Teen Climate Activist Greta Thunberg Arrives In New York Ahead Of UN Summit | NBC Nightly News

100 thoughts on “Teen Climate Activist Greta Thunberg Arrives In New York Ahead Of UN Summit | NBC Nightly News

  1. I hope they gonna keep her there but they are no lunatics. I just dont want her back in germany. Her parents are making lots of money of her.

  2. *Cries about “global warming”

    *Is wearing a thick long sleeve jacket with a hood

    Nice try, Greta 😂😂

  3. Nothing wrong with the planet.Maybe sort out 3rd world dumps like India and China and Africa,they cause ocean pollution by dumping rubbish into rivers and the ocean.But the fraud that co2 traps heat is total utter nonsense . Co2 is needed for all life,and no evidence that it traps heat. The seas are not rising and the ice melts and freezes again. This Greta is braindead and the adults forcing her are fuckwits who need to be charged with child abuse.

  4. "Today's comments brought to you in part by Exxon Mobil, the Internet Research Agency, & a special contribution from the Foreign Intelligence Service. Bringing quality controlled content to viewers like you, from average ordinary Americans like us!"

  5. She is young…she is intelligent…Trump is a corrupt moron…She is more qualified to be anything…than the Trumpkin….all you mindless trumpkins and Putin stooge bait…imagine the future without you

  6. There is nothing like Climate Action. She is just working under secret society and they are about to introduce a law that will require everyone not to work on sunday in the name of cleaning the planet. Why do you thin she is working with the pope? The are behind something nasty lets watch out people

  7. What a great role model for all of us! Geez all that supporting made me hungry..I'm throwing a BBQ party tonight anyone up for some roasted beef steaks?

  8. will Greta now also admit that she is promoting large-scale scientific fraud? Mr. Hockey Stick Mann has been obliterated and convicted for fraud, debunked for the cheat he is: https://principia-scientific.org/breaking-news-dr-tim-ball-defeats-michael-manns-climate-lawsuit/

  9. Those this by the UN sponsored activist ever mension birtcontroll to stabelise the human population.
    There will be limits in how much the earth can sustain.

  10. Indoctrinated Child

    Where is the scientist who can show verifiable evidence of "climate change" caused by fossil fuel CO2?

  11. Behind her is a very well run PR machine. It is a really sad world we live in when children are used as pawn for big business and governments to advance their stupid ideology. Big business found a mentally unstable child to hide behind and use her as a puppet for their agenda. The sailing crew will fly back on jets to Europe. Great .

  12. Fun Facts
    #1 the two sailors that were with her will have to use a carbon polluting plane to fly back to Europe
    #2 two more sailors from the company that owns the carbon free boat will have to fly to america to sail the boat back to Europe
    #3 Greta will be using planes and cars to travel to Mexico and Canada when shes finished with the UN
    #4 hundreds of reporters were flown back and forth over the Atlantic to cover this story
    in the end this so called "carbon free" trip is going to create 1000s of tons of carbon more than if she just flew in the first place

  13. A sixteen-year-old is no "climate activist".
    She's had no formal scientific education on this matter. 
    She is a puppet of the liberal left, intentionally maleducated on this subject. 
    Nothing more.

  14. Oh shut up, no one here cares. The whole thing is a hoax! Not even Sweden cares for that family who pushes a 16 year old with Asperger and Down Syndrome for profit and fame. The only ones who are crazy about her are the Germans, easily led by fools.

  15. Through her Fridays for Future and school Climate Strikes, Greta Thunberg has done so much to raise awareness about the climate crisis, in addition to all other individuals and organization, especially for youth. Greta has inspired a global youth climate movement that has become intergenerational and world-wide. Greta speaks with crystal clear language, and her words ring with truth as the sound of a bell calling us to ACTION ! Greta Thunberg speaks with the voice of a prophet and the wisdom of an elder – she speaks to and for each and everyone of us! Greta, we are so thankful for you – keep up the good work – we are with you 100%

  16. Feel sorry for this girl. She will grow up being lost and not understanding how she sounds dumb to people with common sense.

  17. Another "green" fool who is the product of Leftist "schooling" which produces thousands of really stupid people. But Greta, the Swedish "wunderkind" knows a good deal when she sees one – she gets lots of publicity, probably some kroner from her dumb stunt, AND…she gets to fly…FLY…that's what the crew will do in order to sail the toiletless boat back across the Atlantic…so no toilet..she craps over the side..no? So she adds to global warming with her "deposit" and gas AND she uses fossil fuels during her stunt! This is perfect – it shows what a con job the whole leftist mind is and how they try to con us…SEND MISS SWEDEN BACK HOME IN A CANOE…THAT'S REALLY GREEN!

  18. From a lonely kid in front of a school to a celebrated culture star who held speeches in front of several parliaments, talked in Davos and other places and is now headed to talk at the UN.
    All within one year. Amazing.
    There was a bit of help,  of course:
    Greta was "discovered" by  Ingmar Rentzhog.  Rentzhog is a PR professional with strong ties to several media outlets and very well connected in the climate scene. His PR Agency "We don't have time AB" was responsible for taking the picture of "lonely" Greta in front of her school and aggressively promoting her. For a short period of time, Greta was sitting in that agency's "Youth Advisory Board", helping him rake in millions in funding.
    Her mother, Malena Ernman, a famous singer, was WWF Environmental Hero of the Year 2017, her father Svante does very well by managing his wife and now his daughter.
    There is nothing spontaneous or unplanned about the hype "Greta" created.

  19. It's just about getting attention.. everything the Swedes do is about attention.

    And she's right. It is insane that a 16 year old has to cross the ocean – especially as nobody asked her to and it will make no difference whatsoever.

  20. A study of 5000 climate papers showed that for every 24 papers that showed climate change was caused by humans, 1 papers showed no change. Climate change caused by humans isn't controversial-it's the Yankees versus the Bad News Bears.

  21. 5000 lb of epoxy and fiberglass the intense concentration of rare Earth elements in the solar panels the lead and acid in the batteries yeah sailing is totally green.

  22. Keep in mind this news channel wad once owned by General Electric which is one of the greatest polluters in the world. But I guess they have the moral high ground.

  23. Let's just throw away 1000s of planes and 1000000s off jobs 😂😂😂😈😈😈 when they said she dropped out of school I remember the 16yr old who dropped out of my high school…hes the weed guy now with 6 kids.

  24. I find it amazing that lots of people listen to this fraudster, she has no scientific knowledge, no schooling,or any other skills other than peddling very poor weather and climate science. The UN ipcc and politicians must be rubbing the hands with this puppet peddling bad science on their behalf.

  25. Promoting AGW hypothesis is a UN scam
    designed to replace capitalism with socialism.
    UN officials have even admitted this, but
    dingbat Swedish girls didn't get cc'ed on this.

  26. Implementing AGW hypothesis controls is b.s. with built-in protections: if climate doesn't change measurably, then officials can say more needs to be done; if climate data manages to show a change, then they can claim success and implement more controls. Reminder that these same people control (and historically manipulate) the data. Very much like gun control: if rates of crime with guns don't drop after new law, then more gun control laws are needed; if rates of crime with guns drop, then they claim success and proceed with more laws.

  27. It helps to remember anytime these climate hoax truthers point you to the same, tired, oft-manipulated CO2/temp graphs: past performance is no guarantee of future results.

  28. Its not demonstrated that she was on board the entire time.
    No videos in oped rough sea.
    During video contact she was "sleeping" and not ready for some words
    Friends and Family earning a fortune wirh her

  29. I'm sure that her parents could have corrected her school strike (and a great deal more!) … if Sweden hadn't outlawed corporal punishment. Maybe poor little Greta can be a cautionary tale of what will happen to us if we follow suit.

  30. Dear Canada: (which was reducing our population (1.6) ) Canadians had less children to save the planet and our environment and pure evil anti-environmental people welcomed in immigration and destroyed the sacrifice that Canadians made. Either stop immigration OR stop saying you are an environmentalist. CHOOSE or be labeled a lying hypocrite!

  31. The Pope is the Mastermind behind the whole climate change agenda. I do not deny that climate change exists and won't argue that it does,but I will say that there is an anti Capitalist and anti protestant agenda behind all of this.They are using this girl as a tool to establish a one world government and to destroy the United States of America.Just remember that when the Beast system is in full effect,you will be wishing that you can go back but it will be too late. They always say that the grass isn't always"greener"on the other side.Greta and the Pope are not your saviors. Jesus Christ is your only real hope

  32. Why are people hating on here so much? I don’t agree with the idea of getting rid of planes as that’s not an effective way to help the environment, BUT she’s only 16 years old and had the guts to sail across the Atlantic when most kids that age can’t even look up from their phones for 15 seconds.

  33. Germanys ANTIFA NAZI GIRL…Ha Ha Ha in AMERICA…. I hope Greta will life in America. Nobody want Greta back in Europe

  34. Newbie virtue signaling Leftists are so grassroots…NOT! Somebody is renting that yacht, and I'm sure it's a multinational. Likely a chronic polluter as well. "Teen Climate Activist"…LOL!

  35. You just road across the only thing that controls the climate. Entire planet can fly in a plane or a jet with no issues to the climate. However partying is not allowed on a jet and is allowed on a boat. Unfortunately you live in a perfect world. Waste your life on something else. Or do something really crazy and don’t waste your life at all.

  36. Adults cowering as a strange, brainwashed girl scolds them with doomsday scenarios that they themselves indoctrinated her with! Pure comedy and peak idiocracy.

  37. Surely they had to stop at a port and pass through customs. Because they missed a big chance to smuggle drugs if not…or did she lol.

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