Start Here Campaign – Green Canoe Outfitters

We opened in 2013. It’s clothing and
equipment for outdoor travel and adventures — probably the simplest way to put it. My wife and I knew we wanted to come back here this is where I’m from
and it’s a great place to live we’re close to the lake. For us with all the
watercraft things we do, paddle sports is really a big part of the business and
the proximity of the lake and the beach was a huge factor here. Where else can
you live so close to the water that you can walk your kayak or your board on a
cart or bike down to the water and go for a paddle? We’ve formed some nice
relationships with some of the other business owners. I can walk or ride
my bike to the hardware store, the grocery store, the marina. Everything is
close, so a lot of people like to stop here on their way between Toronto and
Kingston as sailors for instance. Just about every single thing is handpicked
by me so this is our little area where we try to be knowledgeable and how
people find the right stuff quickly that’ll make the trip better.

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