Spearfishing a Deserted Island! (Sailing La Vagabonde) – Ep. 12

This is Nevis Rally, and I spent week moored in Charlestown. Which is main town in the Island It was a really nice um spot very calm and the mooring was fairly cheap That’s good It’s been a very calm night no wind so Haven’t slept much. It’s been very hot even with the air scoop Just pretty much useless in these conditions, but it’s one of those very calm mornings are all just sort of spinning around The sun’s about to come up over there Love you can’t find it About the loneliness, that’s mine Mom, let’s go and have your guys [and] then I thought I ah Wonder I I bought the kids into the time about the soldier that We explored the Island which we found wasn’t too touristy which we really liked Apart from the Big resort that they built a few years ago, which we actually ended up I’m going to go to to use a faster Wi-Fi Rather than sitting in a cafe for 24 hours for a video to upload so yeah so we’ve been sneaking into these resorts and Like alone has been uploading movies. We’ve been using all their internet swimming having the odd shower and We’re even in this other oil, and we even use their gym Hey yong how’s the movie going is it uploaded? beautiful [Joes] Looking at did you get any complimentary breakfast? at night on These things here actually imitate the local wildlife. So there will be crickets and birds and stuff singing out of those things absolutely ridiculous Where did he go yourself in? What a bit of a clandestine water smuggling operation going on on some of the orange farmers up on the Murray River the One thing we love doing is voicing the sails on Anchor or when you’re moored and just leaving Completely by sail and not having to start the engine and you had sex We headed towards the next [Island] down Montserrat. We stopped at a tiny little island called [Redonda] It’s completely uninhabited and apparently really good fishing. So we were lucky enough with the weather to be able to anchor overnight Which you can’t usually do and if a swelled and wrap around the island the next day We would have loved stay for a lot longer. It’s a very cool place, so this is the map that we were given, so we’re parked about here where it says more mortar anchored, so but as we’re coming in we’re looking for a post office and a dock runs and there’s Nothing edge. I think I can say one brick over there. Yeah, that’s a few bricks, and it’s it also set Anchoring not recommended and careful of underwater rocks Sorry, [I] go in the water and how dogs swim around and I’m alone I don’t sister to drop the anchor and I’d say yeah, that’s our little patch is seen and You know through verse on up and all that sort of stuff while I was swimming around table and winery [I] think we’re all right, so The pretty foreboding looking [at] a rock mmM What’s happening? Ilona? I’m just about to jump in the water and go on a bit of a killing spree. I’m hunting lionfish today You get grumpy with the lionfish? No, there are a bit of a pest at the moment in the Caribbean and the us So you’re encouraged to kill them so I’m doing my part for the environment today. Huh good work. Yeah We can lose touch [oh] my God remember All the [vows] [Bowen] called your name Keep your stay thing of me Happy love you so many times this week Those are the girls I can’t forget the foolish the dog sees stuck the [Dark] About my uterus into one does have water the Ghajini You guys day Happy some things. I do well What’s for dinner [alley]? What do you catch me nothing [aligner]? nothing There’s no [feast] [it] There’s no fish right that’s hardly my fault all right. I’ll have another guy. [that’s] [all] [tonight] all right Well, I’ll get the plaster on the stove. Yes you What’s for lunch and Sam’s all right [snapper] Burger? So uh what we didn’t realize is nothing Apparently really good eating, so we’re going to give one a go I’ve been told how to prepare it So I’m going to show you How it’s done um there’s 13? Venomous Spines right here that you don’t want to get pricked by also, three here in the anal fin and one each and the Pelvic fins, so you want to cut those off before you go ahead All right Very blunt scissors and just last ones here All right So now you can actually treat it. Just like a normal fish and Fill it as you would Get on it Stick it on the pan. So there you go What do you think? Lionfish it’s really, not it is Good Not much other [guy] Hi, I’m soon Gonna be hungry after this It was pretty small just along for my other yeah I’m glad you like it was a taste like washing [waiting] yeah We pulled up anchor and went to leave and it was actually Jammed under a rock so rarely jumped in the water and sort of that out, and then we could be on our way to monster I’m gonna dreams and go bad Just arrived in Little Bay Just before the [sunsets]. Which is lucky enough, and Rally’s has jumped in the water to check the anchor. How is it? Cool thought come see

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  1. I'm a 24yr old bodybuilding, fireman. I have no shame in saying that I scream like a little girl every time I see that you've posted a new video!  All your videos are awesome and this one is my favorite yet.  Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful adventures with us.

  2. U know you have to have a license to kill lion fish because hunting them is dangerous and u need special equipment

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    U still is but I am falling 🥰.just starting watching ur advanture 👌

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  13. I don't know why, but imagine all fishes being together and then just one strange looking thing spear their friends and collect him and goes to the surface, everyone waiting and being uneasy what just happened and looking up to surface where then this strange looking lively thing throws down something and upon a closer look it's their friend who's been skinned and cut open and filéd : ( Go watch finding nemo :E

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  17. you should cook the head of the fish..fish soup…here in philippines the whole body of a fish will not be wasted…half of the fish was grilled..the other half was fish soup

  18. Do you all ever get tired of seafood? I would be looking for somewhere to buy some chicken. turkey…beef…pork anything but fish lol

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  20. You guys do an amazing job of these videos, I am a new sub and have been binge watching your vids, it’s a great way to break the boredom while I do the housework. Your videos are informative, beautifully cinematic, intelligently narrated, wonderfully musically inspired and the thing I’ve taken from them the most is how healthy you live and it’s truly inspiring me to make more healthy choices for myself. Thank you and congratulations on all your accomplishments, keep up the good work 😊💖

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  22. You have the same luck I have.
    Try to set an anchor and it will drag all over the place.
    BUT, when I get ready to leave, it jams under a rock.

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