TAFFD’s Magazine | Issue · 2019

This is a story about us, about humanity. About the efforts invested in conquering our limitations. It is a compilation of
humanity’s attempt to make sense of the universe and, ultimately, to understand itself better. The story of technology is a unique story of how humanity has outsourced its intelligence
to conquer space, energy and more. Technology is us. Technology is our
extended phenotype as Dawkins says. Technology is our second skin. So, to be human is to be transhuman. We are more connected today in the era of technology than ever before. People believe that technology separates us but, in fact, it
connects us. The separation comes from within. TAFFD’s Magazine – The Magazine of the Future. The themes for this year’s edition are:
Knowledge Links, Digitalized Humanity and Challenges; featuring the best of ideas
from the most brilliant minds like: Jason Silva, Thomas Frey, Tom Ross, Kristen Conklin and many more. More about Futurism, Transhumanism, Ethics, Biotechnology International Policy, and much more. You are part of a global plan. The best you can do is to join a group that thinks for the future. Your idea can cause the needed change. Visit www.taffds.org to learn more.

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