Star Trek: Defiant Class Escort | Ship Breakdown

For centuries the United Federation of Planets
refused to authorise the development of purpose-built warships, fighting only in self-defence and
insisting that any conflict could be resolved though skilful diplomacy and reasoned compromise.
This policy remained unchanged for over two hundred years, even through multiple interstellar
wars, but was finally violated in 2366, following First Contact with the Borg Collective, a
terrifying and monolithic foe that could never be bargained or reasoned with. The result
of this sudden leap into warship development was one of the most unique and impressive
spacecraft ever constructed by the Federation, the Defiant Class Escort.
At a length of 170.68 Meters, the Spaceframe of the Defiant Class abandons almost all existing
standards for Federation Ship design, instead adopting a highly-compact and incredibly sturdy
layout, presenting a far smaller target and allowing for a wide range of evasive maneuvers.
Virtually every system aboard the Defiant is overclocked almost to the point of serious
risk, including hugely powerful impulse engines, resilient shields and armor, high-yield weapons
systems and a power plant calibrated for a ship four times her size. Much of the Defiant’s
later design stages centred around simply reinforcing the ship to ensure she didn’t
fly apart under her own power. The Defiant’s weapons arsenal is characteristically
different from the Federation Standard, exchanging omnidirectional firing arcs for an almost
completely bow-oriented layout. The Defiant’s most distinctive weapons are a quadruple-mounted
array of Pulse Phaser Cannons, built into the forward bracings of the ship’s warp
nacelles. These weapons were able to inflict far greater damage over far shorter periods
than any conventional phaser array, but the pulsed nature of their projectiles demanded
predictive targeting, and sometimes led to inaccuracy over longer ranges. The Defiant’s
secondary weapons included a pair of conventional phaser arrays, an aft photon torpedo launcher,
and a linked pair of forward launchers loaded with Quantum warheads.
Easily the most famous example of the Defiant Class was the original Prototype USS Defiant
NX-74205. Under the command of Captain Benjamin Sisko, the Defiant was assigned to the critical
border Starbase Deep Space Nine, and played an imperative role in almost every major engagement
of the Dominion War. Given the existential threat posed by the encroaching Dominion,
the USS Defiant was equipped with a Romulan-Built Cloaking Device, provided as part of a limited
circumvention of the Treaty of Algeron, which normally prohibited the Federation from developing
or using cloaking technology. As the first true Federation warship, the
Defiant set the standard for every combat vessel that came after it, greatly influencing
the designs of the Akira, Norway, Steamrunner and Saber Class starships, all of which were
introduced in late 2372 as part of a new wave of Anti-Borg Spacecraft. The Defiant Class
has remained in service even into the early years of the 25th Century, and remains one
of the most unique and influential starship designs in Federation history.

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  2. As of this writing, 1.4K likes vs. 3 dislikes. Speaks volumes about the amazing content quality you put together – keep up the great work!

  3. I've always been sceptical about the length of 170m in length. That means it is about 24 metres high excluding warp drive, and the MSD says the ship has 4 decks. That's 6 metres per deck. To give you a perspective, the outer saucer of the old Constitution class starship from the top of deck 6 to the bottom of deck 7 is 6 metres.

    As well the old Constitution class had a saucer diameter of 127.1m, which is 73 metres less than the length of the Defiant class, and the Defiant class only carries about 50 crew members while the Constitution class carries 430.

    More realisitically in terms of both size and scale, it's safer to say the Defiant is about half of what is said, say 85 metres. Chances are they probably thought 170m because of how it is scaled to DS9 which is about 1400m in diameter.

    But if the Defiant was really 170m, then the Enterprise really was 725m.

  4. I never liked the Defiant class ships.The design looked like a flying pair dick and balls. I don’t get how the Star Trek ship designers could not com up with something moor aggressive looking for star fleet ships.Romulan @ Klingon ships always looked badass.i didn’t care for Jem’Hadar fighter ship either, it looks like a dung beetle crossed with a fire fly…

  5. Yes, but the question remains – exactly how does the ship perform an external dock and an allow crew to get on board a Defiant Class ship????

  6. The Defiant class warship is as Commander Riker said 2 Mr Worf on Star Trek First Contact tough little ship

  7. Starfleet should make a bigger version with the same design philosophy. Could you imagine an Intrepid sized Defiant with a massive array of pulse phasers.
    Nothing too big though, Federation tactics relied on maneuverability.
    Then again, just mass produce the little bastards. A swarm of those acting like Jem Hidar fighters would be overwhelming.

  8. It would have been cool to see some of the previous ship models retrofitted with the pulsed phasers, only in turrets…

  9. Predictive targeting??? It sounds like the Federation's over reliance on technology has resulted in people forgetting how to lead a Target. I always thought that the Treaty of Algeron was a supremely stupid story element. That's how you can tell that Star Trek was written by a hippie. What type of government in the Federation's position would ever sign such a one-sided treaty?! Then again pretty much every military or I should say "defensive" policies we're pretty unintuitive and stupid considering they shared a border with not one, but three military powers. No government in that position can afford to be pacifistic in any sense of the word. That's probably why I like the Defiant so much. It was an early indicator of Starfleet getting its act together for the first time in a long time. The ship is just so cool. I remember as a kid sitting in front of the TV watching that ship come on screen for the first time and thinking to myself this is so much better than regular Star Trek.

  10. Man oh man, I love your break downs and to hear my favorite ship get one really amped up my week. Thank you!

  11. Been waiting for this.
    Dont torget that Junkball Media video about the Defiants Bow Doors, which is supposedly by the deflector dish, lol.

  12. According to the ship design, the impulse engines are built more centrally, with a large muffler to minimise ion wake displacement, making the Defiant harder to track. The hatches on the port and starboard sides of this were ment to be for deploying probes, mines and countermeasures, but in Star Trek online, these hatches are mistakenly lit as impulse engines.

  13. Star Trek Online just released the Victory is Life expansion so the posting of this video is quite appropriate. I played all of new missions in my T6 Fleet Defiant.

  14. Me after watching The Expanse:

    I'd love to see this ship accelerate to full impulse in less than a minute and splatter every single organic lifeform in there and potentially a lot of inorganics as well.

  15. The Treaty of Algeron is an example of the dumb politics of the Federation. The enemy can have cloaking tech but we promise we'll never, ever develop our own because…. well no reason, we just like our most ardent and intractable enemies having a clear advantage over our non-military exploration ships.

  16. The Federation's refusal to authorize the development of purpose built warships, thinking every problem can be solved with talk and compromise is wishful thinking at its worst. No one, not even idealists like the Federation should forget the old adage, "Si Vis Pacem Para Bellum," or "If you want peace, prepare for war," it bit them in the ass too many times before they learned the lesson of needing purpose built warships the hard way. Defiant is a product of lessons learned from the first fight with the Borg, but it could have learn its lesson well earlier than that after the Cardassian War. The Federation was unprepared for war and the Cardassians knew it, so the Federation ended up getting desperate, and sued for peace, and had to cede multiple of its own planets to the Cardassians as a price for peace, which is how they ended up the Maquis, they didn't see them as desperate people only wanting to defend what was theirs, only as criminals, I agreed with Major Kira, they did have a right to defend themselves, none of that "THEY CROSSED THE LINE!" crap Sisko replied with. The Federation is largely to blame for the issues with the Maquis. If the Federation regularly developed, built, and improved dedicated warships alongside its science/explorer ships, plus kept and maintained actual combat trained ground forces, like the MACO since its inception, many of the wars it got into either would have been avoided completely, or would have been shorter, and less costly. Then of course with actual combat ships and ground forces, the Cardassians might very well have been smart enough not to pick a fight with the Federation, and if not, it would have ended up suing for peace, offering Cardassian planets to the Federation as a price, and Federation being Federation, would have accepted peace, but let the Cardassians keep the planets they offered, as a way of being the better person. Call this a rant or a long winded speech or whatever, but giving my two cents on the Federation having to end up nearly destroyed by the Dominion to learn the importance of combat ships and ground personnel. In closing I repeat the old adage, "Si Vis Pacem Para Bellum."

  17. I might not be fond of Trek, but damn if the Defiant had a lot of what I'd ask for in a high-maneuverability warship. A lot of the 'weak point' designs are entirely removed, everything is compact and rugged. I love that one note about 'a power plant built for a ship 4 times its size'. To me that says 'there is power to spare for EVERY system'. (something I've teased my ST fan friend about for a full year now). Defiant class ships are perfect even when they're imperfect.

  18. USS Defiant breakdown has been sponsored and provided by Breen Military Fleet. Providing quality breaking services from Cardassia to Earth since year 2375!

  19. Makes me wonder if in the reboot Star Trek we'd ever see the Borg and how the Kelvin universe would fair since it, correct me if I'm wrong, already has a warship as a start essentially? The USS Vengeance?

  20. Funny thing is, that Defiant's design, while unusual – is still compliant with canon (placing of deflector, Bussard collectors, relation bridge to ship nacelles ).

  21. Something I've always wondered about the Defiant: it was designed specifically to go toe-to-toe with the Borg and destroy their ships, and it had the shields, engines, and weapons of a Federation ship several times its size.

    But Starfleet ships several times its size, with those same shields, engines, and weapons mounted in a hull that could actually take the strain of using them, were useless deathtraps when facing the Borg. The techno-zombies would quickly adapt their weapons to evaporate whatever shields were being used, and adapt their own shields to effortlessly counter any phasers and photon torpedoes used against them. It wasn't until things like quantum and tricobalt torpedoes entered the scene that the Borg could be threatened for more than a few moments – and that was Voyager, not the Defiant.

    …So, what was it about the Defiant that made it useful against the Borg?

  22. Its almost too powerful for its own good… not a bad problem to have for a warship going up against things like the borg.

  23. Starfleet doesn't want to build purpose-built warships because they only fight in self-defense? Uh… excuse me. But even an all-up warship can be used to fulfill the self-defense role.

  24. I like how the Federation makes one tiny dedicated warship and it can go toe-to-toe with even the more hulking of capital ships in the quadrant. This is what min-maxing is all about, people.

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  26. I think the max warp is off. Never seen 9.9+ on any other site. Usually about 9.5ish.

    The Defiant is my favourite ST ship. It solves a lot of problems, very quickly 🤣👍

  27. what? Omni directional mounts on Fed ships? No. Almost all Federation ships are nearly exclusively covered in weapons with Fwd, or offset fwd firing arcs. The lack of 360 coverage is their biggest flaw in combat. The bit where you say that makes the Defiant an exception is just plain wrong. Some fed ships have rear facing weapons, true, but usually only one or two mounts at most. Hardly omni directional.

  28. It wasn't centuries of time between the Defiant and Starfleet's last combat vessel. The Federation-class dreadnoughts (canon as a picture of one appears in ST II: Wrath of Khan and described in the original Star Fleet Technical Manual, published in 1975 and re-printed in '86, '96, & '06) were built just a few years after the original Constitution-class heavy cruiser/explorer (somewhere between 2250-2270). The Federation-class was controversial, being the last purpose-built Federation war vessel. For this reason they had a very short operational span before being decommissioned or converted for less-aggressive uses, but they were a thing. The Defiant's construction was finished in 2370, so no more than 120 years after the Federation-class.

  29. My favorite beta cannon spec. Is the ability to load all the quantum torpedoes into the nose. Fire it off and destroy a Borg planet. Though it was designed as a last ditch tactic. This was discussed in The Return.

  30. To be fair the federation has had warships before the defiant in TOS era but publicly they were just classed as heavy cruisers but in actually they were battleships built to face the klingon threat

  31. Always kinda thought those followup classes were sort of.. making the Defiant's basic game more sensible, perhaps. Little is known about them beyond showing up in the background sometimes, but the Defiant-class apparently consistently broke itself without a very skilled engineering team, which offset their material cost somewhat. Those other classes having started development after the only prototype was mothballed, they had similar aims but wanted to avoid the shortcomings. (But then they churned out some Defiants while ramping up the other ships, because the war needed everything, including Centaurs and Jaegers). That's the idea I had anyway! Sisko just loved them to bits despite of (and partly because of) them, as in your starting quote. 🙂 Making it a fan favourite, of course, including mine.

  32. Featuring another ship of the class at 2:29: The Tnaifed SSU, registry number 50247-XN. (From the mirror universe. 😁)

  33. The defiant was in first contact generation movie worf was in command of the defiant enterprise e beam worf and the crew of the defiant to the enterprise e

  34. You can build and crew 10 Defiants for every 1 Galaxy Class.

    If the plot hadn't demanded a range of vessel designs, a few hundred of these could have ended the War quickly and easily

  35. When humans say they want to put their dark, warlike past behind them, don't force them to show you why.

  36. I know they say the idea for the defiant is to be smaller and harder to hit…but you look at the Federation ships and they really don't miss anything. Bird of Prey zipping about? Zap zap zap. Little starfighters? Zap zap zap.

    So I don't see how this thing dodged anything or what made it special when the tracking on federation ships is so good. I mean it took on a Excelsior class and it fought to a stalemate, sure the Lakota had been upgraded – but so had the Defiant. The thing wasn't dodging much of anything was it? IDK maybe there's more to the lore outside the show but it doesn't really seem like this function was ever really possible and is only possible when the show allows it.

  37. "Strap some engines to those weapons and let's call it a day."
    "Sir, maybe we should consider some life support systems for the, ah, crew?"
    sighing "FINE."

  38. Don't forget the dismay of Starfleet personnel finding out that they didn't just have to share rooms, but rooms packed full of bunk beds.

  39. I had a few worried passengers in my van saying " Prepare for ramming speed" then push my warp drive button ( from a novelty store). 😳

  40. "These are the voyages of the Starship Defiant. Her ongoing mission: To intimidate strange new worlds; to beat down new life and new civilizations. To Boldly Kick Ass Where No Man Has Kicked Ass Before!"

  41. The Defiant was built to fight the Borg, and got absolutely rinsed by the only Cube it fought. Good job, Starfleet! Good thing Sisko made it a hero ship or this would've been an embarrassment.

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