Sidegrade Weapons explained, Update 11.40 – Fortnite

Hi guys Omarr here so fortnight 11.4 is
finally upon us and it brings with it side grading which is essentially when
you harvest you mats and you go to an upgrade table it not only allows you to
upgrade your weapon but it also allows you to side grade which means you can
change it for a better weapon so you see here that I’ve got an AI it only works
with an IR and it’s not gonna be available on any competitive planets but
when you’re in a normal game you can come up to an upgrade table you hit
whatever option for example for me if I hit F it will change my normal air to a
heavy heavy AR I can then upgrade that to an epic IR using the match there so
if I for example do that here and then that not only do I have a better weapon
but I have a more powerful weapon as well and obviously I can carry on
upgrading that so it is the most powerful so that was a quick look at
that guys thank you so much watching and I talk to you guys in the next one

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