Tactical Flotation Vest

Hey YouTubers, I got a special treat for
you guys today. Now summer is coming up and you’re gonna
be out on the rivers, you’re gonna be on the lakes, gonna be out on the ocean and
you don’t want to be out there with some plain Jane vest on do you? Get a plain float vest? No, you want to be out there with a tactical
flotation vest, just like this one. Now this vest started out life is a
Delta V vest from Camelbak. That’s right Camelback makes vests. What I did is I took your standard US Coast Guard approved orange vest, I cut it
open, I took out all the flotation material and I put it in the pockets
inside of this vest, and yes this vest will keep my big old butt floating out
there in the lake. I tested it, I tried it. Now because it’s a MOLLE vest, what can
you do? Well obviously you can configure the pouches any way you like. What have I
got over here? I’ve got a first aid kit, backup first-aid, got a flashlight with a
red lens, I’ve got my Spyderco rust-proof knife right here. Always carry with me
when I’m out on the water, if I’m bleeding out bad I’ve got a tourniquet.
What do I have over here? I got a spare flashlight and I’ve got
chem-lights, so if I fell off a boat and I washed up on shore, I could break up with my cam lights and
I can signal the Coast Guard. Now sometimes there’s bad people out there,
right? We know that and we understand it, so what do I have inside? Well I got a
Glock 19, because I don’t leave home without it. So when you get out on the
boat this summer if you were to fall over and wash up on shore, you don’t want
to wash up on shore with some generic standard flotation vest. You want to wash
up on shore with a tactical float vest. Now go out there and make your own.

9 thoughts on “Tactical Flotation Vest

  1. Been doing this for years up in the BWCA, works great. I use large tactile pouches from maxpedition to hold tackle etc. Also have a map/compass pouch attached, a holster and mag pouches and other pouches as needed. everything I need at arms reach and I still float lol!!

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