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in the month of June in Southeast
Minnesota in the town of Lanesboro there’s something really magical that
happens and that is Stringwood Chamber Music Festival Students come here and
they are allowed to be themselves to the max They’re allowed to grow, learn, we
share the knowledge this chamber music world that we’re in with them in a
beautiful, safe, encouraging, immersive environment Our graduates tell us over
and over and over this experience really changed my life, really renewed my sense
of who I am, or showed me for the very first time what it is that I’m about Stringwood started out 21 summers ago as a one-week camp that the Artaria
String Quartet founded. We brought our students here to have time together,
uninterrupted time, and from that it grew. Parents and teachers and youth symphony directors said “You have to make this longer.” Well we’re up to three weeks now
and we just absolutely love it and our guest artists loved it too. The top
musicians in this country come to work with our students and say, “Wow this is a
great place,” and we think it is. One of the things that I noticed right away is the dynamic relationship between the students and the faculty and one of the
things I loved about that is how the faculty were so vulnerable about, “Hey, we’re just in this try and get better just like you are” and didn’t seem like the
gulf between faculty and students was really that different just the faculty
were further along and it made it so easy for the students to identify with
the faculty I think it’s the kind of place where students simply cannot get lost The thing that jumped out the most was the care that the students received for whatever it was that they needed at that moment. You have to have people engage with the students who really do care, who are on a mission. We have a terrific Assistant Faculty Quartet at Stringwood. They work seamlessly into what we do and complement all of our goals. For bringing out the best in the students, for being there for the students Their interactions are fantastic. They are your best possible cheerleaders. Stringwood is full of amazing musical adventures Not only do the students wake up and get
going early on in the day and practice rehearse get the coachings and master
classes and private lessons but they just can’t seem to get enough of it. By
the end of the day they just take out some chamber piece that they are dying
to play and they as a group sight-read it. The outdoor activities and Stringwood
are really important. Not only is it a chance for our students to go outside
but there’s also a phenomenal staff of naturalists who work at Eagle Bluff and lead those activities. The students get to go out
and do archery, a high ropes course, canoeing, pond exploration, you name it.
And not only are they out there exploring the wilderness but they’re
actually doing it with the supervision and the guidance of experts Stringwood has helped me realize the importance of going away to a beautiful place to be apart from
daily life to some time to study intensively to be in community with people who share your passion. Everyone that is a part of Stringwood, students, the teachers, the staff, are all really passionate about music and they’re
passionate about what they do and they approach everything they do with such a excitement and they’re so ready to learn because they really care about what
they’re doing Something that’s really different about Stringwood is that you get to not only go to super cool places around the community and even travel out of state to perform but you perform the piece you work on during the week three times and each time it’s recorded and you sit down afterwards, listen to it, analyze it with
your coach, and work on it to make it better for the next performance. Everyone
wants you to succeed. It’s a very rigorous but supportive process and they do a
very good job of setting up people in order to have a fun time and to be
successful. You leave Stringwood with a sense of the huge community of classical
musicians that you’re a part of You’ve met people from across the country, across the state, and all of a sudden your work and as a musician has
context. Over the years I’ve seen so many students come away with renewed confidence and vision for who we are as musicians and as people. My hope for students that come to Stringwood is they get to know themselves better
than they had before they came that they have a chance to really truly be
themselves on their instruments through music and working with mentors that care about them.

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