The Captain of a Sinking Ship Orders an Immediate Evacuation

NARRATOR: The passenger
ferry Queen of the North is weaving its way through
the rocky islands that line the west coast of Canada. Captain Colin Henthorne
is in command. [MUSIC PLAYING] Oh no! [RUMBLING] [GASP] NARRATOR: Somehow, the Queen
of the North has hit rock. The passenger ferry
Queen of the North is adrift and rapidly
taking on water. [ALARMS BLARING] The bridge crew is struggling to
get a handle on the emergency, and Captain
Henthorne realizes he needs to prepare for the worst. I could see my chest
moving in and out with every beat of the heart. I literally thought that I
would not be able to speak. Then, I picked up the
microphone and announced all passengers and crew
to come up to deck seven. Muster stations. Muster stations. Proceed to lifeboat
stations on deck seven. This is no drill. NARRATOR: Time is running out. The Queen of the North is
steadily sinking lower. The water level is now high
enough to start flooding in over the vehicle deck. Copy that. It’s above the rubbing strake. The rubbing strake is
a band of steel that runs all the way around the ship. It’s like a big bumper. OK, time to go. Once that’s below
the waterline, that ship is doomed to sink. Commence evacuation. [WATER SPLASHING] All right, take
your life jackets. Keep moving. NARRATOR: As the
situation deteriorates, efforts shift from preparing
to abandon ship to actually getting 101 passengers
and crew into lifeboats as quickly as possible. Keep moving! Here you go.
Keep moving. Keep moving. One raft after
another was launched. Lifeboat was launched. NARRATOR: Less than an hour
after striking a rocky island, the Queen of the
North is going down. She’s drifted into a
deeper part of the channel, and there’s nothing
the passengers and crew can do but watch and wait. [SHIP CREAKING] [GLASS BREAKING] [ITEMS CLATTERING] To me, it seemed like more
of a salute as she left.

22 thoughts on “The Captain of a Sinking Ship Orders an Immediate Evacuation

  1. Wow… a vid from these clowns that is actually availble to watch in aus!! Why they send links then dont make vids availble is beyond me…idiots!!!!!

  2. "Somehow" it hit a rock? How about "somehow" some incompetent on the bridge "somehow" missed the sonar reading?

    And the fact that the Captain admits he panicked at the moment of impact is revealing too.

  3. The Captain of a Sinking Ship Orders an Immediate Evacuation? Does this mean that there are some captains of sinking ships, who announces, "Hey, the ship is sinking, but you're on vacation. Slow down, relax, get a massage, have a free drink in the bar. And don't forget to visit the gift shop as you depart" ?

  4. This is like a Canadian titanic. I live in Vancouver Bc Canada which is only like 500 kilometres south of where the ferry sank, I have taken bcferries before with my family and their ships are beautiful and the scenery in the strait of Georgia. I have also taken Washington state ferry’s which are similar to Bc ferry’s. The sinking of the queen of the north happened on March 22nd 2006 and at the time I was only 2 months and 6 days old when it happened. Another bcferries incident that interested me was the bcferries Queen of oak bay incident that happened on June 30th 2005 when the queen of oak bay slammed into a dock, there’s a video on YouTube about it

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