Snap Fastener Installation Tool Demo

Eric: This video’s brought to you by Sailrite. Visit for all your project supplies,
tools, and instructions. In this short video, we’ll demonstrate the
Snap Fastener Installation Tool. For this demonstration, we’ll install a
snap in a sheet bag. This is the least expensive Snap Fastener
Installation Tool that money can buy. To use this tool, a hole must be placed in
the fabric assembly first. Here we’re finding the center of the sheet
bag. At that location, we’ll use the 1/8” Hole
Cutter. Cindi: And use the punch to make my hole. Eric: And the Cutting Block on the bottom
side and a very heavy mallet to punch a hole in the fabric assembly. To see other types of 1/8” hole cutters,
click the link at the top right. Cindi: Then I’m going to use this tool to
put the front of my snap in. On this tool, the concave side is for the
button. It will lay in there when I get ready to use
it. The other side is for the eyelet. So I want the button to be on the front side
of my sheet bag so I’m going to lay the button in there and turn this over so the
backside is up. I put the socket on and the tool goes right
here in the center, and this little area here slides down into the socket. Eric: You’ll know it’s installed appropriately
by grasping the socket and trying to twist it. If it does not twist easily, it’s installed
appropriately. We’ll now take some scrap fabric and punch
a hole using the 1/8” Hole Cutter in it. This is three layers of Sunbrella Marine Grade
fabric. Then we’re going to use that same tool to
install a stud and an eyelet. Cindi: So now I’m going to use the other
side for the stud and the eyelet of the tool. So the eyelet goes in here. Eric: This tool is only recommended for nickel
plated brass snaps. It will not install stainless steel snaps. Cindi: And I use the same end of the tool. Hold onto the cylinder part. Eric: Very nice! This is just one of the at least five other
Snap Fastener Installation Tools that are available from Sailrite. If you’d like to see the other ones, click
the link at the top right. Sailrite carries the DOT brand snap. It’s the world’s best and highest quality
snap available. You’ll find it at Sailrite.

26 thoughts on “Snap Fastener Installation Tool Demo

  1. great video…my snaps are in place but when i hit them (sockets) with a hammer with the tools they seem to split….

  2. Ms.Gratz!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you! I have a daycare and all of the bibs that I've purchased in the past have velcro. The cost for the snap button bibs, compared to the velcro is ridiculous! So after 18 years of being in this business, I just thought of putting on snap buttons myself. This video will help me tremendously! Thank you for doing this video. I really appreciate it!

  3. watch out Thor ! When I put snaps on thicker leather I have to make the holes a little bigger so the snap sits flush and seats well. I use a tapered tool that stretches the leather just enough to allow that then the leather gets tight again when the snap is set. Rocket Science !

  4. Could you please tell me what are these called and what exact name and if possible from where I get them ? I search a lot and can't find the exact thing …. look are the photos please :: … the stud has a long neck

  5. I was given this link to for instructions to install the snap set I bought, these are nothing (kinda) like what I bought. Umm er. So after lots of trial and miss I got the snaps to work. BTW, these are not the cheapest.

  6. My kit came without the Anvil, so guess it's usless unless I can figure out another way to use it without…Thanks…

  7. Good video even though it was hard to see through her hands. My snaps still don't work even after following the directions exactly. So maybe I need to find a different alternative.

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