The 5 most stupid things people have done on a cruise ship

Ahoy there cruisers. These are the
five most stupidest and craziest things to have ever happened on a cruise ship. Before begin though make sure you subscribe to our channel. Uploading two brand new cruise crazy
videos every week. Number one is jumping off falling off the
cruise ship. Now this should never ever happen
because cruise ships are super safe and it’s been said that nobody who is acting responsibly
has ever fallen off a cruise ship. So this is an actual thing. But it’s happened loads of times. Especially lately. One of the most recent ones is a Canadian guy jumping off the 11th floor balcony
of the Symphony of the Seas. Which is the tallest and biggest cruise ship in the world. I mean how crazy can you get. He did this thinking it was gonna be a laugh. It would make him make him an internet sensation. When in fact it got him banned from
all Royal Caribbean ships. And more stupidly, this was in the Bahamas, he jumped into shark-infested waters and was very luckily picked up by a boat straight away. He was immediately arrested and
talked to by the police. Obviously, like David said, him and all of
his friends who were egging him on to do this where all immediately taken off the
cruise and banned for life. He wasn’t even allowed back on board or
anything to collect his own stuff. He just had to stay off the ship from that
point on. How absolutely idiotic. He’s so lucky that nothing happened to
him. Well he’s also was putting other people in danger as well. People rescuing him and you don’t know what could have happened. So it usually involves drinking and this guy said that he was still drunk from the night before. Royal Caribbean obviously condemned his actions and he was so lucky to have survived Obviously it hurt him. He couldn’t walk for three days after. I think that’s a lot a bit of karma don’t you. Yeah, it’s so dangerous though. I mean he could have like fell in back into the ship you know and banged head on a balcony or something. It happened again in the Adriatic Sea in
Europe on a Norwegian ship. Where a woman, who was a cabin crew air-hostess,
fell off the back of the ship and wasn’t rescued for 10 hours. She was so, so lucky to have been rescued. Because she tread water for ten hours while
singing to herself so that she kept warm. But you’re so lucky again that she was
found. She was so lucky but unfortunately
people haven’t been so lucky in the past. So you need to be very careful and just
have your wits- not your wits abut you about you think before you do anything. Son’t be stupid. As I said cruise ships are super safe. One of the safest forms have traveled today and it’s always irresponsible behavior that causes this. So it’s also happened a few
times more. Also on a Carnival ship. A young guy recently jumped off to get
footage for his GoPro. 60 feet into the water, immediately arrested and detained and kicked off the ship. But what an absolute idiot. How must risk is there in doing this. It so dangerous to do that. So number two is involving alcohol again. In Australia 1,300 men hosted a huge
party on the ship and it got a bit out of control. Yeah this was on Voyager of
the seas on an Australian cruise. 1,300 men who were attending a work conference were also holding a party on the upper decks. With a big burlesque party and as
you can imagine with a bit of alcohol crazy antics all spiraled out of control. The passengers were being harassed, especially young female passengers. Being shouted at slanged oh awful. They felt like they had to be confined to cabins and wouldn’t dare leave their cabins because of this. And it just spiraled completely out of control. I mean, I think this is just ridiculous how that could happen in the first place. Royal Caribbean offered the remaining
passengers a full refund for their cruise. Because it got so out of control. Just to reiterate as well this was just a regular cruise. So it wasn’t a chartered ship or anything like that. How it can get to that point is
incredible. You shouldn’t tar every group with that brush. People should be able to behave themselves no matter how big a group it is. There should keep themselves to themselves. Not bother anybody else on the cruise. It’s just unacceptable behavior. Obviously brought on by alcohol. Even that is not an excuse. Its just poor behavior. I mean we love a drink as much
as the next two Brits dont we. – Yeah but we don’t act like that.
– We never go crazy like that. So number three is mass fights between families. This happened recently on a Carnival
ship. The Carnival Legend again on a 10 night Australian cruise. Where basically somebody just stepped on somebody else’s flip-flop, apologized for immediately. Then it turned into a mass brawl and fighting between each other. Both men and women. That is not the behavior that you want on your vacation. Particularly a family vacation as well. So, as we said, this happened
between 30 different passengers. 23 of them, at the first port of call, ended up being arrested and detained. Obviously being taken off the ship. Cruise ships nowadays have an absolute zero tolerance for anti-social behavior. So the cruise line definitely did the right thing. But seriously all over somebody
stepping on somebody else’s shoes. And of course if you are banned from the
ship. You are removed from the ship. That is then your responsibility to get your
way home. It don’t matter where you are. The cruise line have banned you and then
that’s it. You’ve got to figure it out yourself and you’ve lost all the rest of
your money and your vacation. Obviously being arrested will impact the
way that you’re given future visas on visiting different countries around the
world. But this is happening more and more after often. It also happened on a P&O ship the P&O Britannia. A UK Cruise Line recently. Where two families again were fighting each other. Six people were assaulted and this was
all over a guy being dressed as a clown. Yeah he dressed as a clown and people
took offense to it. P&O did say that they didn’t have a fancy dress. No fancy policy and it was alcohol again. But again it’s alcohol and that does not
mean that should end up in a mass brawl. Unbelievable hey. But yes six people assaulted. Obviously taken off the cruise ship and arrested. But it was a really violent brawl as well. People using cups and plates and everything like that to throw each other. Number four, its a really sad one this one, was a polar bear that was shot dead by a security guard who was leading a
tourist group. Yeah it’s really awful. So basically this guard was taking a
bunch of tourists in the Arctic Circle in Norway. To obviously see the landscapes. And then run into a polar bear who showed aggressive behavior. So an officer on board the Hapag-Lloyd ship shot the polar bear dead. It’s just absolutely awful. What were those people doing in its natural habitat in the first place? Well that’s the question isn’t it. Like why were they there in a situation that it could have escalated to that point Absolutely. I don’t think it’s fair. I think that the cruise line were completely wrong to take that people there in the first place. If it was the natural habitat of such a big animal. Who wasn’t really doing anything wrong at all. You just got to respect to the environment. Respect the habitats of these animals. So guys do you agree with us? Do you think it should have been shot? Well obviously maybe
it should have been shot if it was going to cause life-threatening injuries to
the people. But this shouldn’t have been there in the first place. What do you think? So our final one is missing the ship. I mean how on earth does this happen? We mean whilst in port. So on every port day, you’re given a time which you need to be back on the ship. Which is called the all aboard time. Always make sure that you get here in time for this. But more and more often were seeing YouTube videos. – Yeah so many video
– And people on forums are missing their ship. How does that happen? Yeah exactly. You can literally search YouTube “people missing cruise ship” and hundreds of videos will come up. You usually see them running down the dock asking the ship to wait. But the ship’s not going to wait. If it’s already gone it’s gone. They have a schedule to keep and they have a slot at the next port that they have got to keep as well. So usually you could go at your own expense to the next port. But obviously you’re gonna have to
have all of your travel documents on you. So if you’re stranded without your
passport it could end up costing you so much money. You’ve got to pay all the way home. It’s just crazy. With cruise ship included excursions. So the cruise ship excursions you booked on board. These guarantee to get you back to the ship in time. But if you’re doing it yourself by booking taxis or booking local excursions. You have to make sure that you’ve got plenty of time to get back to the ship. Just don’t be stupid. How many times on cruise ships though
have we heard; “Are passengers Johnson, passengers Smith on board the ship” Come on guys! Just don’t be daft. Give yourself plenty of time to get back to the ship. We always say. Aim to get back to ship one hour
before the all abort time. Just so we do have a little bit of leeway you know. In case there is traffic maybe getting back to the port. Just make sure you do check what time you getting off the ship and make sure that your watch
is the correct time. Yeah make sure you’ve got the correct local time. Because we think that’s probably one of the biggest causes. Obviously during cruises the time can change go forward or back an hour. Oo if it goes forward an hour you could end up thinking you an hour early. When actually you are an hour late. If you’re using your phone. Sometimes on the phone the time just gets mixed up. So we always recommend taking a manual watch. A manual old style clock. Which you have to physically change your self. But yet these tips. These things are not meant to put people off. Any cruises in any way. These are really the minority. Then very very few things that
happen that are absolutely crazy and stupid. We hope that you enjoyed our show. If you saw anything crazy happen on a
cruise ship. Please let us know in the comments below. We would love to use it in a future show. And we’d love it if you would please follow us on Instagram. We will be posting loads of photos was all the time. Come on guys we’re really going for
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  5. The craziest one was on Freedom of the Seas out of San Juan, we had relatives on the one where the baby was dropped from an open window by the grandfather! How terrible! I can't imagine how that even happened!

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  7. You have to set your watch to ship time. Also, check the daily newsletter to see if times have changed. Also check with the person helping you disembark to make sure you have the correct time of ship and departure.

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  17. Hi boys love your video, I would like to clarify your number 2 story for other viewers. These men were not Australian or from an Aussie company, their trip was booked by a travel company from outside Australia. The full story can be viewed here

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  23. I remember we did a P&O cruise on Britannia and at around 5am there was a tannoy announcement saying ‘Could Mr Johnson please return to his cabin, where his wife is waiting his imminent return!’ We were all stunned as it was such an early call, and would love to have known what he’d been up to! 😂

  24. Thanks guys, great tips for all cruisers. I myself am very mindful of the rules of the cruise rules and policies . If at some point of your trip and you are not sure of something, just ask the staff its that simple. It is rule of thumb for me on any vacation. There are no stupid or wrong questions to ask

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  26. To be fair, people have been visiting the island where this occured since the 1800's with no recorded accounts of bear attack. By procedure, the security team lands first and clears the area, ensuring there are no bears nearby. In this case, unfortunately, they missed one. Polar bears are known to be one of only a few species that will actively hunt humans for food, so the actions of the bear were not altogether suprising. Svalbaard can be a dangerous place, but to say humans don't belong in the habitat is false logic. Humans belong in all habitats. We are supremely adapted to survive in all of them. You would effectively ban humans from the Arctic. Dogs attack people all over Europe and the Americas. I don't see people being banned there. Careful stewardship of areas like Svalbaard, precautions to keep tourists safe and separated from the wildlife are all that's needed. Knee jerk reactions, banning things that make a splash in the media does nothing but illustrate that more critical thinking is required. There is a happy medium here, we just have to get past our emotional response.

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  30. We went on a Christmas cruise on Carnival in 1998. A loud group of drunken Aussies got into a fight — during the CHILDREN’s Christmas program! The children practiced so hard during the cruise and those idiots ruined it. Ugh.

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