Success in the Messina Strait. Swordfish for Days!! (Sailing La Vagabonde) Ep. 114

That is the tastiest best fish i’ve ever eaten in my life oh look at it, it goes all the way up Give us a look So what do you think about the new shopping bag 10 out of 10 50% easier think it costs 30 bucks and it’s saved me Just make the day a lot easier didn’t really save me any time, but we got, oh no, we probably got 50% more done. yeah I used to think those shopping trolley things were like Super embarrassing, and someone suggested we get one I was like there’s no way I’d ever drag that thing around. I just think they’re for like Nana’s which you know really, when you’re in a foreign Country no one you can’t understand what anyone is saying and they can’t understand what you’re saying I don’t think like embarrassment even exists I know it rarely does, hey yeah its great, you can wear whatever you want Um you know walk around the streets with red, What looks like red paint all over my body ive been playing paintball ok?! Got no one to answer to but yeah, we’ve finally given into the trolley and it is great We’d spent the past week camping out here in the city of Palermo exploring the streets –
What are you doing? Just getting some B-rolls of town And diving into the history and culture. tomorrow we plan to set sail for a new destination Riley has made us a lovely dinner tonight im the chef Riley’s been the chef lately yeah And why because you’re lazy No because even working flat out on the computer and it is the least I could do thats better No not that what are they doing starting an engine What are you up to mr. Troyer,
I’m just getting Riley some pictures for Instagram He’s been nagging ya hasn’t he.
He has been.
he wants to beat me still My brand has been falling behind need to do some hard ‘grammin Its the Potential though
yeah long way to go
you’re gonna have to start posting nudie pics.
oh! What are we doing tomorrow? We’re gonna leave here this very spot go over there get fuel go out, hoist the main that happens a lot Not gonna be much wind Really, so it’s gonna be a code zero sort of date Then the next day. We’ll go through the Messina Straight ah we’re meeting jack Jack yeah You guys remember Jack who came with us on the Atlantic crossing Riley’s cousin? He is working for the yacht week again, and he has a week off or something, so he’s gonna meet us Do you have anything to say Troyer? It’s really good food No, I uh highly recommended a trip to Palermo and don’t walk in and say you know this is disgusting I don’t like the city just there’s a little bit of graffiti and a little bit of trash, but then the people are amazing and There’s just good times. We had everywhere so check it out Well said mate
It is a really cool place hey
its extremely off-putting the rubbish in the harbor. Yeah, especially if you’re a sailor Because this place is terrible yeah we got the worst here I just cant believe how many historical sites are all in this one place like it’s crazy There’s castles everywhere. There’s gigantic gates, like I go for a run, and I’m just seeing so much history in one run like Even when we were walking to the catacombs of course the catacombs were full of history, but just on the way yeah
like you’ll just turn and look down the street, and it’s like what happened there so many good stories just waiting yeah, very very old old city what did you say? you said something very clever Yeah, it was it was it was catchy what did you say. It’s like the city’s trying to talk to you The city wants to tell you a story the people that were once here have left their mark and There’s no way you can cover that up. It’s all just so profound Elyana profound is the word i was looking for. thank you I’m using profound to describe your words It’s been a very boring day of motoring Yeah We had to go with no wind In order to get there to meet him because there is some wind coming and we’re going to use that wind to get to zakynthos a Greek island, and it looked pretty pretty awesome, so It’s a very famous. You would have seen the photos from above, and there’s a shipwreck with this crystal blue water So I’ve always wanted to go there… I’m pretty excited.. The thing about this Mediterranean. It’s either too much or not enough Indiana What should we have for dinner I’ve got a thing of bread in there, I might do some tomatoes and Just a step like a lunch
after chef Riley’s delicious dinner of tomato and bread we found ourselves in a pickle oh look at it, it goes all the way up You see a flashing light way, way, way out there? If I don’t go right right now. We’re gonna run straight We’re gonna drift straight into all of the net if I don’t go right right now ok well go right I’m gonna go in forwards. Is that rope – can you hold the torch there
there ya go What about the front though? How’s that look?
Shine the torch –
hold on hold on neutral, im in neutral you’re not gonna believe what’s just happened Again, we have run into a fishing net except this time there was no buoys at all So yeah, Riley is just in the water Nude again, and you know this time it definitely wrapped around the prop this time you heard it, so I think thats it Just swallowed some salt water I’m just gonna dump the footage and give it to Elayna so she can.. you can edit that riley just took footage on the GoPro But he left it recording and theres just full arse and dick shots He’s like when they were fending off the buoys as we were leaving, Rileys like bending over the edge of the boat Poor Troyer has to edit this Don’t act like you’re not impressed Give us a look So it’s 6:30 in the morning, and we are just about to head into the Messina straight And I’m just looking through the Italian waters guard at some Anchorage’s That would be nice to stop at tonight and maybe tomorrow night, and yeah, we’re gonna pick up Jack from somewhere We’ve heard that there are massive tuna here, so we’ve got both of the lines out and Riley says Wake me up, but only if its a big one so if the line goes out im gonna reel it in and i guess I’ll be the judge and whether or not it’s a huge tuna oh my god It’s a bit of a weird current here I’m actually kind of scared oh dear its got nothing on the jibralta strait but brings back memories The Strait is fairly busy with cargo ships and ferries We’d heard talk of a bridge being built in the near future that would connect Sicily to Calabria We’ve just spotted an active volcano Pretty exciting – I’m hoping that we can go and climb the volcano while we’re here What do you think guys should we climb the volcano? yeah lets jump in i might catch up on some sleep i think There’d be no sleeping just now we’d hooked our first short build swordfish so here We go sword-fish regularly migrate through the Messina Strait and peculiar boats have evolved there to catch the migrating fish the sword fish swim southwards in the spring and northwards in June The old sword fishing boats had perhaps a ten-foot mast with a lookout atop four rowers and a harpoon are on the bowels These are no longer seen as modern motor boats with immense lattice steel masts and bow sprits have taken their place apparently the swordfish sleep on the surface during the day or at any rate moves sluggishly and the soy fishing boat can creep up and Harpoon the unsuspecting fish So those are a few words from rod harkel. So.. It’s our first fish of new La Vaga how do you feel Absolutely stoked we had to Google size limits and we are..this things taller than i am That’ll feed a few other cruisers don’t you think?
yeah We’ll definitely swap some for wine or fuel With the freezer full of fish we continued south. a new message from Jack notified us of his arrival tomorrow morning in the port of Catania so that’s where we were going that is the tastiest, best fish ive ever eaten in my life. Its amazing so good troyer there’s some fish here if you want it just cruising into the port here, troyers on fender duty there is ash falling from the sky. I’m not even joking Thank you for watching, please give that video a like if you liked it hello jack! hello Next week we catch up with Jack and cross the Ionian Sea

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  1. I've seen at least one other channel where they invested in one of these four-wheeled collapsible trolleys (the ones that can fit a couple crates of beer, a toddler, all the stuff you need for a day at the beach). Maybe that would be an option as well… at least, it doesn't look like granny equipment. 🙂

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    Just ordered my first T as well.
    Safe sailing!

  5. That’s isn’t a swordfish it’s one of the most endangered species of billfish swordfish life dead under the ocean and only come up to the surface in the night and only rarely so I think that is so frigging stupid y’all kept it but I guess you didn’t know

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  17. Shopping trolleys are called "Hacken-Porsche" in Germany (well, parts of it) which translates to heel porsche and i think thats a much nicer term than trolley

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  20. No wonder there's no fish in the Mediterranean, that should be illegal,our poor oceans and the marine life are suffering

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