Plans

Hey friends. This is Brian with the Kentucky Woodsman. I received a comment from 3478 Gary on how I made my outrigger for my canoe. So I thought I’d go ahead and make this video up and show some of the dimensions and the wood type, and what I used on it. So stick with me here on the Kentucky Woodsman alright, I’ve got my outrigger Sitting right here. And what I did on it first is, I went to Walmart and they’ve got these what is it like a little bumper for boat and on the bottom of it it has a hole down here and a hole up top and so You just hang them off the side of your boat for when you’re coming in close to your dock. You know most of these are always sitting there So your boat then bump into the dock. So anyway, what I did is to mount it I went ahead and just got a big washer Probably about a 3/4 inch washer or something like that with a wood screw going through the center of it and I did that for both of them and There’s two different sizes of these also, this one here happens to be the bigger one and it’s 20 inches long is what it is. So they make one that’s a little bit smaller. It’s got a needle hole in it and you can air it up like you do a football. So I just aired them up just as full as they could go, so I could get more flotation out of them and then mount them to my wood frame that I made. And up the frame that I’ve got here is It’s just the 5/4″ decking board is what it is, treated. I had some extra decking board left over. So, I went ahead and just set this down on it and took a pencil and just traced around (you know nothing too hard) and then after I traced it around I went ahead just cut it out with my skill saw and then mounted it up underneath on both sides with my washer and my wood screw. One thing to keep in mind too is you might want to, pre-drill where your screw hole is gonna go up through here because this will crack out pretty easy. So I predrilled about 3/4″ the way up a little bit smaller than the threads and then ran my screw in. My screw that I used was probably about a 2 1/2″ something like that you know? So as far as the lengths that I went with- We’re looking at overall length 19 1/2″ is what you’re looking at. And as far as the depth of it 5″. So 19 1/2″ X 5″ and then just cut out the shape of your float and then I just took my saw, (and I think it’s like a 23 1/2 degree angle something like that) and just cut it off on both sides there at the angle just for cosmetics, you don’t really have to. And this is a 5/4″ board so that’s about how thick you’re looking at treated (wood). And then I used a little one by, and this is a it’s a 1″ X 3″ which is actually going to be 2 1/2″ wide. Again, I use some wood screws about 2 1/2″ long and I use the Torx® type so I could crank them in pretty good, and put a washer on them. And found my center, and then just marked it and centered that on it put two screws in there. And the total length of this going across my canoe is 73″. So that was wide enough for my canoe and you know it gave me the floatation that I really needed when the big speed boats go by and I’m out there paddling, you know this thing just rides really stable, you can stand up. And also the good thing I really like about it I put it right behind my seat when I mount it (and I’ll show you that a little later), but when I’m bending over to pull my trotline up and get my fish off I don’t have to worry about tipping my canoe over so that’s a big plus on that. But I did the same for the other end down there also and anyway, I just mounted onto my canoe with a couple of clamps and and it does really good where I could just take it off put it back in my canoe after I throw in my truck And I’m ready to go. So I hope this helped you. Anyway, I’ll see if I get my canoe outside and it’s been raining, snowing, and sleeting and everything out here, but I’ll try to get it out in mount this up and show you how I mount it next, Okay, thanks so much! Now what I’ve done is I’ve gone ahead and mounted this on, this my canoe is 27 inches wide right here. So I made marks on the back of my stabilizer and that way I’d know just to bump it up even with the back of the seat and I put these clamps on. These allow me to take it loose and I can pick this whole thing up and stick it inside here when I’m transporting it. A good thing is with these stick it up (I bought the smallest clamps I could by Irwin®) it allows me something if I’ve got a fish basket or I want to tie off to something I can hook right onto this. So I can tie myself off to a stick up and fish around it or whatever. So I like that idea right there. Another thing (let me pull this camera off) Okay, another thing of course you know and you might not I didn’t know until here recently, but when you paddle in a canoe, is when you’re by yourself you want to get in the seat that’s pushed more forward, and that way you’re in a little bit wider spot of the canoe and it doesn’t want to tip on you. It offers you a little more stability and and then you put all your gear and everything up front. That seats not being used so it really doesn’t matter. That pushes you up more toward the middle of the canoe. When you’re with somebody else what you want to do is paddle your canoe in the other direction. Of course the back person then wants to sit right here and that offers leg room for the person in front of you. And then you’ll put most your gear right in here and you’ll take your floats off and stick them along the back of the canoe right there. So anyway that determines which way you’re paddling your canoe, as to which seats you’re going to be sitting in. But while I’m by myself I usually sit in this seat, and I’ll paddle in this direction, and I put on my gear up front and It does real well there. So anyway, that’s the mount, and I hope it helped you all out And if some of y’all want to build it then at least you have the dimensions. Like I said, it does really good. I’ve got a lot of these big bass boats and stuff speeding around and and nothing tips me over now, so It’s pretty good. Okay, well God bless y’all, thank you for joining me on the Kentucky Woodsman!

21 thoughts on “The Ky Woodsman- Canoe Outrigger Plans

  1. Thank you KW I just built a stabilizer just like yours for my canoe. I did one thing different because my canoe is bigger. I cut and attached two, 72 inch horizontal rails on the top. One on the front one on rear, it just takes two extra screws and two extra clamps, but its very rigid and strong. Thanks again and God bless.

  2. Nice setup KW, I am going to build something very similar to fit to my kayak, however I am only having one outrigger on the starboard side which my main support beam will be a 2 inch x 3 inch treated timber as it will supporting an 1.5hp 4 stroke outboard motor.

    My outboard is already fitted to the kayak using this method.

    However to give the kayak better stability I am going to build an outrigger like yours, thanks again and happy boating, fishing etc.

  3. I got a Canoe for couple of years and never thought on sitting on a different seat depending on how many people are canoeing. I'm going to try it.

  4. That's a kool design..but I wld have mounted it with a 2×4 instead of a make it more stable..great job in any case

  5. Great video and idea, your canoe looks just like the one i picked up on craigslist this winter other then the color! Hoping to be able to do this in a month or so. I've got an aluminum support from an old server rack i think i'm going to use for the cross piece. Thanks for all the measurements!!

  6. Great video!
    Probably the best (simple) canoe outrigger I have seen.
    Thinking of modifying my Old Town and I have been looking at lots of videos on this kind of thing, so glad I found your video.
    Thanks for sharing.

  7. Been looking around and this is by far the easiest, most economical, and quick to set up deal I've seen. Dont even drill into the canoe either…This will give me a bit more peace of mind with my young son when we go out. Thank you sir!!!

  8. Awesome!! Thanks for the idea. I just built mine but I used a 1×4 for the cross member backed by a piece of 1 1/2” piece of aluminum angle and it works great!!

  9. HEY WAIT JUST ONE DAMN MINUTE! Judging from my vast experience in life, and being a know-it-all, I demand that you change your name because there is no way in hell you're in Ken-tucky! No damn way! Ken-tucky doesn't hve ANY Walmarts.

  10. Had to come back and watch this one again. Going island camping on the Cherokee lake in Tennessee. I figured this may come in handy. Thanks again for sharing. ATB. Robert

  11. What species of wood are you working with?
    How did you determine the float mounting depth?
    I like the wood approach, pvc stabilizers with crab floats would cost more I suspect, and many more connections to potentially break. Thks for uploading.

  12. Well, it took me 5 years to find it but good idea, i might try this on my canoe. Thanks, Greg in Ky, Richmond area 🙂

  13. God bless you and all your days!!! Been looking for a practical design for the everyday woodsman.

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