Só podia ser mulher. #BusqueSobreElas

The other day I heard a
man talking on the street “It had to be a woman!” and I didn’t
really understand what he meant by that. So, I decided
to search for it and I’ve found some
fascinating stuff. Such as the
lifeboat. [screams from the castaways] Did you know
it was invented by a woman? Solar energy
panels are also based on a
woman’s discovery. It had to be
a woman, right? She is the first
black woman to receive a doctoral
degree from MIT. And the research
behind the Wifi and GPS
technologies… Woman, hun? C’mon. Have you heard of
that quantum computer capable of solving almost impossible problems
in a matter of seconds? It is based on the
experiments of a woman. A Brazilian woman. And if today I can search
for all of this on the internet, it is thanks to
the woman who wrote the first algorithm becoming the first
programmer in history. So this is how
I found out that the world is full
of incredible women. All we have to do
is search for them. [applauses]

9 thoughts on “Só podia ser mulher. #BusqueSobreElas

  1. Isso não tem lógica nenhuma só pq algo foi inventado por uma mulher não significa que não poderia ser inventado por um homem e visse-versa

  2. A mulheres que coquitarao os direitos e espasso e à liberdade de ci expressar por que somos mulheres guerreiras

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