Sylvan S3 Extreme

I’m Brady Kay editor a Pontoon Deck Boat
Magazine today we’re on Lake Monroe in Indiana and we got to tell you this
Sylvan S3, it’s impressed us once again it’s amazing what Sylvan can do with
this boat and we’re gonna check it out and tell you more now we love this tall
helm console great easy to read gauges rocker switches on the bottom access to
your pulk stereo just a great well-built helm console that has a lot of function
to it as well now cross from the helm chair is this great first mate seat it’s
identical in comfort and we just think it’s important to have a nice seat over
here plenty of LED lit cupholders and lights throughout the boat and check out
these rear lounge rooms aren’t these great just outside the stern gate is
this great swim platform it’s got your boarding ladder nice stainless steel
easy to use you got a ski pylon of course this is
where that mercury 250 pro outboard is that we really love and check out these
two comfortable seats back here it’s a great area and with these movable arm
rests you can get comfortable up here as well and of course this sporty Tower makes
the boat really look great but it’s actually the RPT tubes as well as that
mercury on the back it gives us boat its true performance we’ve been testing boats for over 20
years now and each year they seem to get better and better thank you for watching
on behalf of the PB magazine staff we’ll see you out on the water you

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