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hey everyone welcome to Popular Cruising
I’m your host Jason Leppert here with a review of the Sky Princess from
Princess Cruises and a new more informative format that includes an
on-camera introduction from yours truly detailed ship specs venues specifically
mapped to deck lines and a conclusion of pros and cons so be sure to stick around
until the end to enjoy it all speaking of specifications the Sky
Princess fits between the standard and upscale luxury lifestyles in the premium
category it is in the Royal class along with sister ships Royal Princess Regal
Princess and Majestic Princess it launched in 2019 has a tonnage of 143 thousand
seven hundred and a guests capacity of three thousand six hundred and sixty
which amounts to a moderate passenger space ratio of 39 point 26 we had the
pleasure of being on hand for the ship’s christening on December 7th 2019 in Fort
Lauderdale Florida which began with a fascinating look at the ship previously
under construction by the way if you haven’t yet done so now would be a great
time to subscribe to our channel at the button and bell notification icon below the ceremony was emceed by none other
than Jill Whelan who played Vicky Stubing Captain Stubing’s daughter in
The Love Boat who then introduced godmothers Captain Kay Hire and engineer Poppy Northcutt both proudly of the u.s. space program in addition to a sampler
of the ships onboard entertainment before they blessed the ship and pressed the christening button to release the ceremonial bottle of champagne our private accommodations on board
consisted of a Balcony Stateroom which will certainly look familiar to past
Princess passengers and thanks in part to the plush Princess Luxury Bed gets
our teddy bear thumbs up of approval what really stood out for me though was a
departure from what I would call the perpetual beige of the line’s previous
ships introducing much more pleasing and contemporary gray tones to mix it up
as always we appreciated the balcony itself as it means to get some fresh air as well as handy amenities back inside
particularly a convenient USB charging port not just at one night stand but
both continuing towards the bathroom you’ll find Princess’ usual walk-in
closet adjacent to the bathroom which is still
surprisingly standard unfortunately showcasing a small shower enclosed by an
anything but premium flimsy shower curtain by comparison here is a
rendering of a larger Mini-Suite on board as well as photos of the ship’s
new Sky Suite category which is ideal for families or groups looking for a
central common area divided by a full bedroom and bath on one side and a luxurious master bedroom on the
other complete with a sizeable walk-in closet
and a convenient multi compartment bathroom with both a shower and a
bathtub but what really sets this suite apart is its expansive 270 degree
wraparound balcony which looking back faces the Movies Under the Stars screen
as a very cool bonus occupants therein can even choose one of the films
screened on it when you’re ready to book your cruise we recommend doing so
through our sponsor Fairy Godmother Vacations who will handle all your trip
planning for free adding even more magical value to your voyage so to get
your complimentary quote click on the link right here or in the description
box or you can always contact them traditionally with the information below activities aboard Sky Princess are
anchored by OceanMedallion technology a complimentary watch sized wearable for
every guest that conveniently links via mobile app to the ship and its crew
among its many features are the ability to unlock your cabin door automatically
upon approach plan all your daily events play interactive games such as scavenger
hunts digitally shop order food and drinks to your exact location and easily
find your way around in fact either at these portals or on
your smartphone you can route directions and in so doing never getting lost
onboard the ship again nor losing track of your traveling companions and in that
very spirit we’re pleased to introduce our own deck plan tracker highlighting
exactly where every venue is level by level from the bottom up starting with
The Piazza which as you can see here is the ship’s magnificent central atrium
just off from The Piazza is the Internet Cafe which doesn’t get as much use as it
once did now that most passengers bring their own electronic devices however if
you do opt to leave them home you can still log in conveniently right here
also radiating from The Piazza are the Guest Services and Shore Excursions desks where of course you can book tours or get other administrative assistance here
we had a fun encounter with Stanley Princess’ adorable teddy bear mascot
which can also be purchased to take home with you next moving forward is The Lotus Spa & Salon The Enclave seen here is a relaxing thermal suite that can be
enjoyed by buying a limited number of available cruise passes besides a thalassotherapy pool there are various experience showers and other therapeutic
rooms ranging from dry to very steamy before enjoying other a la carte
treatments there’s a relaxation room to wait in and of course several different
treatment rooms themselves lastly rounding out the facilities here
is a full-service salon immediately up one deck and rather contradictory to the
health-conscious spa is Churchill’s a thankfully enclosed cigar lounge not
enclosed however is the Princess Casino where smoking is also allowed secondhand smoke notwithstanding the
space is well-appointed for gaming as well as grabbing a drink continuing down the way is a stretch of
Photo Video and Art galleries for checking out images captured during your
cruise as well as now rather common Park West pieces available at auction meanwhile across the way is the Future
Cruise Center for booking new voyages the Captain’s Circle loyalty desk
and the first bit of the Shops of Princess which also continue up onto deck seven
through a fantastically designed retail boulevard that we find wonderfully
reminiscent of earlier cruise ships skipping over some dining until a little
later we head next to OceanFront this is a helpful hub for learning more about
OceanMedallion and buying related accessories next door Princess Live! is
reprised but in a much redesigned fashion gone is Royal Princess’
uncomfortable studio seating in favor of a venue more akin to Princess’ other
open and airy Explorers Lounges now heading up to pool deck 16 the SeaWalk
has also been repeated on both sides of the ship now extending more useful
decking and loungers all the way out to it but still affording the thrilling
opportunity to step over a glass floor one thing that was available on the
Royal Princess and Regal Princess that we miss however are the pool deck show
fountains right here in the center used to be the Princess Watercolor Fantasy
Show a small but fun Bellagio style fountain set to music alas it is not
to be found on the Sky Princess but since the first of the sister ships the
added WakeView Pool is definitely an improvement but let’s head up the stairs
again also reconfigured this time around is
the more sheltered Retreat Pool a free adults-only area including its terrace
and whirlpools above further down on deck 17 is the Fitness
Center with lots of sea-view exercise equipment ranging from stationary bikes
ellipticals and treadmills to even more in a dedicated motion studio in partnership with the Discovery brand
the youth center on the other side of the ship is called Camp Discovery encompassing a children’s outdoor area
and well themed inside area for ages 3 to 7 called the Treehouse
besides the appropriate jungle gym there is also an area for arts and crafts
watching movies and playing video games then slightly more mature in another
room is the Lodge for ages eight to twelve featuring air hockey skee-ball and more
of a dance club vibe skeeball is also a favorite activity at
the Beach House teen lounge for ages 13 to 17 or naturally there are also plenty
of video game terminals as well as a large indoor area to
socialize it’s worth noting that the teen outside lounge was not carried over
to the sky princess but up on deck 18 the reservation only Sanctuary just for
adults did make its way on board still showcasing a fantastic view shaded
loungers private cabanas and also a whirlpool unique to deck 18 this time around is the
oddly named and difficult to find Experience Center which should really
just be labeled according to what it hosts the Phantom Bridge escape room
during our preview sailing we didn’t get the full experience but a brief preview
of the pay activity showed how interesting its blend of physical sets
and digital interactivity is encompassing multiple elements and video screens and then just outside in the light of day is the surrounding Princess
Sports Central since there’s not a complete promenade deck below this is
the only full circuit jogging track but it does encircle an inviting
full-size centre court and just above on top deck 19 is The Greens Mini Golf for the last bit of sports before we go
ahead and get a bite to eat just like activities we will go deck by
deck for dining in reverse order from the top down
additionally pointing out which options are included in the cruise fare as well
as extra starting with the Slice Pizzeria and Salty Dog Grill both of
which are mostly complimentary a couple premium items such as the delicious Ernesto Burger however are extra naturally The Mix bar in between as well as
the Seaview Bar across the way are extra available to purchase a la carte or with
a drinks package but all buffet food at the World Fresh Marketplace is included
as you can see there’s quite the variety of favorites self served here including
tasty ethnic dishes alternatively for a specialty steakhouse experience there is
also the extra Crown Grill and Bar below on deck 7 if you’re a steak connoisseur
like myself you’ll not want to miss this one as it definitely does feature some
of the best cuts at sea next door servicing Princess Live! is its
namesake cafe with extra cost coffees and other drinks in addition to the poolside pizzeria
upstairs Alfredo’s Pizzeria is a wonderfully included sit-down variety
which has been relocated by a deck on Sky to feature an alfresco extension
making for greater capacity to get even more savory pies out meanwhile extra for
premium sushi is the Ocean Terrace Seafood Bar flanked by our favorite art
installation onboard a collection of cute hot-air balloons that also leads to
Bistro Sur La Mer an extra French seafood sit-down restaurant that is well
worth the cost the only negative is it’s situated just
off from the frequently noisy atrium but quieter outdoor seating is also
available to enjoy creative mouth-watering dishes like these then down one level on deck 6 is Good
Spirits At Sea an extra bar that brings to life the Good Spirits television show
with custom destination inspired cocktails as demonstrated live but sped
up here making for even more entertainment value
it includes screening of related TV footage before pouring and enjoying the
resulting drinks always included are the main restaurants
on board beginning with the Estrella Dining Room making it a little challenging to
navigate to is the galley separated Cielo Dining Room which requires passing
through deck seven before heading down nonetheless this one does feature the
special Chef’s Table Lumiere lastly rounding out the trio of main
dining rooms is the Soleil one on deck 5
this one also features a neat table nestled within a wine cellar for
complimentary cuisine courses at these three restaurants are quite good but not to be forgotten off The Piazza
is Gelato which although extra is now genuine and in fact Italian certified resulting in some very creamy flavors or wine connoisseurs may prefer Vines an
extra bar dedicated to various vintages the handsome venue is just across the
way from Princess’ signature Bellini’s Bar where friendly staff serve extra
drinks then last but not least for free options
is the included International Cafe where throughout the day you can get all sorts
of pastries and sandwiches just in front is a final specialty
restaurant in the form of Sabatini’s Trattoria for extra Italian cuisine the
sharply decorated venue serves equally delicious dishes and as usual let’s finish up with
entertainment with not only great live music in The Piazza but also dancing and
wondrous acrobatics entirely new to the Sky Princess is Take
5 another huge improvement over the previously dated Club 6 a marvelous
jazz club that serves up artful drinks as well as very talented tunes it’s not even the main theater but the
Vista Lounge may have made the biggest impression on us what is ordinarily
reserved just for cabaret acts features the awesome Jim Henson’s Inspired
Silliness while we were requested not to film during the show itself the pre-show
displays just how adorable and hilarious the performance is this is one of
professional puppet show befitting the name that you should arrive early at but
that’s not to upstage the production shows in the Princess Theater which also
wonderfully include live music and expert singing and dancing as in Rock
Opera this one definitely included some
spectacular moments but the one that stood out the most is
5-SKIES as a very creative stage interpretation of a video game with
impressive sights and sounds all while telling an intriguing story that goes well beyond just a revue suffice it to say Princess entertainment
has greatly regained our attention with colorful costuming dramatic pyrotechnics bold choreography amazing aerial
acrobatics and overall performers with lots of
heart so bringing us to our conclusion of Sky Princess pros and cons let’s
briefly list what we consider to be a pain in the aft at this point in the
game small showers with flimsy curtains have got to go
we’re also disappointed to see the pool fountains missing this time around as we
are also for a partial promenade deck but what can definitely take a bow are
the following the outstanding Bistro Sur La Mer specialty seafood restaurant
the Explorers Lounge like redesign of Princess Live! and the jazzy new Take 5
venue thanks so much for watching please feel free to like this video subscribe to
our channel while hitting that bell icon to be notified of new ones and if you
would check out our other videos and visit popular cruising dot com

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  1. If you all only knew what's going on BEHIND the scenes on these ships with the food, and some hygiene issues you probably wouldn't go on a cruises for free lol

  2. I read an article there is more virus outbreaks, they are silent on many of them? Is it safe toi travel on cruise or go to Japan this year or not? I avoid people who where masks.


  4. LOVE the addition of your Pros and Cons at the end! So disappointed to hear of the limited Promenade Deck. That's my favorite part of the ship and it seems that more and more of the modern ships are limiting what they offer in that respect. I miss the Grand Class Promenade Deck!! ๐Ÿ™

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