The Dark Pictures – Man of Medan Part 1 (PS4) Underwater Proposal?!?

hey guys so I know some of you asked me
to clean man of mid-end (WT: what??? damn automatic subs! XD) so I finally got the game and I’m ready
to play and I’m really excited because I really loved until dawn so I’m really
hoping this one is just as good although I really doubt it would be as good
because until dawn was kind of different okay that was like a really long License
Agreement but okay now I’m finally ready oh there’s something else
now privacy policy okay again okay well I accept everything I just want to play
you know there’s a lot okay so I think I’m finally ready oh races more than
when it started yet just gonna check to make sure that I got the subtitles
because I like having the subtitles okay yeah I’m finally ready no I can play I
think unless there’s another screen with like stuff to accept and I’m playing
alone unfortunately well I prefer to play alone anyway I’m pretty sure it’s
cool if you play with people it’s kind of like watching a movie with your
friends I guess but yeah for my first time anyway I’d rather play alone and
just have the experience all to myself I really wonder what this story will be
this time I just know it’s on a boat that’s all I know all righty buster
we better mosey on back to the ship whoa stop the presses what looks like Oh
Charlie Charming’s got a little business to attend to Nino poor doma yo sure can I fight hey
give me a quarter why I’m gonna find out my future let’s have it what’s in store
for me pop new three.js yep hey my mom okay already starting I was about to say
that guy was like really mysterious um my son that guy is a son okay I guess I
just I want to know if I’m gonna be rich I guess yeah okay what’s going on I was christened elapsed though all that
glitz and glamour but it’s the right stick I like dragons Kanye jump I go Neha
Sharma okay let’s see fish looks like a fish yeah I don’t know what that means he
just hi for Conan like soon yeah sure I’m front wheel I can do with sweet your
life doom wait what what’s that mean hey what does that mean
what the hell man hey bud let me get it go at it oh yeah
think you got the stuff you know B need a polio Dada go home are you sure
fine sure let me another quarter I’m gonna start a tab I’ll give it a whirl okay I guess that’s
to get me ready to some action later on it’s probably gonna be some shooting or
something okay it’s getting faster I think I missed it you see I mean I work
have a nice day hey Chuck we better get back to the ship
we don’t want to get stranded come on man just let me ask you another question so when do I get to go in the boots be dead 5650 said come on man
boss all clearly pushes me around medical opinion these men appear to be
drunk off their rear ends get this one to the medical mother in
the brick no finally in boats but I don’t think
it’s the both I’m gonna be young see that greatest suspicious that’s weird hey that’s a strange dream I hope I
don’t make dreams like that okay I get to move now okay what that that’s really weird but now at least I
have a key it’s probably useful for something who leaves dead bodies in there better
get out of here okay that’s what he was were is simple enough I don’t know if I’m still playing it
looks so good I don’t know if it’s the game or did Carly just get me out of
here already heard aircraft a good fight me too and there was a course what’s in
the sick bay something’s wrong let’s get out of here okay I think that’s me
playing no fault some blood well the whole ship is really suspicious I’m not really surprised it was like a dead body sir a little
blood is nothing what’s that a safe can you guess I’ll follow that guy okay that’s easy I wonder what happens if I failed but
I’m not gonna try it I don’t want to make like a perfect run but I’ll still
try to make good choices help who’s that should I go this way and check it out
there’s something shiny how many dead bodies are in dish I wonder why was on the other pets well
no I can’t go back anymore go dere another stay oh damn it
Buckley last time I saw him in the mess hall he was fit as a fiddle poor fucker well it seems like I can’t really
explore I have to follow that guy I wonder if there is some stuff to find
in this game like you know until dawn there was torrents or something
okay now I’m not following him at all I hope he’s not gonna be mad Oh can’t go
anyway I guess I’ll just follow him so just me
or you get a real strange feeling right now the only one great good company yeah
fine agree hey Chuck you see that kid over there no you
feeling all right okay who’s that guy who keeps trying to
scare me career oh god no charlie what the hell why is there a kid here am
I supposed to shoot it maybe I shouldn’t have done that
might have been a choice shooting a kid is bad oh well unless is already dead
then I guess that makes it me I wonder what has happened if I didn’t shoot him well he was probably still dead anyway caleb lets up strange stuff on that ship but I know that’s not the boat that the
game takes place on I think it’s a smaller one with like young people
chillin I guess that’s just like an intro that’s
the guy I don’t like him why is he always there well what is okay I hope that’s long enough copyright
I don’t have to definitely true those games always have nice intros no
is it though it looks different welcome jahmai I’m not sure it’s the same guy I was gonna ask me questions again
suppose I am the curator the curator of stories stories of love and hate greed
and beauty life and death stories such as this one I’m here to record the story
you choose to tell you see this tale is only part written and the choices you
make will complete it and determine whether the lives of those with whom you
are interfering continue to flourish or whether they are snuffed out you see we
each make decisions according to our own moral compass and we have to live with
those decisions or die by them but you shouldn’t fear death it is after all
inevitable it is the tax one pays for having lived and it comes eventually to
everybody still none of us want for it to come too soon do we as in life come
on ask your question is the choices you make will affect others I’ll be keeping
a close eye on your progress it’s not my place to interfere but I might be
persuaded to offer the occasional hint here’s one for free there are pictures
in this world that can show you some possible futures if you can find them
and study them they may just help you to make better decisions
or should I say decisions that result in the outcomes you would prefer that’s all
for the moment we’ll talk again soon enough we’ll have the opportunity to
account for all the actions that you’ve taken
he’s not asking me questions okay I wanted to be asked questions I was
waiting for that about the king just to answer all the questions not really but yeah I think that’s the
boat that I’m supposed to be on for the rest of the game and those characters innocent from what okay it’s just like a way to describe
them there we got enough who would describe himself as innocence I don’t
think that’s a compliment look I’ve never been down there before
down the water diving maybe you could show me how the pros do it pretty
serious yeah I mean are you serious you came out here without taking any lessons
kind of ya know a choice finally um what should I do
oh I have a timer okay whatever it’s secure its what oh that’s the other guy
it’s embarrassing you came all the way out here expecting me to hold your hand careful that dive cam is like super
example be cool what Julian Conrad are you know how do I say super fucking
loaded so don’t sweat the little stuff man it’s not cool
don’t make me regret letting you tag along hello yes he looks like that yeah
like I the best around new people whatever shut up you gotta loosen up
come on just say yeah to everything on this trip wait trust me I want you to
have a good time okay well what if somebody asked me to do something stupid
like run around naked or something metaphorically just go with it all right
amigo Calvary is almost here whoo sorry I’m a little snappy I’m just the new
medical school would be stressful you know total shocker and man the
long-distance thing Julia it’s been rough what should I choose
I’ll be cynical for like two weeks huh yep right like you what Conrad
doesn’t think we have enough beer ah because I keep these in an undisclosed
location yeah Hey so what can I get your input on
something yeah what kind of a big thing I’m trying to make a decision about
about finishing med school no but it’s just kind of a big life choice that’s
how the boat would look nicer you know what’s the right thing to do I guess
I’ll go into my God’s go with your gut if it’s right you’ll know I don’t think
these small decisions will really make a big difference
okay she’s reckless well I love that guy I’ve seen him in a lot of movies I usually don’t like it’s tractor though
Connie this is Alex hey sup man Conrad watch is this Ladykiller right here good
to finally meet you Conrad this is Brad by the way a little bro hey Bradley feel
like I already know you have heard so much about you yeah likewise amen
want to crack colon with me every second lots of questions hey I chose cool yeah cool I love beer I
was weird I kind of press the button but nothing happened right on radical I like
to cutter your ship it’s Jim don’t ruin it you ever do any diving before never
no actually never done it before water virgin I’m just picking random
stuff you’re cherry together where’s the old crest bucket skipper
I love her I don’t like her ever seen the knife seen her in trailer I don’t
like her maybe I’ll like her but so far I’d like you to make yourselves at home
but so is everybody on board and ready to go I don’t like your voice it sounds
strange there’s like no characters I like yeah
well I don’t really know them you yeah you know maybe I should yeah boy what about over here that’s pretty far
out of the way I’m just thinking about backup targets in case we don’t find
anything on the dive cam with them to be honest I’ve never heard of this director
looking for usually these things are crawling with
divers yeah this is different I’m just saying if it gets too late I
know some nice places where you can just take you know a nice dive mmm that was
so sure would be here yes yeah I mean what are the odds were
really gonna find a needle in a haystack I’m gonna go help Conrad – jewel you
with the camera what you got feast your eyes on this brats calculations were right on the
money always bet on bright kids a whiz we should thank him what we found a
plane yeah yeah looks like World War two we are
ready to dive technically we should call this into port authorities as an
unreported wreck well technically are you sure you don’t want to do this the
right way Oh what should i pitch I don’t know I know I’d look for all
anyone knows we were just diving and then found it who cares the right way
come on what is this kindergarten I had to bring it up if we just go down and
take a look who’s gonna know fine as long as you’re quick don’t touch
anything I just can’t wait to be the first one down there do you imagine I’m
touched okay I guess I I changed their
relationship now that’s a turning point the tanks the boys will do the final
checks take a look at the camera see if you can find anything useful right oh
okay maybe you should check on your bro okay can I was just standing there I
didn’t know I could lose they don’t tell you and you’re kind of watching a movie
so you don’t think about moving out there’s something almost got the gear
good to go I guess I’ll help her
never use the rebreather before I think we’re in good shape should be nice
terney and free to have any future things work gotta say not too happy with
our captain at the moment yeah I guess I’ll be nice to you she’s making a small
fortune on this trip yeah not bad small rules are rules
I get it but what’s the big deal nobody finds out yeah that’s what I’m saying
alright I’m gonna get these rebreather set up and then we’ll go through the
final steps together cool just holler at us when you’re ready okay
can I talk to everybody there’s a little gap in the tail take a look that’s that what am I looking for hate those money there twenty-nine well that’s good I’m jealous
I think here it’s – twenty-nine do you know how to use that no not really
you might want to just let it do its thing okay she doesn’t want to talk to
me oh there’s something there that’s her card this doesn’t look kosher du Bois I guess
that’s why she sounds strange I think the girl who does her voice is also
french-canadian like me she has that kind of accent I can tell I can I can
recognize them Jenny what’s up you do it sorry that
brewski got the better of me I feel like being nice to everyone
I hope that’s been putting a damper on things no worries dude take more than
that just a script trip let’s get some rest
come back when you’re feeling better maybe I’ll be mean later but for now
I’ll be nice I’m not sure Julia left anything on the mainland how’s that
perfume do I smell as good as it cost Lisa made her happy I don’t know if that’s a real book nothing else here and I can’t open this
door for some reason maybe it’s a bathroom there’s someone in the bathroom
that must be it but yeah the blonde girl where is she I
know she’s upstairs well someone’s missing okay was that premonition okay
so there are like premonitions in that one to like like it all tail down okay
so someone’s gonna drown in any with shit I don’t remember what the
premonitions do like I can avoid some stuff happening if I do something if I
find the premonitions I’m not sure you know we have rules out here for a reason
you guys got to respect that should I be nice to her I don’t like their butts
okay yeah sorry about before everybody’s just a little we’ve been planning this
whole thing for a while now I get it but there are rules and laws and customs
these rules are all pretty basic stuff how much experience do you have with
these kind of dives should I fake it Wow that’s a couple wrecks over the
years I’m expert but you know experience if
this is your first unreported wreck then you should know there’s a very specific
protocol you have to follow for all you know this could be a war grave
disturbing it would be illegal and immoral fine I get it probably fair how
much what how much money will it take for you to
stop breathing down our necks you this is not about the money you know what I
can’t stop you just respect the rules down there don’t do anything stupid
that’ll get my ass in trouble okay is she mad at me no how do I see like the other people okay
so that’s not good or I really chose some random stuff okay so what am I
supposed to do on the ship okay so this is I already talked to your everyone
cooler than a regular scuba setup it takes all that co2 that you’d normally
just exhale into the water and instead it gets totally reused then it reduces
decompression time on your way up to the ER okay should I be playful or I don’t know does
it change anything look we’re nice hey that’s my sis you’re
talking about you know it I don’t want to flirt with her but yeah you little
clown fishes I’m gonna go see what bliss is up to you behave Connie that will
come in handy I’m sure what should I take you’re on
camera I’ll take the lesson what I wanted to
fix you I accidentally press the wrong direction
oh okay I can still take it it looks like a weapon so I better take know I
don’t know what it is actually refuse one on a shark nope so why did they give me a choice between
both islands I ended up taking votes she blesses so tight she acts like we’re
going to ransack the plane Hey a souvenir would be cool it’s not like one
tiny little thing would hurt anybody I won’t tell if you won’t not like the
gun scan the wrecker and added sun down there let’s eat
that’s gotta be it whoa that is like way bigger than I thought yeah
it’s pretty intact – this is a fucking remarkable find let’s swim around a
little and find a way in howdy captain you fancy a pint with your
second-in-command you are not my second-in-command third
in command no freshening your cabin boys Dillon
though you’re well paying dashingly handsome seafaring client it’s
requesting the pleasure of your company over a frosty amber liquid um I guess
sure why not but now something bad might happen
pretty nice ride you got here where’d you get the cash you know it’s not
polite to ask a lady about her money fair enough I was just thinking about
buying a boat myself and I thought maybe I’d like to point me in the right
direction I don’t like this guy but I guess I should play along it would be my
singular pleasure to help you part with your money you know what I better spend
some time keeping the Duke of Milan shipshape hi it’s still 29 but now it’s the night I have to keep an eye on those clouds okay
clouds that’s not good it’s getting mighty crowded out here I can check
something here talk to Alex Duke to Julia okay am I supposed to see something like
a shark or pirates yeah I don’t know if there’s something
to see but I what’s that oh no it’s nothing okay I guess there’s nothing for
now maybe later okay I saw something shining wow that is
not your everyday wreck I hope those clowns don’t get me in
trouble yes I should talk to him if if she lets
me circling around there nothing I wasn’t singing I look like is taking
full advantage of your relaxation time I’m a man of many talents should I be playful with the guy I don’t
like just for fun charm is not among them
ah but my charm is like a boomerang you think it’s gone right over your head and
tell smack you’re out cold that makes no sense romantic no I don’t think I’ll I’ll do
that you need to mind the speed limit buster hey I like life in the slow lane
too nice and slow I’ll see you later Conrad I hope so although that might
have been fun I shouldn’t take that hello again little blip what are you
doing all the way out here okay should I go down I should check if there’s still
someone in the bathroom finally I can go I’m not even sure it’s a bathroom okay I’ve got another premonition about
some maybe like actual pirates kind of looked like it it’s not even the
bathroom what is this it’s just like a closet with a painting on the wall what
what’s the point that’s like a useless room okay you
gonna put them put in some parts you you can’t actually yeah I already checked
that is that supposed to be like a bed
there’s no sheet okay it’s kind of weird how the character turns around it kind
of feels sluggish yep that triggered something a Flis as
the Pirates already there early I wasn’t expecting them so soon what’s
that about I’ll play it up to mistake fishing boat but I think that’s actually
that handle this oh that’s better I don’t know we are not doing anything I’m
the captain so you’d be quiet and let me handle it you got that seems like your
style so guys you got to keep back because Ivers
in the water hey we got damage here you see this look
at our boat we can take care of this man it’s not a problem what do you think
like 10 bucks cover it oh whoops my bad let’s make it 20 well shoot you you
think it’s more like 30 I can do 30 is it just isn’t just trying them you guys
in the water I’m with you here just throwing the whole pot okay I don’t like
this guy is a prick you just wasted money you just tried it in the water what the hell is that Conrad said one of the pictures showed
an opening Conrad really really the rear turret huh good
on you Connie the turn we can get him through there oh I was like caught up in the action
and I missed it could be dangerous ladies first that’s good luck come back and bite me
into us take a second to say holy shit like so we did it
I mean can you believe it that’s not good that’s songs that I missed the button Julia now she might die because the kill
off you get in there not worth it that mines pretty tight
what if you get stuck without your rebreather it should be careful since I
heard myself bullets that’s weird bullet holes all down the
fuselage Brad’s going to flip when he sees this nope miss something
check it out they reconfigured the bomb wrap to hold lifeboats interesting one
of the rescue boats is missing I think they were using it let’s see what else
we can find good God and it’s that he’s holding something can’t see much look things there’s
nothing to both from the beginning you hear that
let’s check it out that scared me really scared me pilot
and co-pilot gotta be plane crash not high on my list of ways to perish I
guess that’s the first java scare the first real one because the other ones
didn’t really count easy how this that’s been down here a long time he’s holding something again that team that’s the same one okay I just I just went back pretty sure something will happen on the
way back I have a ceiling a bad feeling let’s get out of here display this
creepy so where’s the exit Oh fuck it I’m just gonna go for it oh that’s kind of gross Oh oh my god I
suck I miss it again can I start over okay I got a second shot at least
I’m so like immersed in the story that I don’t even have my hands on the contour
I can’t forget super frets you do something stupid down here that’s it one
chance you get that nonchalant hello I’m fine see no problemo they were on their way to help out of
shit short finally I wanted to see some sharks it’s a great week shark not
interested in us let’s go okay oh this is the right time yeah but then didn’t
know if it was the right time I think it’s no time right time oh I
know you can’t tell cuz we’re underwater but about my knees right now uh-huh
Julia what are you baby that came out of nowhere what what okay that’s so strange Julia I’m serious I don’t know that
sucked like the time that’s about timing you see I just need time to think about
this like whole like when I’m not about to die at the bottom of the ocean flip
this is Julia we’re coming back up over those random wait Julia we got a decompress here oh
damn get up there we we have to decompress should I be like reasonable or not okay
guess I should play it safe since I heard my leg and I missed item and okay
I think I’m playing bad right now like really bad I hope not that hey JJ don’t
worry about it there was a little mishap with the
barbecue Jesus looked like the whole boat was lit up right what’s up with
that other boat who’s fishing guys came by and ran into the dive line whatever
who cares right what I want to know is what you guys find well we found the
plate and it’s huge full of cool stuff unfortunately we did not leave it as
pristine as we could have what why the dive line actually how bad
there’s no cockpit anymore for starters oh that’s just fuckin perfect oh it’s my favorite person will ask me
questions finally come on and ready you’re getting to know these intrepid
adventurers then Alex and his little brother Brad trying to swim with the big
fish both seem out of their depth and Julia the love of Alex’s life if only
she felt the same what about Conrad a bold fellow you
might say well maybe you’d say arrogant and then there’s captain Flitz strong
forthright stubborn do I detect a spark between her and Conrad let me reassure you you help them to
make some decisions that yeah finally questions and some I think they may
regret no where are any questions wait you didn’t ask me any questions that’s
not fair how well-preserved was the plane Brad it
was insane it was like traveling through time no shit well it was like traveling
through time and accidentally ending up in a dimension where the past is
underwater and everything is covered in barnacles and sharks sharks with just
one shark hey when was enough wasn’t comrade gonna get us some more beers
after he helped Fliss maybe he decided hey I’ll drink some and then he got
drunk and since he was drunk he forgot to bring it to us and he just kept on
drinking and he drank all of it sounds like you’ve had some experience with
this kind of phenomenon yeah I’ve been studying it for you I’ll go look for him
oh we found a bullet lodged in the plane huh I left it below deck if you want to
check it out can I ask you why he said no because we
were like underwater dying I like I’m sorry I wasn’t thinking straight
you weren’t Julie what does it mean or because I don’t like it well we hope so be nice you know we’re
gonna lay out of nowhere you pop the question
okay I got you but I guess I still don’t really understand if it wasn’t such a
intense situation would your answer well duh shall I lie
oh no that’s mean yeah that’s too mean I can’t do that I think so yeah I I think
I just I got surprised and I’m so sorry I ruined it
no you didn’t I know I’m sorry I thought that was it the end of a relationship no I’m not gonna go like super it’s okay
really how about I make it up to you in your
bathing suit area I know you’re trying to be sexy but that just seems predatory
I’ll let you catch my predator that’s so cheesy where’s everybody else I’ll go
get them why don’t you just chill out here hey
you seen my brother or Flitz no I got distracted let’s go get them sure wait
what just like that oh that’s kind of funny what seriously you can’t fuck around
like that Julia oh yeah the beers I’ll just get him now all right now that everybody’s here
let’s take a look at the navigators pad we found maybe we can figure out why the
plane was out here where’d you put it it’s in your case okay I’ll go get it
okay so when something gonna happen so far it’s not going all right people
making out I was so hungry I think I’ve been playing for like an hour to go take
a break for now and only part wrong and then I’ll come back you know me hurt you
so so I don’t think the game is very long anyways holy and it’s here for now
and yeah so far it’s going it seemed a little – I’ll see you again heartland
relax bread how many times I have to tell you not to be such a wuss

18 thoughts on “The Dark Pictures – Man of Medan Part 1 (PS4) Underwater Proposal?!?

  1. Just beat this one a couple weeks ago. I loved it but not as good as Until Dawn. A little more predictable but still tons of fun.

  2. Face cam!! I'm not trying to be creepy or anything, it's just nice to feel like we are on the adventure with you! Hope to see you do more games like this in the future!

    (I understand not wanting to do it though but just wanted to say I appreciate it.)

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