Shooting In The Wild – Snow Canoeing

Aye, so the idea behind the Cairngorms trip
was to go up and get some stock footage of ptarmigan and just kinda general wintry landscapes,
since we hadn’t had that much snow this year. Now the weather forecast was supposed to be
low winds and sunny. So it was really nice and that was kinda part of the reason for
heading up there. Nice light, and majestic ptarmigan up on the tops of the Cairngorms. But
being Scotland it was…the weather people were talking pish. And it was gusting up to 60
and just snowing and raining the whole day. So the ptarmigan are highly adapted to that
sort of weather, but, we’re not. So we decided to leave the ptarmigan until the
next day in hope that the weather would kinda of blow over. We decided to put our time to
better use. Wit ye doin’? Going for a paddle. In this glorious weather.
I expect to see a lot of… interesting scenery and, yeah I’m all good for it. Ready to launch. So that’s the thing about Scotland. The weather
can be rubbish, but you can always find something productive to do.

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