Snake Fight Canoe Portage Ep #6

Okay, the snake is coming towards us. Here we are at moon Falls, we’ve been joined by my sister Tamsin Her lovely partner Cory in their kayaks Heading downstream into the Georgian Bay What do you think Jer Yeah, it’s been it’s been a wild adventure I can’t wait to have some more. Yesterday coming down the Moon River we did about 4 Portage’s and dragged a canoe over about I don’t know 10 little shallow spot rapid like And we could have run because we would have just damaged the canoe They swim underwater? Yeah Jer was just startled by a rattlesnake. Not sure where he went and somewhere over here. Where’d he go? Where’d he go? I don’t see where he went He rattled right at Jer I don’t see where he went Seems to be gone Who That is a Massasuga rattler, I believe yep, I think he’s well fed, and he might have a few frogs inside him He rattled at me. Look at that tail yeah, he’s a beautiful guy It’s very dangerous you don’t want to get any closer. Get any closer… It’s not rattling, yeah, it’s not feeling too defensive. Yeah just roll it down towards Oh Struggling to get up that rock wall back then Oh look he’s gonna fall back in He’s too heavy, he’s ate too much Ah he’s struggling I know it was just coming towards me and doing that. It’s not focusing that well, though. Oh oh God Yeah, he’s ready to strike dude. I know And there’s probably one behind us. Oh god, what are you doing? Oh God No, he’s just gonna slither up it and attack This snake was just coming straight towards me we are at our camp by a fire and All he wants to do is hang out with us. Yeah, there’s this rattlesnake. He’s a very friendly rattlesnake very friendly I’m just trying to give him a little kiss with this stick He’s just rattling away He doesn’t seem to want to leave too fast, though There he goes This is one of two snakes we’ve seen around the camp tonight This guy looks a bit like he’s got his feet on the other guy was going the other direction Okay, the snake is coming towards us We are literally in the weeds Markon’s Don’t know what this channel is called hidden channel in between San Souci Island San Souci Island, I don’t know how to pronounce it. Worried about it. But what were you worried about? I was worried that we were gonna get stuck which we almost did And now where are we I I don’t know man, you tell me We’re amongst the lilies Lovely meeting with my sister Routes of Change! Just sunshine

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