Southport Lifeboat Rescue Station | Christmas #TheCoopWay

My name is Tony Masters I’m the Secretary and the Lifeboat Operations Manager here at Southport Independent Lifeboat. It was the dream of a local lady after the death of her son that she wanted to have a Lifeboat station put back into Southport, because there was no local station that was able to rescue her son and bring him back to safety. We strongly need the involvement of the local community; The final push now is the reason why we’ve approached the Co-op. Hopefully we’ll reach our target to build a new Lifeboat Station. so this time next year we’ll be sat in a much nicer, warmer, cleaner environment where we’ll be able to keep all our kit and all our equipment under one roof. So it’s onwards and upwards; A lot of hard work, but I’m sure we’ll get there.

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