Tahiti’s voyaging canoe Faafaite to join Hokulea in homestretch journey back to Hawaii

KATHY: WHEN HOKULE’A LEAVES TAHITI FOR HOME IN MAY ON THE LAST LEG OF HER VOYAGE AROUND THE WORLD, SHE’LL BE JOINED BY A TAHITIAN CANOE. GUIDING THAT CANOE…TAHITI’S FIRST NAVIGATOR’S IN MORE THAN TWO CENTURIES. first arrival…..Tahiti too, had not had a voyaging canoe for Today, Tahitians “have” a voyaging canoe, Faafaite, they “know” how to sail…they “haven’t” had a navigator… not for more than two- hundred years, since Tupaia about to change that… Jean-Claude Teriierooiterai, President, Faafaite Te Ao Maohi: ” all over the pacific we have navigators in Matahi Tutavae, Captain, Faafaite: ” i feel excited, but a lot of pressure as well because we have so much to learn, in such a few amount of time, but I feel navigate Faafaite to Hawai’i as well, a first…”their” first, and so they spent the last week “in” Hawai’i, training, studying the heavens with Hokule’a navigator, Nainoa tahiti like north star, because we’ll be sailing with a hawaiian navigator coming up to hawai’i and sailing back and that is nainoa’s wish that we sail back without any help from President: ” there’s a very deep committed obligation by us who are students of mau and students of will kyselka, that our job, But, it goes deeper than that. Nainoa: “they’re not navigating just for themselves they’re navigating for the whole pride and dignity of a whole race of people .” the navigator is to pay attention to nature.” nainoa: ” the navigators help us understand because of faafaite is way bigger than a single voyage it’s about the future of our children.”

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