The Adventures of Annie and Ben – GHOST SHIP, HALLOWEEN SPECIAL by HooplaKidz in 4K EP 06

ANNIE, BEN and MANGO!! ANNIE, BEN and MANGO!! ANNIE, BEN and MANGO!! You never know where they’re gonna go! ANNIE, BEN and MANGO!! ANNIE, BEN and MANGO!! ANNIE, BEN and MANGO!! You never know where they’re gonna go! This fog came out of nowhere — — I can barely see my own hand in front of my face! I can’t see the beach! This is really spooky. Like Halloween! There’s another boat, Annie. A big one! Annie! It’s coming right at us!!! I’m trying to get away! Wow! That was close! That old ship barely missed us! MANGO! Mango, come back here!!! C’mon, Mango. This isn’t our boat. We have to leave. Leave!? But you just got here! WAAK! JUST GOT HERE!!! GHOSTS!!! RUN! Hide in here!!! I hope this keeps him out. Arrr, you found the dining room. I hope you’re hungry. WAAAK! HUNGRY! We don’t need to be afraid. Scary ghosts don’t invite you to dinner. Well this looks delicious! I’m Annie, this is my dog, Ben, and that’s Mango. Pleased to meet you all. I’m Captain John and this is me first mate and parrot, Susie. Those are really light biscuits. All I’ve got is ghost food. I had to use a ghost banana to bring your monkey and you here. Why did you do that? Because I need your help. I’ve been trapped in this ghost fog for 500 years. It was back then that I lost me compass and got lost. My crew abandoned ship and cursed me to spend forever in this fog. It’s this cursed fog that turned me and Susie into ghosts. And if you three can’t help me out, you’ll become ghosts, too. I don’t want to be a ghost dog! That’s not going to happen — — I ALWAYS take a compass with me when I get on a boat. I was hopin’ you’d say that!!! I found a map of the ghost fog world — comes with the curse, y’know. A compass is the key to unlocking the map. Now we can find North. The magnetic needle on the compass always points north. Aye, now we can sail out of the ghost fog. First things first. ALL HANDS ON DECK! Aye-aye, Annie! Okay, everyone keep an eye out. We’re looking for an island, or big rocks — something on the map that tells us we’re sailing to the way out. It’s an island!!! We’re heading right for it! Good thing this is a ghost ship. A ghost island can sink a ghost ship! HARD PORT!!! TO THE LEFT!!! You did it! We’re okay!!! High-five! Hahahahaha! Thank you, Susie. Well done, matey! Now that we’re past the island — — we have the rocks and the giant wave to get past. ROCKS AHOY!!! Does the map show you the way through the rocks? Aye, that it does! We have to sail between those two rocks. Take the bow, Annie — the front of the ship. Tell me where to steer! To the right, CAPTAIN JOHN! Too much! Back a little, to the left! We made it!!! Wow! Great job, Captain John! OH…MY…GOSH!!! IT’S THE GIANT WAVE!!! Captain John! What are we going to do!? We turn straight into the wave! It’s our only chance! SQUAWK! ONLY CHANCE! INTO the wave!? That doesn’t sound right. Trust Captain John, he knows what he’s doing. I hope. WOOOOOAAAAAAAAAAA!!! Yeah!! Yayy! We did it! I’m out of the fog it’s clear sailing! And you’re not a ghost anymore!!! The curse is over. SQUAWK! CLEAR SAILING! That was so exciting! What are you going to do now, Captain John? Now that me and Susie are real again, we’re going to sail the world! SQUAWK! Sail the world! For us!? The ship from the dining table? Me and Susie want you to have it so you never forget our adventure at sea. We love it! Thank you, Captain John! C’mon, Susie. Next stop, Jamaica! It’s beautiful this time of year! Bon Voyage!!! BYE! GOOD-BYE!!! We’ve got to get back to land, Annie. And you gave Captain John your compass. There’s one in the cabin. Every modern boat has one. The compass is pointing north and so is Mango! He’s not going to “monkey around” with directions. Oooooooh, bad joke Ben! The worst jokes are the best jokes

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