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This video will discuss how to create Real
Time Shipping Quotes for your customers. Real time Quoting means another service creates
the charges, so you don’t have to set them manually. This is the most accurate method to charge
for shipping, and this transparency can improve customer confidence. BigCommerce features built-in, real-time quote
integrations with major shipping providers. The shipping charges are dynamically calculated
from: the ship-from location, the weight and physical
dimensions of the customer’s order, and the shipping destination. If you are interested in setting up static
shipping quotes or want to learn more about what a shipping zone is, watch the Shipping:
Zones & Charges video. The very first thing you want to do is make
sure you have weight and Physical dimensions on all of your products. You can find this setting within each Product’s
edit page. If you have a lot of products you may want
to Export your Products, edit the CSV document and re-import. For more information on exporting and importing
CSVs, check out the support portal. To begin setting up real time shipping quotes,
in your control panel go to store setup, then shipping. The first thing you’ll see is the shipping
origin. This determines where your business ships
its products from, such as your local post office or your warehouse. It also determines which real time shipping
carriers are available. To ensure your shipping quotes are accurate,
take a moment to adjust as needed. Click edit or configure to set up shipping
charges for a zone. The options here are services available for
your origin address. Since the shipping origin is based in the
United States, the shipping carriers are FedEx, USPS powered by Endicia and UPS. This means you won’t be able to see and set
up Canada Post unless your “origin” address is in Canada. Internationally Bigcommerce offers Royal Mail,
Canada Post, and Australia Post. You have the ability to offer different shipping
methods in different zones. For example, you can offer USPS in the United
States and offer FedEx to Canada. No matter which carrier you select, they will
all have very similar setups. You’ll need to have an account in order to
connect. Check the resources below to find links on
how to connect to each one. Once connected to your carrier of choice,
you’ll have the option to set a display name, select delivery services, and choose the packaging
type or method. Some carriers will also have the option to
Show the estimated delivery date, set a handling fee, choose the drop-off type or destination
type. Remember, to get the most accurate quotes,
you want to make sure your products have the correct shipping weight and dimensions. This example will set up USPS powered by Endicia
for the United States zone. Click “Connect” to get started. You will need to either create an Endicia
account or connect your existing account here. After you’ve logged in, you’ll need to
configure your USPS settings. First, enter a Display name customers will
see at checkout. Then decide if you want to show the estimated
delivery date that will display how many business days a particular service will take. Next, choose the delivery services you want
to offer. Certain delivery services have weight and
dimension limits. Choose multiple services to accommodate for
your customer’s orders. Then, select the packaging types you will
use to ship your orders. Choose “Parcel” if you are using your
own packaging materials. Click here when you are finished configuring
your settings. If you want to test your connection and get
a quote, click edit to get back to the settings. Click on the quote tab. Enter your destination country, state, and
zip code, followed by your package weight, value, and dimensions. Click “Get Quote”, and you will see a
shipping quote for all valid services. If you are using USPS by Endicia, you have
the option to print shipping labels directly from within the BigCommerce control panel. The postage Balance tab will allow you to
add a balance to your account. Go back when you are finished configuring
your USPS settings. It’s not necessary to have more than one
real time shipping option in a zone, but you can enable additional real time options or
static quotes if your business needs them. Make sure you test your shipping charges on
your storefront by making a test order. Here are the shipping options available for
this customer’s order. There are both static and real time shipping
quotes. Only the services that this order qualifies
for are being displayed. Even though first class mail is enabled, it’s
not an option for this order because it exceeds the 13oz weight limit for First Class Mail. If the customer’s address falls outside
of one your zones OR exceeds the shipping service limits they will see an out of delivery
zone message. You can edit this message to suit your needs
in the shipping manager. If you want to calculate shipping quotes from
multiple points of origin or need other advanced shipping features, we recommend using our
integration with ShipperHQ. To find additional information about setting
up real time shipping quotes for your store, visit the support portal.

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